Complex to support the metabolic processes in the body. Restores and mobilization of energy resources of the body, antioxidant protection and improve the quality of active life.
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BAA "Energia" is designed to enhance the overall natural tone and stamina, maintain a high level of health and quality of active life, the active prevention of diseases of civilization. 
It is intended to preserve and implemented through the activation of intracellular metabolism and energy processes, the natural replenishment of the energy resources of the body and optimize energy use of nutrients coming from the food, the stabilization of cell membranes and protect cells from destruction, improve microcirculation and enhance the adaptive capacity of the organism. In this case, the body more efficiently uses energy resources and, in contrast to any synthetic drug, easily and quickly adjusted to the natural, normal and best mode of operation with absolutely no damage to health by the day of reception of the complex feeling a pleasant improvement.
Thanks purposefully selected and most balanced recipes that are ahead of time, research and production complex will not only improve your energy and efficiency, health and vitality, appearance and shape, but will, ultimately, success and prosperity, inspire confidence and in the future.
Advantages of the formula can be positioned to show and through its ability to actively prevent the devastating effects of the union of two we were born and reared as enemies - the daily burning at work and, sorry, disregard for one's health: a set of "Energy" provides an opportunity to not only longer and more active life, and be securely protected: it is able to prevent the development of progressive and debilitating weakness of any origin, fatigue from heavy work in hazardous work or in sports, the growing fatigue in the end of a busy day at work and burnout at work, reducing the adaptive capacity, immune defense, disruptions and frequent morbidity and, finally, a gradual and irretrievable destruction of health and frequent trips to the doctors ...
In light of the increasing relevance of the syndrome and the risk of increased fatigue and immune dysfunction and difficulties of its diagnosis and treatment is to wait when there were problems of poor health have failed to address with serious and usually unsafe drugs for the rest of your life?

 The composition of the BAA "Energia" includes 17 natural ingredients that effectively regulate energy metabolism and elevates it to a more qualitative level, quickly and securely stabilizing the body works, especially in adverse situations, and the devastating effects (intense and prolonged mental, neyroemotsionalnye, physical and ekologozavisimye overload somatic diseases, hypoxia, slagging, etc.). The advantages of the drug is a combination of activating it-homeostatic actions with the normalization of microcirculation and oxygen balance, prolonged membrane stabilizing effect and make the most pronounced effect of complementarity and the potentiation of its constituent substances of various groups, and expressed obscheozdoravlivayuschaya and preventive focus. 

The basic formula (Frame tablets) consists of 5 groups of substances:
Group 1 - antioxidant complex of new generation "Tsifrol-5" (8 of substances with antioxidant and systemic health-improving properties). This kind of highly reactive molecular sieve and at the same time an active carrier for other active ingredients;
Group 2 - multifunctional plant extracts with the system obscheozdoravlivayuschim effect: leaf extract of peach tree, Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy (red brush) and grape seeds;
Group 3 - powerful antioxidant bioflavonoids: quercetin, rutin;
Group 4-essential amino acid cystine, an antioxidant;
Group 5 - minerals and trace elements with the highest antioxidant capacity: zinc, copper and selenium.

