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Chomu, ditini aching Vuh?

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Ditch a friend duzhe Breslev, contact'yazku s denote BL have woohah - avise, good znajome mayzhe everyone knows, what does the dad. To troh rokiv such ailment can vilakati more than 75% of parenting. Below vdott provocati RSN reason, about that need to know everyone knows, what does dad. Have Dani article mi razglyadev, chomu Mauger z they decided to appear taqiy BL, and about Yogo treatment read on sit .


Osnovne causes

In okremih vipadkah farther SDAT independent of ustanoviti, chomu be ill vuho have detini. Oskolki often cause hurt vistupayut RSN towns chinnici, it should be sadati, Yak Malyuk prowl the last there. Moreover, it zvernuti pay attention to perenesen recently zacharovanna, Nalco yakih Mauger vistupali bolovi syndrome.

Causes busnago Yak at sick kids to rock, so I in WC to 5 years can rozdelit two basic ViDi:

  • Towns;
  • Vnutr.

it should be razganata Cornu group dokladne.



Osnovne towns factory, yaki mozhut provocati Vosne BL ditini, TSE:

  • NavNet stotonnogo TLA a friend;
  • bite Komachi;
  • pojava srcani tube in vechnomu prohod;
  • popaganda VOD in sluhovie ProHD pid hour cupana or after the pool;
  • trivale perebuvannya on VTR capless;
  • burst drum peretirka;
  • Sabi ABO NSA injury.

samdu everyone knows, what does dad: if ditini be ill vuho after cupana, surely tudi potrapila impure or cold water.



Middle vnutrishnih factors, that provocate BL have woohah, it should be fidelity Taq onown causes:

  • otitis media (napolitana reason, especially the middle kids have WC to 1st year);
  • wstat (zapalenia stacho trumpet);
  • ouragenda the auditory nerve;
  • atomos (Gribkova zacharovanna);
  • wryn NFCC;
  • protodn zacharovanna ABO h Nasli;
  • poruseni Moscovy circulation, pavesini tisk;
  • swollen of salosa for Vahom.

it is important to pam remembered, scho gastri BL have was ditini vistupali Mauger takozh iz symptoms one of hvorob Susan organs, especially:

  1. the nose;
  2. throat;
  3. eyes;
  4. head Mosco;
  5. XI;
  6. about roztashuvannya Sudan.

in addition, push stroke pevny polirani zakhvoryuvan supraforums pain, that VDDA in vuho. Sered them in the first cargo necessary nazvati nastup horobi:

  1. sinusitis
  2. subn problems;
  3. angna;
  4. pig.

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