Discovery charm

Discovery charm Artlife

Multicomponent effective support for the female body.
In your arms complex, allowing to realize the hidden dream - to combine beauty, youth and health. It is intended to provide a woman's body, taking into account the physiological needs, yaiznennovazhnymi natural substances to maintain normal functioning of the endocrine glands, improve skin condition and appearance, hinder the development of osteoporosis and diseases of civilization.

• Ideally a woman's body replenishes essential vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances;
• when taken regularly contributes to the optimal running of physics. ziologicheskih processes effectively support all body functions;
• normalizes intracellular redox pro. processes, provides antioxidant protection of cellular structures, the constancy of the internal environment and the adaptation of an organism;
• strengthens the vascular wall, has a local vasoconstrictive action and prevents bleeding;
• enhances the synthesis and regulation of the balance of female hormones, normalizing ovarian-menstrual cycle, sexual activity maintains, mitigates manifestations of premenstrual syndrome and menopause;
• improves the functional state of erythrocytes, hemoglobin saturation, contributes to the prevention and elimination of anemic and hypoxic conditions, abnormal blood clots;
• profilaktiruet development of osteopenic states normalize mineral metabolism, improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system;
• has immunokorrigiruyuschih, anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic effect, accelerates regeneration of tissues;
• improves the flow of metabolic processes, protein synthesis, metabolism, cholesterol, glucose, contributing to the normalization of disturbed indicators correction weight;
• Protects skin from sunburn and microdamage, turgor and improves the appearance of skin and mucous membranes, reduces swelling;
• improves the neuromuscular conduction and reduces fatigue, improves mental and physical performance, neyroemotsional-consultative status, it stimulates the basic functions of the brain, induces preventive asthenic and depressive states,
• A number of components of the formula shown anticancer properties, inhibit the emergence and growth of mutant cells in the early stages of tumor development delay;
• Promotes long-term prevention of cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, prevention of early cellular and biological aging;
• facilitates and improves outcomes for the treatment of any acute or chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis and other metabolic disorders), and immunodeficient states gipovitaminoznyh, anemia, osteoporosis, skin diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract, and neoplasms etc.;
• accelerates the recovery process after illness, chemotherapy, surgery, trauma, childbirth, severe psycho-emotional, physical and sporting loads. 

Quality of life of the organism as a whole, the level of functional activity of organs and systems, and finally, the course hours of general biological mechanism of aging does not always correspond to the real age specific organism. Look at our Like-to priverzhennits natural healing: their youth, health and beauty proportional to the degree of care of himself, his friendship with nature and its natural resources improvement, will be healthy and young, public education and action.

Preserve the health and femininity with this approach to his favorite is very simple: in the body will always be healing powers, which will return to the normal healthy state, provided the regular use of natural methods of healing and - such as good nutrition, phytotherapy natural methods of purification, the additional introduction of in the diet of vitamins, minerals or complex dietary supplement. The innovative formula created are in constant creative search specialists ArtLife specifically for women, contains in its structure a rational complex of essential vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, antioxidants, bio-flavonoids and other important bioactive substances.

The main areas of the complex "Discovery charm" are:

maintaining optimal health and quality of active life, regulation of flow of the exchange-energy processes (chromium, manganese, zinc, B vitamins, kvvrtsvtin, Coenzyme Q10, nettle, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, Chaga), and improve the functioning of the endocrine and reproductive organs ( beta-carotene, tocopherol, calcium pantothenate, zinc, iodine, Badan, gotu kola, maitake), prevention of anemic states (vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid, P-aminobenzoic acid, iron, copper, zinc, quercetin, stinging nettle), osteoporosis (calcium, phosphorus, zinc, boron, manganese, silicon, chromium, vitamins C, E) and neoplasms (beta-carotene, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, quercetin, maitake, Chaga).

Naturally, such a multi-part formula contributes not only to maintain health and beauty of women and prevention of disease, but also accelerated recovery from surgery, acute and chronic diseases, injuries, and states after radiation and chemotherapy, as well as environmental-and after-states stressindutsirovan (destructive effects of environmental factors of production, intensive psycho-emotional, mental and physical stress, excessive insolation, oxidative stress, biochemical, etc.). The components of the formula will protect a woman's body and the development of pathological conditions and serious diseases associated with age-related changes in metabolism and hormonal levels is therefore not necessary to wait for the progressive development of pathological by & ledstvy these changes, and implement a range of regular, not to mention uhf about the occurrence of borderline uncomfortable states of the organism manifested by physiological metabolic abnormalities or disorders by periodic well-being, especially pronounced in adolescence and menopause.

• to periodically receive as a general tonic and health-improving facilities for restoration and maintenance of the balance of essential micronutrients and biologically active substances, prevention of hypovitaminosis and deficiency of macro-and micronutrients, in phases of recovery from an illness, injury and surgery, the pre-epidemic period, while states the so-called predbolezni, in preparation for pregnancy and so on;
• to reduce the flow mastalgicheskogo, PMS, menopause and menopausal syndrome, acute and chronic stress, cognitive, psycho-emotional and physical stress, fatigue, asthenic conditions, intense sports, etc.;
• for the prevention and treatment of cystic integrated circuits, fibrotic and degenerative processes (fibrocystic breast disease, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, dishormonal bleeding, etc.) in order to normalize the hormonal status, improve the quality of reproductive cells and increased activity;
• as an effective natural means profipaktiki and treatment of osteoporosis, the optimal recovery of degenerative dis-trophic disorders of musculoskeletal system (artrozoartrity, low back pain) and trauma;
• optimize the metabolic and energetic processes in vpolnenii dietetically-nutraceutical program for reducing weight and correction;
• to improve the outcomes of treatment and prevention of complications in diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular rvnoy and endocrine systems, the organ of vision, skin, blood diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract, during the course of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, etc.;
• It is also recommended as a natural system of long-term means of active prevention of cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, anemia, systemic improvement in living or working in an environmentally and biorhythmic adverse conditions, as well as to prevent the early cellular and biological aging;
• in perspective terms of the proposed formula is given the imbalance of supply and permanent destructive stress, social and environmental pressure, high morbidity, the low level of health and life expectancy, the ideal investment in the bank of health and beauty of modern prosperous lady. This formula is for those who are active in the life and wants to constantly be in shape, who have no time to be ill and there is no need to worry about their health.