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Electronic "cigarette" - a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes

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In the world has concrete CapeWhether that would clearly define the benefits or disadvantages of electronic cigarettes. Health Organization and a number of researchers are constantly debating among themselves about determining whether or brings any advantages or disadvantages. The main difference between the electronic cigarette and the ordinary is the absence of substances that are burned in electrictive. This distinguishes electronic cigarettes from regular cigarettes, as a result of the combustion of the latter - formed about 4,000 products that are inhaled by the smoker. Computer and electronic products for fallow mimic the shape and function of conventional cigarettes, and manufactured in the form of electronic tubes.

important role in smokinggiven to the selection of high-quality electronic cigarette - a product that allows you to get the maximum pleasure without harm to health. If you are looking for an enjoyable smoking, welcome to the site , which will get the answer to the question that you are interested in. The main purpose pursued by the team and e-cigareta-shop.comit has set itself: to inform smokers about new products, advise, join the ranks of smokers choose electronic cigarettes and organize the delivery of goods in a short time to make every customer feel the benefits of the given service. Already in the draft a few years the site successfully and actively working in this direction, and throughexceedingly grateful to our customers for cooperation and trust in their products. Their motto: "Efficiency. Quality. Guarantee".

The electronic "cigarette" is not a full substitute for conventional cigarettes, and is an alternative to tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco. However, this elec-Product throne inherent in several key attributes that are important for tobacco smokers. Property master these attributes can be used to phase out tobacco. These important attributes of a real simulation of smoking are:

  • holding company of the hands or subject tosmoking;
  • pair generation, which is similar to tobacco smoke;
  • trothit or "spasms of the throat." Trothitu effect is achieved by using a solution composition for smoking propylene glycol. Thus, unlike conventional cigarette electronic analogs may contain as a minimum dose nikoTina, and does not contain nicotine.

So, like regular cigarettes, e are not a healthy habit, but they are a safer alternative. Given the extreme hazards associated with smoking in the Danian time available data assume that electronic cigarettes are much lessanterior and presenting an alternative to tobacco, electronic cigarettes may be beneficial to health.

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