Application of the Artlife company\'s products

1 Artemisin - an effective de-worming and the normalization of digestion

It makes no sense to treat skin diseases, digestive tract, if not th order. If the gastrointestinal tract is an e procedure, the skin to treat no longer have to - it can be cured, usually by herself.

2 Health with Artlife company

Medications a person takes when he is sick to get well. Vitamins and minerals a person must receive optimal quantities are constantly in order not to get sick. The easiest way for consumers to overcome the shortage of critical components for health food - the use of dietary supplements, not Rapidly restores grip in the daily diet of various food items such as vitamins, minerals, etc. 
BP Sukhanov, Institute of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Science

3 Company Artlife awards and certificates

Today, the global medicinal market every third therapeutic drug is a drug of herbal (natural) origin. This is understandable, for a rational combination of herbal therapeutic possibilities of their use greatly expanded. There is no doubt the feasibility of vitamin-mineral complexes and extracts from medicinal plants for primary prevention of diseases, supportive, permanent or course therapy in the treatment of chronic patients, in order to rationalize a litany of different population groups.

4 Biologically active complexes of Artlife

Supplements or balanced, biologically active complexes are not subject to pharmacopoeial monographs, because they are not finished dosage forms, to which Russia makes its pharmacopoeia requirements According to the classification of drugs Artlife refer to natural raw materials of vegetable and mineral origin, and represent a standardized extracts of dried, crushed herbs, products of vegetable and mineral origin.

5 Toxfighter lux

High efficiency natural holistic enterosorbent based fiber with enzymes, herbal extracts, deworming and a complex probiotic

6 Fitosorbovit

Enterosorbent of new generation based on high-quality citrus pectin, fiber and herbal extracts. Having all the positive properties Enterosorbents herbs on the basis of pectins have a significant advantage. Is included in the fact that they can be applied to preventive medical purposes in a large number of diseases and pathological conditions for a long time.

7 Holegon

Natural anthelminthic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying complex. Experimental and clinical studies protivoopistorhoznoy activity showed that an extract of aspen bark has a reliable and high opistorhotsidnostyu comparable to the activity of praziquantel. Studies on alpergennost and toxicity found no allergenic properties of the drug and its minimal toxicity.

8 Probinorm - restoring the balance of intestinal microflora, the active prevention of dysbiosis and its clinical manifestation.

In the process of life and human adaptation to adverse environmental factors, naturally occurring changes in the system human body - the normal microflora. Therefore, intestinal disorders are encountered not only by the absolute majority of patients with pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, but also for many other diseases of internal organs, systems, and the skin that must be considered when choosing the tactics of complex therapy.

9 Atsidobak - a balanced set of friendly lactic acid bacteria

Lactobacilli are normal microflora of different digestive tract (in 1 of the contents of the colon -10.7-10.8 lactobacilli). It is given to lactic acid bacillus immunomodulating role: stimulation of phagocytic activity of neutrophils, macrophages, synthesis of immunoglobulins and the formation of interferon during the life lactobacilli inhibit putrefaction and pus-producing opportunistic microorganisms and pathogens of acute intestinal infections. We also study the role of lactic acid bacteria in the recycling of bile acids and cholesterol - a violation of these processes with a deficit of lactobacilli threatening pathology lilidnogo exchange and development of atherosclerosis.

10 Bifidobak - a balanced set of friendly bifidobacteria

Bifidobacteria are one of the few microorganisms, pathogenic (pathogenic), whose action on a man almost was not detected. Bifidobacteria colonize the intestines of the child through breastfeeding by 5-20-th day after birth and accompany a person throughout life. Normally, Bifidobacteria constitute up to 90% of all microbial intestinal Bifidobacterium species composition depends on the age, nature of food and of numerous reasons, in violation of their range.

11 Complex enzyme plus - a complex of natural enzymes, herbal extracts and antioxidants with systemic therapeutic effect on the body.

Numerous clinical trials have shown that enzyme preparations satisfy the general therapeutic principle of reliability and high efficiency for the overall good tolerability, which defines a wide range of clinical applications.

12 Program Healt&Body control


Comprehensive multi-level solution physiologic metabolic disorders and obesity. The path to the ideal figure is through the restoration of root metabolism, and only in this case it leads to a harmonious blend of beauty and health, which provides assurance that your weight and health - under control!


13 Green Star

Natural tonic and antioxidant complex based on extracts of herbs, algae, bee products and probiotics.

14 Discovery - Health Line of bioactive complexes

The problem of general lack of vitamins and minerals in our time is very critical. Seeing these problems, the experts of the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Nutrition is strongly recommended. is recommended to enter into the diet of additional vitamins and minerals in doses equal to half the daily requirement, assuming that the other half we get from food.

15 Discovery force

Modern man is not even theoretically can get all the necessary materials for the health of the usual diet. Today it is simply impossible to maintain health without the use of dietary supplements. And it\'s better not to postpone it for the future. Of course, this should be done on the basis of modern scientific medical knowledge and technologies.

16 Discovery charm

In your arms complex, allowing to realize the hidden dream - to combine beauty, youth and health. It is intended to provide a woman's body, taking into account the physiological needs, yaiznennovazhnymi natural substances to maintain normal functioning of the endocrine glands, improve skin condition and appearance, hinder the development of osteoporosis and diseases of civilization.

17 Discovery Excellent

The constant support of all essential nutrients in amounts corresponding to the physiological needs of the growing organism, - a necessary condition for successful establishment, effective functioning, vitality, self-renewal and timely preservation of all structures of the body.

18 Lecithin of high quality

Lecithin (a mixture of phospholipids) belongs to the most important components of nutrition, deficiency of which is a serious health problem in the absolute number of the population.

19 Calcimax

Balanced curative and prophylactic formula for optimal absorption, restore and maintain normal levels of calcium and other minerals in the body, maintaining mineral metabolism.

20 ACEvit

Integrated natural protection from the damaging effects of environmental factors and endogenous toxins to maintain the quality of active life and long-term disease prevention.

21 Essentsial Oil

Essentsial Oil with antioxidant complex is an innovative step forward in scientific, technological and clinical aspects: a formula has combined for four major health substances with different structures, which together have the system heals, defensive, and complementary vzaimopotentsiiruyuschim effect can profilaktirovat, improve treatment and ease for many common diseases and conditions.


Burdock root extract contains a large number of phytosterols, essential oils, vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C, insulin, and minerals (copper, iron, manganese, sulfur, zinc, etc.)

23 Biocomplex Glyukosil

Stabilization of the carbohydrate-fat metabolism and support the body in diabetes.

24 Biocomplex Ferrodok

Complex restorative protivoanemiynoe means.

25 Biocomplex Avirol

Comprehensive support for the immune system and effective antiviral protection.

26 Biocomplex Klarivit

Prevention and treatment of allergic diseases and dysfunctions of the immune system.

27 Biocomplex Cat Claw

Peruvian tree bark extract liana Uncaria tomensota with enormous therapeutic potential.

28 Biocomplex Super Shield

The unique composition of complex Immunocorrecting and protective formula that operates on all phases of the immune response.

29 Biocomplex Ivlaksin

Natural anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and tonic remedy

30 Biocomplex Rudvitol

Supports the immune system and anti-tumor protection

31 Biocomplex Persifen

Antioxidant complex with antitumor activity.