Ternopil regional state administration warns: don't burn dry grass!

By burning dry grass, people often do not think much about what consequences it may lead. And a lot of threats and not just related to contamination of soils or destruction of animals and birds that nest in the grass, and above all have harmful effects on health and people's lives. However, despite numerous warnings, the citizens continue to hold such "cleaning", thereby poisoning the air with various chemical compounds that accumulate in humans and cause serious diseases. In addition, the burning of dry grass leads to the enhanced greenhouse effect, the occurrence of forest fires. To prevent negative and detrimental effects of the Ternopil regional state administration urged to be conscious not to set fire to dry grass and not to kill life. Let it be clean air, healthy children and fertile soil! The plot of the TV channel TV-4: This was reported in the Ternopil regional state administration

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