Diseases. Their description, methods of treatment.

1 Mastopathy

Experience of using dietary supplements company Art Life in patients with mastopathy

2 The severity and pain in the legs

Often, leg pain is a manifestation of disease of the arteries or veins, but her reason, there are other diseases and conditions. Gradually, the patient pays attention to increasing the feeling of heaviness and fullness in the legs.

3 Giardiasis in children

Giardiasis - a widespread protozoan disease, for which may vary from subclinical to severe.

4 Varicose Veins

Varicose veins - venous disease, in which they swell and act boldly under the skin.

5 Respiratory diseases

Pneumonia, chronic bronchitis

7 Peripheral arterial disease of the legs

Peripheral arterial disease - a chronic disease that occurs as a result of the narrowing and blocking arteries supplying blood, oxygen enriched, legs, abdomen, pelvis, arms and neck

8 Obliterative endarteritis (thromboangiitis)

Systemic chronic inflammatory disease in which the defeat of small arteries. This is a fairly common disease in men. The average age at which the disease appears - for 30-40 years.

9 Telangiectasia

Telangiectasia (spider veins) - is enhanced intradermal blood vessels in red and blue colors in diameter 0,1-1,5 mm. Depending on the shape they are divided into simple (linear), tree, spider, or stellate, spotty.

10 Atherosclerosis of lower extremities

Atherosclerosis - a progressive disease of the blood vessels, leading to poor circulation in the legs. The main cause of the disease - sclerotic process that occurs in the vessels of the lower limbs, the aorta and its main branches, which narrows the lumen of the vessel, creating an obstruction and impairing blood flow.

11 Thrombophlebitis

Causes of disease is an infection, slowing of blood flow through the veins, reducing the reactivity of the organism, changes in the blood, increasing its clotting and thinning of the walls of the veins, which in turn derives from a lack of vitamin A, E, F, C, and trace elements - calcium, potassium and magnesium.

12 Chronic venous insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency - is the difficulty of the venous outflow, which causes a pathological condition. Venous insufficiency occurs in all people with varicose veins and other diseases and is divided into several consecutive stages.

13 Phlebitis

This is an inflammation of a vein wall. Phlebitis promote infection, the presence of an inflammatory focus directly next to the vein. This disease can develop as a result of intravenous injection after the use of intravenous catheters, taking certain medications,

14 Venous trophic ulcers

Trophic ulcer - a defect in the skin or mucous membranes that occurs after the rejection of necrotic tissue due to violations of its blood supply or innervation. Such ulcers are characterized by long flow with constant relapses, they are difficult to treat.

15 Varicose

This disease is associated with the violation of their operation and the deterioration of blood vessels in the lower extremities. The weakness of the venous walls and high blood pressure in the veins cause varicose veins