Traditional medicine. Medical herbs

1 Herbs and Their Applications

Herbal treatment is the most common medical method throughout the world, it is worn by both the distant epochs, and to our time. At a certain stage of development of all cultures herbal medicine has become a major medical system, its origin is no less ancient than the origin of man himself. Throughout Probably the earliest information about herbal medicine came to us from India. From there, medical knowledge has spread, on the one hand, China, on the other - to the Middle East.

2 Anxiety

In many cases, a certain level of anxiety - the thing is completely normal, which is a natural reaction nastressovuyu situation. It grows into a problem only when the degree of anxiety is not proportional to its cause or when there is not an objective external cause for alarm.

3 Cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerosis.

Eat (with meals) 2-3 cloves of garlic. It helps cleanse blood vessels from atherosclerotic deposits, reduce high blood pressure, improves appetite, digestion, urination, stimulates the activity of sex glands, has anti-diabetic effect, increases resistance to infectious diseases.

4 ardiac diseases

Honey has a wholesome effect on the heart muscle, promotes vasodilation and improves cardiac blood flow. Zheltushnik and heart failure.

5 Cardiovascular diseases. Hypertension.

Those who suffer from hypertension, it is useful to dwell near the oak trees. This is largely due to the fact that volatile volatile oak lowers blood pressure.

6 Cardiovascular disease. Hypotension.

Take tincture aralia 30 drops 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals with low blood pressure. The latter method should be not later than 19 hours, since because of the exciting action of the drug can disrupt sleep.

7 Varicose veins

In addition, the infusion of hops wet gauze and put it in the veins. All this helps to reduce pain, inflammation of the veins and has a general calming effect.