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Acute retention of urine normal

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tell us what acute urinary retention. This phenomenon, when a person simply can not elementary pomochitXia. It can happen suddenly. It is worth to know that in such a situation it is necessary neobichnoy it right to ask for a simple medical advice urologist. Urine is excreted by the kidneys and ureters is flowing into the bladder is a reservoir. Released through the urethra to the outside. Normal bladder filling volume of about 300 ml. At sufficientlyfilled with normal human bladder feel, depending on the amount of urine, urgency to urinate and simple attempts to satisfy this need. Bladder can often hold a larger volume of urine but simply overflow bladder can cause a violation of bladder contractions, with the inability to urinateAnd under certain circumstances even the bladder can burst!

The reasons are often acute urinary retention can usually be several. This may be due to diseases of the bladder,   normal prostate, urethra simple. The defeat of a healthy nervous sitem also often can cause urinary retention.
Most acute urinary retention simply can cause obstruction that appeared. For example: bladder stones, formed as a result of kidney stones, a foreign body. As a consequence of the injury, may interfere with the integrity of the urethra. In men, etc.examined prostate enlargement narrows the channel the flow of urine. It's pretty bad for potency.
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