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What is a nebulizer or inhaler

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nebulizer inhaler or – is a device by which drugs are administered to the body celovek a gaseous mixture (method inhalation). Its application data units found in conventional (pulmonology), and in the alternative (aromatherapy) medicine. In the first case, the inhaler is used to deliver antibiotics and drugs directly into the affected area to the smallest particles of the lungs (bronchioles, alveoli). The WTOrum used for pulmonary delivery preventive, aromatic oils (such as eucalyptus, etc. oblepihovogo. p.). By the way, you can buy inhalers online store of medical equipment:. To date, the choice of these devices is very large, but the most common are:

1. Ultrasoundss - liquid turns into a gas spray due to the vibration plate at ultrasonic frequencies.
2. Salt - contain large amounts of salt.
3. Compressor - make the desired spray material due to operation of compressed air.
4. Heat wet or steam - the process of inhalation occurs due to inhalation of vapors medical CMEB.

Another very common and used in medicine and in the home view of the inhaler - a nebulizer. It is very useful in diseases of the respiratory tract and is a must for the treatment of diseases of these organs. In this case, all it gives a very good result. It has the property of forming an aerosol thatenters into the lowest airways.

You can also use a nebulizer for the ingestion of antibiotics and even hormones. And most importantly, that the application of such a spray, it always is at room temperature and has no chance to form a respiratory tract burns.

The main criteria for evaluating the effectiveness and performance of the nebulizer following:
- the effectiveness of getting drugs to the respiratory tract;
- particle size and proportion of respirable particles (particles with an aerodynamic diameter of about 5 m).

From the particle size dependent and treatment. For example, for greater efficiencyspine in the treatment of certain diseases must apply the following particle diameters:
- 5-10mkm - to the larynx, trachea, oropharynx;
- 2-5 microns   - For the lower respiratory tract.

Having a home is such a drug - not afraid of any disease and infections.

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