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Basis for sustainable health through the daily provision of adequate cell nutrition and maintenance of optimal activity of biochemical processes

The problem of general lack of vitamins and minerals in our time is very critical. Seeing these problems, the experts of the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Nutrition is strongly recommended. is recommended to enter into the diet of additional vitamins and minerals in doses equal to half the daily requirement, assuming that the other half we get from food.

Today, even children know that between health problems and vitamin deficiency there is a direct connection. All the growing shortage of vitamins and minerals and reflected badly on our state of health, and efficiency, and appearance. Micronutrients support the work of constantly flowing metabolism in every cell, carry out building and safety functions, neutralize toxins and provide the correct operation of organs and systems. In order for the body proceeded important biochemical reactions require the presence of enzymes. And in the overwhelming number of enzymes are just missing for various reasons, vitamins and minerals.

The lack of adequate body with vitamins and minerals, characteristic, according to mass surveys, conducted regularly Laboratory of vitamins and minerals of the Institute of Nutrition, for the majority of healthy people is exacerbated by any disease, drug therapy, compliance with various diets and restrictions, nerve strain and stress. .. The growing with micronutrient deficiencies, disrupting metabolism, not only takes a practically healthy person to discharge a patient, but worsen for any disease, preventing their successful treatment. Therefore, one should take vitamins, not only when he is sick, it should additionally receive them constantly, so do not get sick.

The new line of system products Discovery

aimed at maintaining the health of every cell in our body: the priority given to essential vitamins and minerals - based on the cellular biochemical nutrition, and energy flow of the enzymatic processes and sustainable health of the whole organism. At the same time due to the implementation of technological innovations, each tablet date set - the so-called universal biochemical system with controlled release of active substances on the nature of a substance, time and duration of the release. Use the latest technology provide, depending on the acidity of the medium, enzymatic activity and transmitted from the reception time, a four-release of active substances: a consistent framework dissolution tablets, then - the beads first, second and third order. Application of new coatings eliminates the adverse chemical and physiological interactions of biologically active substances and competitive impact of supports strict regulation of individualized release time ensures a prolonged action and maximum integration into the life processes, allows for the recommended dosage best meet the needs of the organism in essential micronutrients. The use of minerals and trace elements mainly in chelated (organic) form of improving their absorption, assimilation, integration into the cellular structure or enzyme systems, and makes more efficient reception of the complex. Modern extraction methods allow to obtain the amount of biologically active substances contained in the herbal raw materials, and sparing technologies - as they keep the extraction.

Another innovation of the company and the product is used in a complex of two formulas - basic and additional or specialized. This combination makes it possible to individualize the saturation of the body of different individuals or to address other specific tasks of restoring and maintaining health.

The basic formula (tablet number 1) - is to balance the nutri-out coefficients of age, or sexual restrictions, support normal growth and functioning of the cells of all organs and systems of quality assurance and active life.

It contains:
• the maximum of vitamins and minerals to ensure operation of the major regulatory proteins (enzymes) of the human body, the activity of metabolic and energy processes at the cellular level;
• set the most important antioxidants that support livelihoods and protect their cells from oxidative stress of various origins, adaptogenic and antitumour activating potential;
• Extracts of known medicinal plants, including hepatoprotectors to stimulate the metabolic processes in hepatocytes and optimize the flow of enzymatic reactions;
• enzymes, improving processes of splitting the food to maximizing the absorption of biologically active substances that have systemic effects.

The basic formula is intended primarily for islolzova-of as a natural source of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances for the daily replenishment of their stocks and to maintain optimal health and performance, as well as supplementation with therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in a wide range of acute and chronic diseases , chronic fatigue syndrome and immune dysfunction for long-term prevention of tumor development, early warning of biological and cellular aging and improve the quality of life.

Additional formula (tablet N2), reinforcing and expanding the capabilities and purpose of the main complex, giving it additional mechanisms of action and specific health effects, provides individualized and targeted reception of biologically active substances.

Pill number 2 is taken, usually at night, and it contains micronutrients, focused strictly on the specific needs of male, female, child's body or decision of the so-called "organ problems."