In addition to the basic formula, the product contains an optimizing its operation highly reactive mineralosohranyayuschy nanosorbent "Gutta Viva" (a complex of soluble dietary fibers and nanoparticles of silicon dioxide).
The main mechanisms of action and the curative effects of substances contained in these or other complexes, can be found at seminars and schools are regularly held in the offices of the company, as well as in the literature. As part of this tutorial I want to draw your attention to the Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnuyu: of all the presently known plants and medicines red brush has the highest natural tonic, antioxidant and adaptogenic properties and the ability to quickly restore the body in almost all situations, and if you feel a periodic weakening of the protective forces or to maintain their health and youth, the red brush is recommended as a mild, and at the same time, effective natural immune and adaptogen. Particular attention should be given to this plant during periods of prolonged illness, severe disease, trauma and long-term treatment of antibiotics in the treatment of tumors. According to traditional healers and phytotherapeutist Altai, red brush - is an amazing gift of nature, which is unparalleled in the world, and this conclusion is based on extensive experience and numerous healing results in the most diverse pathology. The secret to the effectiveness of Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy simple - it displays critical system health-restoring effects: the exchange energy, antioxidant, detoxifying, stresslimitiruyuschy, adaptogenic, onkoprotektorny, anti-inflammatory, gormonoreguliruyuschy, cardioprotective, anti-aging, etc.
Thanks to a powerful and balanced composition of formula has a variety of activating it-stabilizing effect not only on the condition of energy-adaptive capacity, but many salutary effects in respect of the whole organism. To date for these items range "Energy" - one of the best on the market of health recipes for quick removal of the whole organism to the optimum level of functioning, to achieve a persistent effect of prolonged, complex protection and feeling of health and confidence in the future.

The main clinical and biochemical effects and mechanisms of action of the BAA "Energia":

- Rapid and prolonged blockage, elimination and prevention of the destructive effects of oxidative stress of different origin on the body by direct binding of free radicals and the formation of each trap-antioxidant coherent chain of redox interconversions, which resulted in the formation less active form of the radical. On the one hand, a natural mechanism for blocking, neutralization or removal from the body destroyed, altered, used the structures of cells reacting molecules, various toxins coming from outside and formed in the cells of unoxidized metabolic products, enzymes, phospholipids, polymerization products and other sources of free radicals , on the other - a key tool to protect the membranes of intracellular structures, nuclear material, the molecules of enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, cholesterol and other substances from oxidation and destruction. This effect is provided primarily highly complex matter "Tsifrol-5, as well as peach leaf extract, grape seed, rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, quercetin, rutin, selenium, zinc, cystine, copper, Gutta Viva. Such a full range of the most powerful natural antioxidant complementary protective substances does not today, no formula! This effect has important integral protective effect on the state and the preservation of health and functioning of the body and prevents the development of almost any pathology at the initial stage; 
- Activation of intracellular respiratory chain enzymes, increasing the speed of energy reactions, increasing the amount accumulating in the mitochondria, the energy and optimizing its use ("Tsifrol-5, an extract of the red brush, copper, zinc, cystine, and selenium);
- Intensification of exchange of intracellular processes, increase efficiency and body tone ("Tsifrol-5, extracts of Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, grape seed, quercetin, zinc, copper);
- A powerful immunocorrective and adaptogenic effects (Tsifrol-5, peach leaf extract, grape seed, rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, quercetin, rutin, selenium, zinc, cystine, "Gutta Viva");
- Improvement of peripheral circulation and blood supply to organs at the level of microcirculation (Tsifrol-5, peach leaf extract, grape seed, red brush, quercetin, rutin);
- Pronounced membrane-stabilizing effect, protection, stabilization and strengthening of the vascular wall, the normalization of vascular permeability and prevention of vascular accidents (Tsifrol-5, extracts of Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, grape seed, peach leaf, quercetin, rutin, selenium, zinc, copper);
- Decrease in blood viscosity and prevention of pathological blood clots (extracts of grape seed, rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, peach leaf, quercetin, rutin, cystine, some components of "Tsifrol-5");
- Prevention and elimination of cellular hypoxia and protect cells from hypoxia, increased ability to vital organs to operate with a deficit of oxygen ("Tsifrol-5, selenium, zinc, extracts of Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, grape seeds);
- Optimization of fat metabolism, stabilization of cholesterol and ratio of its factions, preventing the development and progression of atherosclerosis ("Tsifrol-5, peach leaf extract, grape seed, rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, zinc, selenium, copper, cystine, quercetin, Gutta Viva) ;
- Improvement of carbohydrate metabolism, prevention of its disorders and diabetes, preventing complications and improving quality of life in patients with diabetes mellitus ("Tsifrol-5, peach leaf extract, grape seed, red brush, quercetin, zinc, selenium);
- Normalization of protein metabolism, maintenance of the processes of reproduction, growth, cell differentiation and tissue repair (an extract of the red brush, cystine, zinc, copper, selenium, Tsifrol-5 ");
- Activation of antitumor protection, prevention of cell malignancy and metastasis (Tsifrol-5, peach leaf extract, Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, selenium, quercetin, cystine, zinc);
- Antiallergic and antiinflammatory effects (Tsifrol-5, extracts of grape seed, peach leaf, Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, quercetin, copper, cystine, and selenium);
- Gentle cleansing endoecological space, activating blood circulation and limfoochischeniya ("Gutta Viva", "Tsifrol-5, an extract of Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy, zinc, selenium and cystine);
- Improvement of life and functional status of the whole organism, maintaining high quality and length of active life, prevention of premature cellular and biological aging (all components of the BAA "Energia"). 

