Iodine deficiency - a threat not only to the health of the individual, but also the nation's gene pool. Prevention of iodine deficiency - one of the priorities of national health policy, because by virtue of geographical features and geochemical characteristics of the soil About 60% of the territory of our country is in the area of iodine deficiency. Lack of iodine in the water, air, food is an extremely important issue for Russia. Any doctor knows that iodine deficiency negatively affects the health status of entire regions. The inhabitants of these regions are subject to total risk of developing various types of thyroid dysfunction and related set of psychosomatic illnesses. 

What is the importance of iodine for the body and its vitality? To begin with, that the daily needs of an adult, which is 150 mg, iodine is the most important macro. Macrocells are called substance, the daily demand of more than 100 mg. Iodine - is one of the elements forming the general health. As is known, it is a major component of thyroid hormone - thyroxine. That thyroxine increases resistance to harmful environmental factors, activates several enzymes, increases the absorption of protein, promotes better assimilation of phosphorus, calcium and iron, prevents the development of endemic goiter. Thyroxine stimulates the development of the embryo. However, given the geographical features and eating habits, we can conclude: the majority of the inhabitants of our country thyroid gland lacks iodine. Due to the fact that it sorely lacking in our food, the rise of various pathologies. Iodine deficiency is one cause of benign tumors of the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism, obesity, a pathology of breast and other hormone-dependent disorders. Lack of iodine in the diet - a factor that increases cancer risk. A number of scientists do not exclude the relationship of increasing difficulty reproductive plan, simply put, violations of fertility and childbearing, with a deficit of such an important macro elements as iodine.

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation have been made active efforts to solve the problem of iodine deficiency, have been developed proposals to eliminate it. At present, Russia is partially solved this problem by promoting iodized salt and recommendations for its use in the food industry. However, salt has several disadvantages. First of all, it is not subject to long-term storage and high humidity iodine compounds rapidly decompose. This salt is destroyed by heat treatment of food, its agent in the process of cooking, for baking bread, fire or the frying of food is not effective. Use of iodized salt can not be dosed iodine in the body. Furthermore, the use of undesirable individuals with contraindications to iodine.

However, the lack of iodine in human nutrition can be avoided with an individual approach to the problem, for example, with seafood, which always contain iodine (fish, crabs, shrimp, edible seaweed), though unlike iodized salt - in the form of organic bound iodine, which is well absorbed by the body. However, seafood is not the cheapest food. Unfortunately, for much of the population are not available. And not only cause financial and economic plan impede broad use of these products. Do not forget about the peculiarities of the national cuisine, which is not too large proportion belongs to the seafood. And it is not surprising, since a large part of Russian territory from the sea far removed.

In this regard, a particularly important role played by organic iodine-containing biologically active complexes based on seaweed. Since in these complexes iodine is organically bound state (mostly in the diyodaminokislot), it is stored in them for a long time and it can be accurately dosed at hand. The latter is particularly important, as excess iodine as unwelcoming as the lack of it. For normal operation of the thyroid gland and the prevention of cancer of the body should be avoided as the low and high iodine intake.

The presence of organically bound iodine in the state provides:

· long-term preservation of iodine;

· the ability to easily batch iodine based food composition;

· No side or toxic effects, since the excess iodine is excreted unchanged form.

It is for products containing organically bound iodine, is bioactive complex "Laminarin" from Artlife .


Biologically active complex "Laminarin" serves to prevent a serious iodine deficiency, leading to severe changes in mental and physical health. The basis of the complex is seaweed kelp, which can be called a concentrate of organically bound iodine. Obtained on the basis of its biologically active complexes are stable iodine-containing supplements, you can use to effectively combat iodine deficiency in nutrition of the population

Additional value is the fact that among the organic compounds present kelp plant analogs of thyroid hormone thyroidin. In addition to iodine, kelp contains a wide range of minerals and trace elements such as boron, potassium, calcium, cobalt, manganese, copper, phosphorus, fluorine. As part of kelp many proteins and salts of alginic acid, which is an effective natural sorbent and can neutralize and remove toxins and heavy metals. This kelp - a source of valuable vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and D. The presence of a mild laxative effect, allows the use of kelp in elderly patients with chronic constipation.

Laminaria has other unique properties, as shown in experimental studies of scientists from St. Petersburg. Established that the kelp has no general toxic properties, has no toxic effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Has been proven ability to withstand hypoxia kelp, and beneficial effects on lipid metabolism: experimental animals treated with kelp, did not arise age obesity.

Biologically active complex "Laminarin" can be used as a blocker and a thyroid gland in people who fell in the area of nuclear destruction, for example, in case of accidents at nuclear power plants when it is necessary to protect the thyroid gland and the body from the action of radioactive iodine isotopes. It will be effective not only immediately after exposure to ionizing radiation for the prevention of thyroid cancer, but at a later date to fill the deficit of iodine and preventing other remote effects of cancer.

Benefits of iodinated bioactive complex Laminarin "before iodized salt and iodine preparations are evident. He is a natural product from the food kelp with organically bound iodine. It is easily digested and is capable of a long time to maintain their properties. Undeniable advantage of this complex to balanced artificial mixtures of "minerals" is that he has a natural vegetable origin, in it all the micro-and macro organically linked with amino acids and proteins, ie, are elements of the food. No less important is the fact that the ratio of these components is balanced by nature.

An additional advantage of "Laminarin" is and what it consists of nettles and rose hips with anti-inflammatory action. They have beneficial effects on blood vessels, improves blood. This bioactive complex serves not only for the timely prevention of iodine deficiency, but also has a toning and tonic effect.

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