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Sugaring: what is it?

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"in Egypt and Ancient Greece beauties of that time got rid of undesirable vegetation with a small lump of sugar molasses. Reaching to our days from antiquity, such a procedure as sugaring, not much has changed and today it is the most economical, simple and affordable method of removing unwanted hair," says member of the Studio hair removal "Caramel" in which you can do .

the infection when sugaring is minimized. As we all know, sugar is a natural preservative and sugar syrup, in turn, is simply detrimental to the overwhelming majority of bacteria. Besides, hair removal with sugar paste is not so painful as her wax counterpart. Also, unlike waxing, when the sugar not to burn the skin, because the sugar paste does not need to be heated. Sugaring has no contraindications waxing, which is why you can do it at the varicose veins and not to be afraid for their vessels.

1 advantage of sugar waxing is that this treatment is very simple and it does not need any tools (spatulas, scrapers, strips, etc.). It should take only 1-in a small clump of thick sugar syrup. This kind of depilation can be done in many beauty salons, as well as your own at home.

Sugaring is suitable for both men and women. By this method you can easily remove unwanted hair of any kind (ears, bikini area, legs, face, armpits). This method of hair removal allows you to remove the hair length of 2 to 3 mm, and “roots” them together with the root, besides not leaving the hard “hemp”, as does the razor. Plus, shaving removes hair max for 10-14 days, whereas sugar waxing makes the skin smooth not < than 21 days.

With each following procedure shugaring hair thinning and thinning as a result, each time to remove them will become easier.

sugar Paste for depilation can be purchased in the departments that sell cosmetics or specialty stores. It does not contains any “chemistry”. Very often, in its composition, in addition to sugar include plant extracts that soothe skin and lemon juice.

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