Templates of paper flowers: types

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Paper Flower Templates

Paper Flower Templates are easy to make according to the available templates. They draw them either on their own, or use the samples presented on the Internet. One of the popular templates is located in the photo below. The flower is made of double-sided colored paper along the contours. As you can see in the sample, each element is smaller than the previous one.

Varieties of templates

Paper cut flower templates can depict whole layers of a flower of various shapes or separately drawn petals. They can have a pointed or rounded shape, the ends of each petal appear in accordance with the natural configuration of the elements. For a carnation, you will have to make triangular cuts on each part, for a rose, on the contrary, round the edges, for a chrysanthemum, draw elongated patterns.

The cut petals are glued around the central point like the rays of the sun. In the middle, they can be located side by side, or you can leave a small hole, which is subsequently filled with the made central part of the flower.

Large single petal rose

Paper flowers beloved by women (step-by-step instructions will help you make them yourself) are collected from separately cut petals. The contours of the templates resemble a drop. On one side (outer), the petals are drawn round, and the other is a pointed corner, in which the extreme part is cut off.

Depending on the size of the flower, the number of layers of crafts is planned. Since the rose is a rather lush flower, you need to place individual elements at a close distance from one another, then, in order to reach the core, you will have to attach a lot of details.

Rose by pattern

The first outer layer is represented by the largest petals, which are glued onto a smaller circle of cardboard. This is done so that it does not peek out from behind the edges of the craft. The color is selected appropriate. If there is no way to pick up cardboard of this shade, then it does not matter, you can always simply paste over the circle with colored paper.

Each next layer consists of smaller petals, which are located with a shift to the middle of the previous one. The middle is done in a different way. A thin strip of paper is cut out, and one side of it is cut into small "noodles". Then the workpiece is wound around the toothpick with an even part, and the edge is glued with PVA. Next, glue is smeared on the end part, after which the middle part is pressed into the center of the flower.

Colored spikelets

Volumetric origami paper flowers are made from several colors. It is necessary to cut a lot of blanks so that the spikelets are long. They are attached to a twisted stick of green colored paper. Use sheet A-4 and start twisting from the corner. Thus, the stem will be longer than the usual twist. Its edge is fixed on PVA. To understand what parts need to be cut out, how to attach them, watch the video below.

After making such a bouquet, it can be wrapped in corrugated paper, tied with a beautiful bow and put in a vase. Such a craft will make a splash at any exhibition at school.

Bouquet of violets

Having made whole elements from four blue and white petals according to the templates, you can start making a voluminous bouquet of violets. However, first you will need to assemble a base from the strips for attaching elements. They make it from blue colored paper, be sure to take thick sheets that will not sag under the weight of several flowers. On the step-by-step image of the sequence of work 5k6y, you can see how the strips need to be connected to each other.

Bouquet of paper violets

Flowers are collected separately from three elements: a blue quatrefoil, a white flower and a small center. Purchased parts were used on this sample, but they can be replaced with a small blue flower. Preliminary work will take a lot of time, but the craft looks original, so you should try and surprise your loved ones with such a masterpiece of manual labor. When the base is all pasted over, all that remains is to glue two green leaves. You can simply put such a craft on a shelf or table and admire it.

Sunflowers with a surprise inside

Recently, it has become fashionable to give bouquets of flowers with sweets inside the bud. There are firms that custom-made the design of such gifts in the form of baskets or simple bouquets. For such work take a lot of money. Now we will introduce the reader how you can independently create paper flowers with sweets. Sweets are usually chosen in a spherical shape, as they fit into the bud more naturally, however, some craftsmen take bars and even candies into work.

Flowers with sweets

But for a graduation gift for a boss or teacher, it is unlikely that anyone would think of making a bouquet with candies, so let's return to the standard version of sweet balls in a wrapper. It is easier to work with sweets, in which the wrapper has a tied "tail". It is for him that the flower is attached. If your sweets are wrapped in foil, then a simple method of forming a "tail" is used. You need to buy a thin black mesh and, cutting square pieces out of it, just wrap the ball in it. Long corners are tied with a thread.

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