Some other obscheozdoravlivayuschie effects, implemented a complex composition of the drug and systemic mechanisms of action of its components:

- Potentiation and complementarity of drugs during an anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, anticancer therapy, accelerated recovery and improved outcomes of standard treatment of almost any pathology;

- Prevention of complications and reduced severity of side effects of drug therapy;

- Retardation of fatty degeneration of organs, reducing body fat and weight correction;

- Improving the quality of state and functionality of red blood cells, blood counts, especially against the PCT, preventing anemia of any etiology;

- Improving the status and functioning of the endocrine glands, the harmonization of hormonal and flow dishormonal hyperplastic processes (FCM, MTM, endometriosis, BPH), an intensification of the processes of growth and physical development;

- Improve the functioning and protection of the visual analyzer;

- Protection and enhancement of connective tissue (cartilage, tendons, valves, skin, mucous membranes), acceleration of healing and recovery of wounds, ulcers, burns and injuries;

- Ensuring a better tolerability and recovery for physical exercise, sports injuries and overloading;

- Lastly, the psychological comfort and security, confidence in their health and future opportunities based on accepted formulas and results.

Clinical studies and confirm the effectiveness of the BAA "Energia" 
Every person who comes up with this revolutionary formula, it is important to understand that it is needed, above all, healthy people, its periodic technique provides long-lasting protection against oxidative stress, which is constantly in our cells, each cell allows the most efficient use of energy resource functioning and life and body - an opportunity to be healthy, secure and always active. Revealing in terms of efficiency of the complex multi-faceted studies under the certification requirements.
Clinical approbation of research BAA "Energia" were carried out on healthy volunteers in the outpatient setting, as well as patients with diabetes. We give some results, courtesy of the developers of the complex.
1. Impact on the level of LPO (lipid peroxidation products) were analyzed to reduce the concentration of malondialdehyde - MDA. Application of BAA "Energia" in a study on volunteers, which was attended by 35 people challenging and stressful occupations (drivers of long-distance flights, doctors, nurses, teachers, managers) showed its high antioxidant activity: the level of POL products - MDA, which is one of markers of activity of free radicals, after three weeks of receiving the complex energy in the amount of two tablets per day significantly reduced (by 30,6%) compared with baseline. In the control group, composed of representatives from similar social groups, using the classic tools of antioxidant (vitamin E), there was only a 12.7% decrease in MDA level. 
2. Impact on reducing the frequency of clinical signs of microcirculatory disorders. In the group of diabetic patients who took 21 days BAA "Energia", was recorded a significant decrease in signs of microcirculation disorders in comparison with the control group. For example, if traditional vasoactive medication led to a reduction in the frequency of occurrence of a violation of circulation in 23% of cases, additional to the standard treatment for the use of "Energy" allowed to bring this improvement to 39%.
3. Positive influence on the integral components of the complex health indicators studied in two months using a special technique of SF-36 (adopted in world practice, questionnaire-survey), and for assessing the quality of life of subjects was selected six factors. Analysis of the indicators showed significant improvement in the quality of life subjects.
Thus, the results of approbation of studies have shown that intake of "energy" provides effective support to the organism and protection during the night, protecting it from contact with free radicals that destroy the molecular and tissue structures and in violation of organs and systems. The active ingredients of the complex significantly improve the functioning of the microvasculature and significantly reduces the manifestations of fatigue and hypoxia. Periodic reception of this integrated product contributes to a more rational use of energy embodied in the food improves the health and improves quality of life in all its manifestations.
This is one of the answers to the objections of adherents free riding approach to health and treatment: "Why do I need dietary supplements, and so I'm still healthy, but I am in them and do not believe," or: "And me and so many medications your doctor has prescribed, have liver hurts and then there's these dietary supplements. " Only for some reason, over time the number of prescriptions is becoming more and more, call the ambulance - even more frequent, and a group of disability - more serious.

