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The cave in the Ternopil region can take under the protection of UNESCO

Июнь 24 2017
the Uniqueness of the cave Verteba is that it contains three layers eneolthic culture Cucuteni-Trypillia. The territory distribution of this community covers part of the modern Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. That is why the cave propose to include in the tentative List of UNESCO world heritage. In fact, on June 22 with the participation of the Chairman of the Ternopil regional state administration Stepan Barney for this reason, a meeting was held with representatives of the working group which is working on this issue. In Ternopil region iconic objects of archaeological cultures –Trypillia-Cucuteni, in particular, the famous cave Verteba with a sanctuary and a settlement is located in the Borshchiv district in the village of Bilche-Zolote. Due to the large number of archaeological finds and uniqueness of the natural site, in 2004, the cave was created the first in Ukraine underground Museum of Tripoli culture, which is the Department of Borshchiv local history Museum. Now to make the application in a provisional List of UNESCO world heritage caves Verteba working group that conducts scientific consultation and study of the objects of Trypillya civilization. During the meeting, the Chairman of the Ternopil regional state administration Stepan Barna expressed support for this plan and stressed that the regional administration includes measures not only to promote the Verteba cave, and of other monuments of cultural heritage. "I have plans to resume the festival "Trypillian circle". At the same time, want to do the cave of the road. So, in fact, will work on this project. And in the future, ready to participate in all projects that may be potentially associated with the popularization of the cave "Verteba" Tripoli culture", – said Stepan Barna. Reference: Karst Verteba cave is over 1.5 km on Northwest from the village of Bilche-Zolote, Borshchiv district. Length of the studied maze caves in the gypsum deposits of 8 km tour paved halls and corridors of the cave, has a length of 1000 meters. More prepared for visitors of the sports spelemanstraat. Collection of materials from Verteba (as well as from the settlement of bil'che-Zolote-Garden) is now in the Cracow archaeological Museum. It has over 35 thousand fragments of ceramics, more than 300 whole vessels, about 120, whole and fragmented, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic clay figurines, and more than 60 other products of clay (whorls, sinkers), about 200 products of bone and horn, 300 pieces of flint and stone, as well as a few ornaments of bone and shell. Unfortunately, copper items (dagger, PRONASCI) lost. This was reported in the Ternopil regional state administration

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