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What girls like guys?

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In today's article I touch the theme of love, namely: “What kind of girls guys like them”. This topic is again interesting, because the guys are different and everyone likes, respectively, and different girls. By the way, more information you can tell .


What should be the girl to boy like you?

of Course, I'll give a few options, but this does not mean that they wanted to see the girls all the guys. Someone can like how she smokes, drinks alcohol, never sitting at home, constantly on the discos it is not guess.

  1. In my opinion, a girl should, first of all, take care of yourself: look good, be well dressed. If the girl is not looking, then .... kapets full.
  2. Personally I like girls who are sociable. I do not like when people are silent and girls including. What I'm getting at is that communication needs to be. the

  3. There is a perception that guys prefer blondes. Yes, nothing like brunette or brown-haired women are also cool.
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  5. High or low? Here the question is moot, as has who loves. Of course, if you the height in meters and hat, the girl under two feet you will not do. Although, love has no borders.
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  7. Good hostess. You know, it's corny, but sometimes these things play an important role in your future. Walking is one thing, but when you have to create a family, then begin the incidents.
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  9. Thin or full? It is also as someone. If girls are overweight and worried about that, I'll tell them the following: “It doesn't matter, a friend of mine said once. What he doesn't like lean, with full can be at least as warm, squeeze”.
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  11. Mind. What are you looking at the guys so it's on him, because a girl can be beautiful, everything is OK, but mind zero, then what to do?
  12. the Main thing that this girl liked you, and all the rest of the drum. No matter what anyone said, you meet a girl, not grandma or grandpa.

And today's article will close with the words: “Ugly girls do not happen, simply there are those who like one, and there are those who love others”.


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