Recommended to take 1 tablet 1-2 times daily 30-40 minutes after taking nanosorbenta "Gutta Viva", duration - 2 months. Repeated courses are planned, depending on the specific objectives of the reception, general condition, the dynamics of being and basic health indicators, with the objective obstacles for long-term medication as a prophylactic measure does not exist.


The complex can be combined with other BAA for the potentiation of action and get the best results in the prevention, health schemes or together with the ongoing medical treatment. In this case, the dosage may be changed and adjusted individually. The drug is not a traditional medicine and can not replace or revoke a physician medication before applying for medical reasons are advised to consult with a specialist.


  Chronic fatigue ; increased loads of any kind ; difficult working conditions (eg, night work, routine work) Reducing the activity during the day , lethargy, drowsiness, fatigue

Recommendations for use:
  TSIFROL-5 200 mg (Tocopherol acetate 10 mg , Beta carotene, 3.5 mg , Ascorbic acid 25 mg , 40 mg hesperidin ; Dihydroquercitin (DHA) 10 mg , Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 200 U , Coenzyme Q10 2,5 mg ; Hibiscus extract 11.5 mg) ; Peach leaf extract, 100 mg , Red Brush, an extract of 75 mg ; Grape seeds extract, 5 mg , Ascorbic acid 25 mg , Quercetin 10 mg ; Rutin 10 mg ; Cystine 30 mg ; Potassium Orotate 100 mg , 45.45 mg zinc aspartate , Zinc 8.5 mg ; Aspartate Copper 4.38 mg ; Copper 0.7 mg , Sodium selenite 0.11 mg ; Selenium 0.05 mg.

How to use:
  adults: 1 tablet 2 times daily with meals. Taking 2 tablets ensures the supply of zinc - 17 mg - 100% Selenium - 100 mcg - 140% Copper - 1.4 mg - 140% tocopherol acetate - 20 mg - 200% beta carotene - 7 mg - 140% ascorbic Acid - 100 mg - 140% hesperidin - 80 mg - 80%; dihydroquercetin - 20 mg - 80%, quercetin - 20 mg - 60%; routine - 20 mg - 60%; superoksidismutazy - 200 units (U); Coenzyme Q10 - 5 mg - 20% of the recommended daily intake levels.

  Individual intolerance to the components, pregnant and lactating women. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  3 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
  Store at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children.

  Complex antioxidant "TSIFROL-5 (ascorbic acid, hesperidin, superoksidismutaza extract, hibiscus, tocopherol acetate, dihydroquercitin, beta carotene, coenzyme Q10), peach leaf extract, Rhodiola chetyrehrazdelnoy (red brush) extract, zinc aspartate, cystine, quercetin, rutin , grape seed extract, copper aspartate, sodium selenite. Excipients - starch, MCC, talc, pellets.

  Certificate of state registration number of 30.01.2006g.