Sugar damage


Sugar is a very high-calorie product that contains 410 calories per 100 grams. Excessive consumption of sugar in any case lead to obesity. In addition, for some diseases the sugar is completely prohibited (in diabetes), or contraindicated in some cases (for edema, as sugar consumption leads to swelling). Holding honey. studies have shown that frequent breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart attacks are caused by excess consumption of sweets, fats and sugar. Following this, the people who are prone to a disease, you should avoid these foods in your diet.

Also, we all know the bad influence of sugar on the enamel. Increases in the use of sweet acidity, creating the necessary environment for bacterial growth.

For the assimilation of sugar in very large numbers are needed vitamins, it leads to shortages and the development of neurological diseases.

Sugar damage manifests itself in its excessive use. Most of the food they eat does not eat pure sugar, and replace it with sugar substitutes. But we must realize that other than pure sugar, which we put in coffee or tea, sugar contained in different products, many of his sweet baked goods, fruits and berries, etc. In determining the estimated daily intake of sugar should be considered as pure and hidden sugar in foods.

Particularly harmful is the use of fatty foods that contain sugar, for example baking a dough that contains large amounts of fat and sugar. Sugar is the best "fuel" for the body, so long as split sugar, fats are deposited in the abdomen, hips and other favorite places. Unsplit sugar (carbohydrates) are transformed into fat and stored in the body.

Sweets of time compared to the drug, because if a person gets used to them that it was difficult to refuse them. For example, chocolate is a person increase endorphins, thereby creating a feeling of happiness. That's it poetomuu sweet tooth is difficult to do without their favorite sweets.

This does not mean you have to completely unsubscribe from sugar, just better use of its natural form - nuts, vegetables, fruits that contain fructose - the sugar that is transformed into glucose. Glucose is absorbed by the body just is not bringing harm to him. While here you need to know the measure.