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Wear sunglasses - Today stylish!

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Today people see glasses as part of the wardrobe, as an expression of their individuality. Those times when children teased at school « bespectacled » atIt is long gone history. The reason for this can be set. One is, what used to people with poor eyesight was not so much. Today, in connection with the development of new technologies, especially computers and the fact that the youth spends much more time « staring » the monitor, led to dramatically increased the percentage of Lyudey with poor eyesight. The second reason for the reluctance to wear glasses before, it was something that did not let the beautiful frames and all glasses were ugly. &Nbsp; People, especially children, they looked ridiculous. And still today, say goggles sign of intelligence, they say if you're wearing glasses, a lot to read and operate. Once it so happened that the younger generation a little pomenyatsyawere priorities, it has become fashionable to look like « nerds & raquo ;, over which until recently were laughing, probably, finally began to reach young people, it would not be « nerds & raquo ;, there would be no modern gadgets and social networks and other benefits . Maybe not just these reasons that today points — This part of the image. But the fact remainsom and more and more common on the street, young people with glasses.


Men's fashion frames is not as volatile as the female. Men are reluctant to change their usual things and fall under the influence of fashion. In addition, the glasses are seen as part of the style, men give more priority to the values ??ofm as functionality, comfort and quality. Neoktorye, deliberately seek expensive ,, which should correspond to the high social poloscheniyu. But, it should be to highlight some of the features of this season. The main types of   frames for men's   Points,   which will long be attributed to the trend:

  • Squaretion frame. Square frame is sometimes called « hipster & raquo ;. This large square rounded corners frame, usually black firmly established in the life of a few years ago and until now remains popular. &Nbsp; It is not strange, these glasses are readily as regular employees, as well as international stars.
  • The round shape.This setting is often reminiscent of glasses of your grandparents. But today, with a round-rimmed glasses have a completely different look and value. People wearing a frame, look very sexy and all this just by the fact that these glasses are Johnny Depp and DzhoshHarnet. As if you were not dressed, wearing glasses with a beautiful frame, you change your sovenrshennoappearance.   You will be perceived as a successful young businessman.
  • Translucent or « invisible » frame.   This discreet frame with an imitation of some of its absence. But she is able to make your way serious and convincing.


In addition to pointsto improve vision, and men prefer to wear sunglasses. And in the wardrobe of any modern man has several pairs of sunglasses. Today, sunglasses are produced from different materials. Often this metal and plastic. Very often, men prefer points combined, made using severalmaterials. It is still very popular for decoration frames used precious metal, such as silver.
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