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Dry cleaning of carpets from professionals

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Probably in every house we can see the carpet. This wagonnoe coating that is often used to decorate the floor or walls. By the way, if you need, you can buy them at the online store: But carpets have one drawback - they accumulate dust and, consequently, can cause various diseases. Then the owners can not do without cleaning. On it, we'll talk further. Himchistka carpets may vary depending on the type of carpet (natural or stintetichny, long pile), the degree of contamination and the condition in which it seems the carpet.

A significant factor for any home or office is the cleanliness of premises. It is much nicer to relax or work in a perfectly clean and bright atmospheree what to breathe dust that has accumulated on the tables, shelves upholstered furniture or carpets. Prevent dust and harmful microorganisms will help you cleaning that can be done independently or using the services of a cleaning company. Dry cleaning of carpets today is in great demand, though most people are countingwas not right to trust the carpet cleaning professionals. This is due to many factors:

  • It is believed more than to spend money on a professional dry cleaners, home method to satisfy their domestic resources;
  • The stereotypes imposed by unscrupulous cleaning companies,who do not take leave stains and carpets too wet behind;
  • The fear that detergents cleaning companies will damage their health.

The professionals do not recommend to clean the carpet yourself, as this can bring damage to the carpet and the lossprimary colors. One of the main specializations of the cleaning company is a professional carpet cleaning. You can arrange dry cleaning at the same time, or regularly on a contractual basis. As a rule, work on the road 2-3 people, depending on the volume of work and surface contamination. The average productivity per employeefrom 20 to 50 m per hour carpeting.

Carpet Cleaning is performed using high-tech and environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for your health. For cleaning use equipment Edic, Karcher, the chemistry of Shemspec, Prochem, also used stain removersthe world's leading manufacturers.

Also, forget about dust and odors permanently! Dry cleaning of carpets today is one of those cleaning services that are most in demand, so this kind of work is done at the highest level. Dry cleaning can be made as your home,and the manufacturing company premises. The only difference is that your carpets at the exit on the same day will be dry, but when cleaning in the workplace, they will be shipped within 1-3 days (but, as experience has shown, it is better still to take the carpets in the production area, so the quality of cleaning will be much higher). TOliningovye companies use specialized carpet fans, so that when cleaning your home, the carpets were dry immediately after their visit.

Your health in complete safety! Cleaning companies operate dry cleaning carpets, using only certified, eco-friendly cleanings money, so you can not worry about the health of your loved ones, especially the children.

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