Experience of using dietary supplements ART LIFE SUPER Shield in the practice of a physician - phthisiatrician.

IN Fletcher, a physician of the highest category, head of children's dispensary department of the City Tuberculosis Dispensary.
The concept of tuberculosis as a vanishing disease was profoundly mistaken, not only for Russia but for many countries. Last prosperous year in the incidence of tuberculosis among children in Vladivostok was 1991: 11.0 cases per 100,000 child population in subsequent years the incidence in children gradually increased and in 2001 was already 27.8 per 100 thousand population.
Early detection of TB in children is based primarily on a mass tuberculin. Timely detection of tuberculosis infection without local manifestations and preventive treatment prevents the subsequent development of their tuberculosis.
In carrying out the preventive treatment of used anti-TB drugs: isoniazid, ftivazid, pyrazinamide, and others. And, despite the fact that these drugs are not appointed for therapeutic and prophylactic doses, in some cases there are adverse reactions.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the appointment of biologically active additives (BAA) of the ART LIFE in children phthisiology. 
Based on the pathogenesis of tuberculosis, we attempted to use the drug SUPER Shield in connection with the use of its immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. The drug was administered to children with the following diagnoses:
1 oz. - Turn tuberculin tests - 15.
2g. - Tubinfitsirovanie with moderate tuberculin sensitivity - 11 people.
3g. - Tubinfitsirovanie with giperergicheskoy sensitivity to TB - 12 people. In the treatment of bends and tubinfitsirovaniya was appointed Super Shield as an alternative drug, because the use of isoniazid were obtained by side-effects.
In appointing tubinfitsirovannym treatment for children with high allergy Super Shield was appointed as a second drug with isoniazid.
Dosage Super Shield was as follows: children 3-7 years per 1 / 2 capsule 2 times a day, for children aged 7-15 years according to the scheme: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 / 2 capsule at noon, with food. Course of treatment: intake of 1 month, then 1 month break, then taking a month.
After the test tuberculin tests (Mantoux test with 2 TE) and graded the skin test in 19 children (68%) there was a significant reduction in tuberculin sensitivity, including all 12 people with giperergiey. The remaining 9 people tuberculin tests decreased less significantly, by 1-2 mm, but remained normergicheskimi, which also supports the positive results of treatment.
In addition, we have experience with Super Shield in the treatment of patients with so-called "0" group of dispensary registration. It is well known that the mechanism of Mantoux tuberculin test with 2 TE is influenced by various factors (concomitant allergies in children, diseases of upper respiratory tract, helminthiasis, etc.) In this regard, for the correct interpretation of tuberculin sensitivity to get rid of this so-called paraallergii. 18 children aged 4 to 9 years, consisting in the dispensary in the "0" group, received BAA SUPER Shield in a dose of? -1 Capsule per day for the crescent. Tuberculin skin test was carried out after his admission. In 17 children where the cause of the positive sample is clearly seen paraallergiya, tuberculin tests have decreased, and these children were diagnosed with Postvaktsinnaya allergy. 
Thus, despite the fact that the use of supplements SUPER Shield requires further study for use in pediatric phthisiology, we can already recommend it as a preventive treatment of infected children.