Elite biocomplexes

According to the article by Natalia Shilova, scientific consultant of the company ART LIFE.

Company ART LIFE , among other producers of biologically active complexes and fortified foods is different in that it produces products are always ahead of its time.

The most effective drugs, the highest-quality food products today are based on bio-and nanotechnological approaches, despite the fact that high-tech processes - one of the most expensive in the modern workplace. Products Elite Series marks a totally new approach to receive food supplements.



Intensification of metabolic processes in heart muscle and improve its work 

In order to avoid the development of serious violations of the cardiovascular system, you need as soon as possible to pay attention to your heart.

Is it possible to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction?

Certainly, yes.

Not underestimating the importance of healthy lifestyles, proper nutrition, we should say that the saturation of the internal environment of the body elements, to exercise effective support for heart and blood vessels - one of the ways of their health. This is why specialists have created a complex ART LIFE elite series CORDIS.

The effectiveness of complex CORDIS is based on the combined action of all its ingredients.

Powerful antioxidants foundations framing pills reduce the intensity of the oxidation of cholesterol and plant extracts prevent the accumulation of oxidation products of cholesterol in arterial walls.

Extract Gikgo Biloba improves the tone of the coronary arteries feeding the heart itself.

Aspen bark extract helps reduce the risk of thrombotic events.

Hawthorn extract helps prevent cardiac arrhythmias.

Magnesium and vitamin B help to increase the efficiency of energy metabolism in heart muscle.

Taurine and carnitine create conditions for the most valuable use of energy resources.

Ability to set "CORDIS" to improve cardiovascular activity was confirmed clinically.

After a three-week course of treatment with bioactive complex was discovered that he has the ability to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in serum of patients. It should be noted that the decline was due to "bad" cholesterol (low density lipoprotein cholesterol), which promotes the formation of "plaques" and the progression of atherosclerosis. In parallel, there was an increase HDL cholesterol, which removes cholesterol from the walls of blood vessels, inhibiting the development of atherosclerosis. The use of complex "CORDIS" was associated with significant lowering of cholesterol in the blood of patients.

Thus, the presence of this complex in the diet has helped to cope with one of the major risk factors for atherosclerosis - high cholesterol levels.

During clinical trials also revealed a positive effect on complex heart rate and working conditions of red blood cells.

Conclusion: The complex "CORDIS", created by specialists ART LIFE using the latest technological advances, is a powerful means of preventing violations of cardiovascular activity.


Comprehensive support for the brain

How to keep a clear mind until adulthood and to avoid ischemic attacks?

We must ensure that our brain and central nervous system conditions that will promote the regeneration of nerve tissue and preserve the intensity of metabolic processes in it.

This can be achieved by providing the body with all essential amino acids and trace elements. The presence of a balanced mix of nutrients in combination with a normalizing effect on microcirculation in the central nervous system and strengthening the walls of cerebral vessels - an important condition for maintaining the functional activity of the brain to the very elderly. In the absence of timely care for the health finale, even at a young age may be sad - a stroke. In Russia, every year there is more than 400 000 strokes with a mortality rate of up to 35%.

Designed by the specialists of ART LIFE complex elite series "SOFIA" with equal efficiency restores the active violation of intellectual activity and take steps to prevent their occurrence.

Plant extracts, included in the complex, improve nutrition of nervous tissue, normalize the venous outflow and cerebral vascular tone, helps prevent high blood pressure.

It combines protection against free radicals, support the structure of brain tissue, normalization of blood outflow from the brain to the activation of the molecular processes that underlie memory and provides the nervous system as a whole.

Antidepressant effects inherent in most of the amino acids of the elite complex "SOFIA", helps to improve emotional status and reduces the irritation, prevents the development of frequent and severe mood swings.

Activity of the complex "SOFIA" in relation to mental processes has been confirmed clinically. 

As a result of additions of standard therapy system "SOFIA" could significantly reduce the frequency of occurrence of headache in the surveyed patients had significantly improved muscle tone.

All patients receiving complex "SOFIA" there was a significant decrease in the average score level of depression.

Tests were conducted on memorization, serial account to estimate speed of thought and concentration. After 21 days of reception of the complex "SOFIA" there was a significant improvement in test results.

Conclusion: The combination in a single tablet of framing complex "SOFIA", created by specialists ART LIFE, ingredients that are beneficial to brain circulation with ingredients that support the trophic nervous tissue, allowed to reach a quick effect to improve the quality of thought processes, mental performance, memory and attention.


Optimization of energy use and replenishment of energy resources of the body

Everyday fatigue has become a companion of our lives, as well as lack of exercise, unbalanced diet, work to complete exhaustion and sleep deprivation. However, no matter how debilitating fatigue was not, it is essentially reversible. 

Stabilize the overall tone of the body, increase the intensity of metabolic processes, preventing them from exhaustion - is a destination for new bio associative complex of the elite series of "Energy", created by specialists of ART LIFE.

Regulation of metabolism at the cellular level to protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals, strengthening the bloodstream ingredients complex "ENERGY" will provide a solid foundation for sustained performance and prevent fatigue.

Bioflavonoids leaf extracts of peach, grape seeds and red brush stabilize the membranes of all body cells, reducing their vulnerability to deformation and block the free radicals.

Active ingredients of these extracts activate the immune system cells, and rutin and quercetin strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity and improve microcirculation.

Copper and zinc govern the intracellular respiratory enzymes, ensuring full use of energy coming into our body with food.

It is this multifaceted activity underlies the clinically proven fact reduce fatigue under the influence of the complex "ENERGY".

Spent re reoentsefalograficheskoe study showed improvement in blood flow in the pool of arteries and veins of the brain after three weeks of receiving complex "ENERGY".

Normalization of diastolic index under the influence of the complex "ENERGY" suggests that there is a restoration of microcirculation and blood is rich in carbon dioxide, time is removed from the working body. This leads to the normalization of its functions.

Conducted the study "Quality of Life" by the method of the SF-36. Quantitatively assess the following indicators:

1. General health (assessment test)

2. Physical activity

3. Effect of physical condition but also role functioning

4. The influence of emotional state on the role functioning

5. Social activity (intercourse)

6. Viability on subjective feelings

Studies have shown that two-month acceptance of the complex significantly improves the quality of life of subjects. (The data for all parameters).

Conclusion: Long-term use of bioactive complex "ENERGY" promotes the rational use of energy coming from food and enhances the quality of life in all its manifestations.

Conclusion: Elite biologically active complexes from the company ART LIFE - is a way to not only maintain but also to increase health in order to live a full life, without thinking over the question "how old I am?" To be happy to take each new day.