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"Cancer," doctors of Rivne region

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For half a year in the Rivne region, the number of newly detected cases of cancer increased by almost 10 times. Doctors are sounding the alarm: if people used to go to the doctors – were much more likely to overcome the disease. We have prepared tips that will help to avert the danger. Learn more!

the number of Adult cancer patients

For the first half of 2015 in the areas identified 614 cases of cancer, it is 89 more than in the same period last year. 20 women more cases of breast cancer, 30 cases increased the number of cancer patients with tumors of the skin and melanoma. Other common localizations among the first cases of malignant diseases are the lungs, stomach and rectum. More information about cancer you can read at: .

the passivity of the people – bad

We always visit the districts and how can we encourage people to get checked, because early detection and diagnosis of cancer is the ability of its treatment, - said the Deputy Chairman of the Rivne regional state administration Svetlana Garden. - I am glad that there are rural institutions, where 80% of people checked the possibility of cancer. However, there are many villages and towns, where the figure is 20%, and sometimes less.

the Appearance of any symptoms – the occasion to appeal to doctors

Therefore, all people need to remember that if you experience any alarming symptoms (pain, fatigue, bleeding) you should always consult a doctor. It is often, at first glance, furtive existence of hiding a more serious illness.

What sick residents of Rivne region?

Resident Larissa a month ago found out that she has cervical cancer. The doctors admitted that if the woman remarked earlier, the chances of recovery would be greater.

I had two cases where he lost consciousness, but cheated all the heat. Sometimes there were some selection, but this attention is not also paid. If the review held earlier, the treatment would be easier and the results are probably better, shares his thoughts Larissa. - I encourage everyone to be tested as early as possible and at the first symptoms, consult a doctor.

First of all, you should be examined by a General practitioner to take some basic tests and describe possible complaints. Further examination by narrow doctors, x-rays and ultrasound. Women need to be examined by a gynecologist at least 1 time per year, preferably every six months. People who have many moles, is to monitor new and changes in the shape or dimensions of the existing ones.

the Timeliness of doctor visits, consultations do not have one, preferably several specialists, timely prevention of cancer help to overcome the disease. If only a few people take note of these words and go get checked to see a doctor - it will be a victory.


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