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What are the types of rings

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There are many different types of rings. You can choose any, because each person has their own unique taste. Of course, this depends on yourfantasies and pocket the money.

Rings   made of metal, which is precious and has a width of 3 to 12 mm. Today, classic wedding rings are made in the form of a smooth gold stripes. But sometimes happen and grooved. A couple of years ago, a very well sold rings which were in the form of threerings with different colors of gold: pink, white and yellow.

yellow gold ring. Typically, gold is used in the jeweler in pure form. Preferably it is produced from copper, silver or other metals to make it more durable. If you want to know how much gold is contained in the ring,this can be done using a sample of the metal. That is, the bright golden shine, respectively, the sample above. Often, gold   do 585 and 750, i.e. with a content of 58.5 and 75% gold. When gold with other metals have, then get other colors.

rings made of white gold. BothLuciano white gold? To mix gold with such metalamy as silver, zinc, palladium and nickel. By the way, this alloy is very durable, so the rings will serve you for years.

Silver Rings. Usually, they are referred to wedding rings. They have a lot of supporters, because the data are inexpensive decorations.By the way, buy sophistication silver rings you can on the website. But these two major drawbacks attributed: darken over time and not so durable as gold. There is a tradition that during the marriage masculine ring should be made of silver, and women   - Gold.

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