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Dianabol what is it?

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Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that is taken orally (in pills). There are several varieties of solutions of this drug, but they are not in great demand, and there are a number of reasons for this: from the inconvenience of use to the side effects. Read more on the JBH News.

Main information

It was first released for general consumption in the sixties of the last century in the United States. To begin with, they were treated for burns and helped the body recover from injuries. But soon bodybuilders began to take it. The name of this drug can be different: danabol, methane, dianabol, nerobol, naposim, methandienone. But in all of them, Methandrostenolone acts as an active ingredient.

It is known that in the USA the ego was banned due to side effects and a large number of counterfeits. However, in other countries, it remained available and, most importantly, there are sources where you can buy Dianabol with confidence in its authenticity.

Dianabol is easy to buy. But you should be careful with the application. It should be remembered about the side effects of use: acne, baldness (partial), increased pressure of the cardiovascular system, aggravate liver disease (if it is already damaged).

Also, do not overlook the fact that nutrition should be reviewed nutrition. Some experts strongly recommend combining methane with other steroids such as stanozolol or nandrolone.

The course of steroid use for men from 7-8 weeks in different dosages. The dosage is from 5 to 50 mg / tab. The tablets should be taken with a period of 3-4 hours, preferably after eating (reduce the load on the liver). This use is triggered by a short half-life of about three hours. With this use, we can talk about a stable hormonal background.

The effect becomes noticeable already in the second week of the course. On average, an increase of up to 10-15 % of weight is stimulated. In this case, the weight in the body is retained by both muscle mass and the accumulation of water. So after 9 weeks, a weight loss of 3-4 % is expected — this water will leave the body.

What is accompanied by the use?

Athletes speak very well of methane. It is said to be suitable for both experienced and newbies. Not a very effective preparation for a competition due to the accumulation of water in the body. But during the course does not cause any noticeable inconvenience. It causes a strong appetite and slight fat burning (it will not dry out).

Workouts become more productive, as muscle strength increases and muscle tissue regeneration processes are accelerated. Protein absorption is increased. An interesting side effect is an increase in sexual desire in men during use, but after 2-3 weeks after the course, everything returns to normal.

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