Discovery force

DISCOVERY force, Art Life

Multicomponent universal support for the male body.
Modern man is not even theoretically can get all the necessary materials for the health of the usual diet. Today it is simply impossible to maintain health without the use of dietary supplements. And it's better not to postpone it for the future. Of course, this should be done on the basis of modern scientific medical knowledge and technologies.
VZ Koltun, MD, professor, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation.

• is one of the most complete and perfectly balanced for a man's body a source of vitamins, minerals and other natural biologically active substances;
• when taken regularly contributes to the optimal running of metabolic and energy processes that effectively support all body functions;
• normalizes intracellular redox processes, provides antioxidant protection of cellular structures, the constancy of homeostasis and adaptation of an organism;
• strengthens the vascular wall and improves lipid metabolism, helps lower cholesterol levels, blood viscosity, all of which a restraining influence on the development and progression of cardiovascular disease; 
• has a stimulating effect on the nerve processes, cardiac and breathing, reduces heart rate and increases myocardial contractility, increases the reflex excitability of the brain, the level of spinal reflexes, improves neuromuscular conduction, motor activity, mental and overall health;
• significantly improves visual acuity and reduces fatigue of the visual analyzer under a heavy load;
• has a powerful obscheozdoravlivayuschim, toning and gentle immunocorrective action;
• regulates the synthesis and balance of male sex hormone, enhances security reproductive organs of oxygen and increase their functional activity;
• significantly increases the stability of the male body to increased physical stress and portability without compromising their health;
• Promotes long-term prevention of civilization diseases, cancer, prevention of premature aging;
• improves the course and outcome of the treatment of any acute or chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis and other metabolic disorders), immuno-deficient and gipovitaminoznyh states, anemia, skin disorders, prostate, etc.;
• accelerates the recovery process after illness, surgery, trauma, severe psycho-emotional, physical and sporting loads.

The modern era of medicine - an era of very deep expertise, the cover of which, unfortunately, lost a representation of the body as a whole, and this is one of the causes of the crisis in the official medicine and disastrously low level of public health: how many doctors and most patients believe only in the synthetic "miracle" pills, many believe, though easier to make a fashionable and expensive "pill" that will work for them, and they are to restore, maintain and promote health is nothing to do. This is a common misconception of dependency and almost universally by its negative health effects are dangerous, especially for chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, angina, chronic disorders of cerebral circulation, obesity, osteochondrosis, tumors, etc. However, it should warn : do not forget about your health, or soon will certainly remind you of the disease itself. And bring some statistical facts.

Over the past 5 years the incidence of hypertension increased by IN RUSSIA 22% of the country's officially it affects more than 17 million people. Many patients do not realize how dangerous it zabopevanie: resistant hypertension in stroke occur 3 times more often, and myocardial infarction - 2.5 times more frequently than normal blood pressure. Despite the fact that there are now a wide range of pharmacological treatments of conventional medicine for the "supposedly cure" hypertension, the number of hypertensive disease and its complications is increasing, while mortality has been steadily progressing on the proportion of cardiovascular disease accounts for 55% of all deaths and 49% - disabilities. The specialists for integrated recovery demonstrate that a number of preventive measures, in particular, regular supplementation of antioxidant vitamins (vitamin C, bioflavonoids, tocopherols, tocotrienols, carotenoids, solenoid), some minerals (salts of magnesium, selenium, calcium, potassium , zinc), polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) and phospholipids can significantly reduce the risk of civilization diseases and significantly improve treatment outcomes of these patients.

Any state of the so-called predbolezni, the functioning of the organism in the negative impact of mental and psycho-emotional overload, stress and hazard, in violation of the different organs and systems, sometimes accompanied by a considerable stress adaptive capacity and reserves of the entire body. However, such an "adjustment" to the beginning of the disease, including by means of artificial amplification, leads to the fact that, sooner or later, adaptive mechanisms, "working" at the limit of its capabilities, generate their own secondary violation or causes the body to "sacrifice" an essential aspect his life: the next weak link breaks, the next entry in poyavpyaetsya health card ... Therefore, a meaningful preventive measures, or properly restoring the body after the devastating passage of the next "health maintenance", it is crucial to recovery schemes use complex biologically active or dietary supplements. The regular use of dietary supplements restores and enhances resource adaptation helps the organism to cope independently with disease-causing factors, prevent occurrence of functional disorders and, ultimately, prevent the development of diseases or their complications.

This direction is the most important natural and most effective way to prevent and resolve various functional disorders and disease states, since the human body, as a powerful self-healing system that can cope with almost any negative situation, if he is given the opportunity in a timely manner and to provide appropriate health-restoring (rather than damaging !) funds. In this regard,

Discovery   force  innovative natural complex 

in composition and balance is the ideal multi-purpose formula for maintaining healthy male body.

The most important areas of the complex are: the maintenance of optimal health and quality of active life, the activation of the exchange-energy processes (magnesium, zinc, chromium, B vitamins, Coenzyme 010, ginkgo biloba, Kuril tea, Reishi), increased resistance to stress and stress (calcium, selenium, quercetin, ginkgo biloba, Hedysarum tea, lemongrass Chinese), regulation of hormonal balance (carotenoids, tocopherol, zinc, selenium, Damian, milk thistle, parsley) and increased anti-tumor protection (vitamin C, carotenoids, zinc, selenium, quercetin, lycopene, Reishi).

• for regular admission as a tonic to restore and maintain the balance of essential micronutrients, prevention of hypovitaminosis and deficiency of macro-and micronutrients, and transient (transient) reduction of the immune system, the stages of recovery after illness, trauma and surgical interventions in pre-epidemic period;
• optimize the metabolic processes and to improve treatment outcomes for liver diseases, cardiovascular and nervous systems of eye, skin, blood diseases, diabetes, during the course of chemo-and radiotherapy, acute and chronic stress, mental, psycho-emotional and physical stress, fatigue, asthenic conditions, intense sports, etc.;
• for the prevention and treatment of complex patterns in benign prostatic hyperplasia, normalization of hormonal status, improve the quality of reproductive cells and enhance potency;
• It is also recommended as a natural system means an active long-term prevention of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, and living or working in environmentally adverse conditions, as well as to prevent the early cellular and biological aging.
• a strategic point of view the proposed formula is, given the high incidence, the overall low level of health and life expectancy, nutrition imbalance and permanent destructive stress, social and environmental pressure, the ideal investment in the bank health of modern man.