This disease is associated with the violation of their operation and the deterioration of blood vessels in the lower extremities. The weakness of the venous walls and high blood pressure in the veins cause varicose veins. Varicose veins - is a disease of veins, at which their swelling and protrusion of the relief under the skin. This disease can affect veins anywhere on the body, but the most susceptible to varicose veins in the legs and feet, because the veins of the lower trunk has high blood pressure when standing and walking. 
The veins on the legs carry blood back to the heart, so they are under high pressure, which makes them vulnerable to the disease. This disease is said to congenital or acquired deficiency valve surface, deep and perforating veins. If the valves do not cope with normal blood flow and transfer of blood to the heart, it stagnates, and by the pressure increase, and twisted veins. 
The cause of varicose veins is the weakness of the venous valves, which prevents the reverse flow of blood from the heart. 
Factors contributing to the development of varicose veins, may be congenital venous disorders. Also at risk of the disease include women, especially enjoying the hormonal contraception and pregnancy; overweight people, men and women whose work involves prolonged stay on his feet, as well as people sedentary occupations, people who have had leg injuries, and people bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse). 
The first sign of impaired circulation in the legs is to change the structure of the nail tips. They can either greatly thinned or become too thick and dense. Through the skin begin to shine through small sections of the veins, which is the first sign of disease. 
Over time, new symptoms of varicose veins - a heaviness in the legs, in the late afternoon swelling legs and feet, periodic cramps in calf muscles, and numbness in some parts of the legs. These symptoms are already talking about the second stage of the disease. The third stage is characterized by visible symptoms - such as an increase in venous and education on these sites, the occurrence of dermatitis - brownish spots, accompanied by itching. Pain and heaviness in the legs become regular, cramps are repeated more often, daily edema. Veins resemble gnarled, swollen dark purple or blue thick rope. They are easy to spot on the calf or the inside of the legs. The fourth stage of the disease is characterized by the formation of ulcers on the skin of the feet, breaks with the venous bleeding sites, chronic venous insufficiency. Go to the doctor should be at the first sign of disease. 
For the treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs using various techniques, the choice of which depends on the severity and prevalence of the process. 
Currently, there are many ways to treat varicose veins, both traditional methods and traditional medicine: pharmacological treatment with antibiotics and other drugs, sclerotherapy, electromagnetic therapy, mud therapy, herbal, Medo-, girudo and siderism, etc. the most severe cases require surgical intervention. Surgical removal of varicose veins is pulling the diseased vein through a small incision in the skin. However, the operation does not completely eliminate the disease as a result the load is transferred from the superficial veins on the venous outflow of the deep. In addition, not eliminated, and cause of the disease. In any case, require complex treatment. 
During the remedial measures recommended to give up fatty foods and follow a special fruit and vegetable diet. In the diet should include more fruits and berries in red and orange-yellow color - such as strawberries, strawberry, hawthorn, and raspberries, mountain ash, viburnum, tansy, buckthorn, persimmon. These fruits and berries have a marked effect protivoskleroticheskoe. 
If you do not start treatment of varicose veins in time, there is a risk of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers, and the most dangerous complication - pulmonary embolism, which often leads to sudden death. 
In the initial stages of the disease can be applied therapeutic wraps, baths, herbal infusions, etc. Contraindications for varicose veins are a hot tub, sauna, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun, since these factors contribute to the reduction in venous tone and lead to stagnation blood in the legs. Preventive measures for diseases are physiotherapy, douches, self-massage of the feet. Recommended for sports events - such as swimming, walking, biking and skiing. Heavy same sports - such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, tennis, - should be deleted. 
Experts recommend for varicose veins of legs with an elastic bandage wrap, wear a special compression hosiery, flebotoniki use during pregnancy and after childbirth. 
The first prerequisite for the appearance of varicose veins in women occur during pregnancy because during this period the weight of women increased by about 15%, and the load on the legs increases by 2 times.

 Medical gymnastics

For varicose veins is recommended that you lightened of exercises that do not require great physical effort. It is important to do these exercises every day, not a loose schedule to achieve a positive result.
Starting position: standing. 
Put your feet together, hands along the lower torso. Inspiratory rise on the toes, on the exhale down. Repeat 4 times. 
Rise alternately on his toes, then stand on your heels, hands and there should be at the waist. Repeat 5 times. 
Alternately raise then the left, then right heel, imitating the gait on the spot, without taking his socks off the floor. 
If during exercise observed in pain in the legs, it should finish its execution. 
Perform for 2 minutes. 
Lean on his hands in his chair. Rise on your toes, stay in this position for 10-15 seconds, then lower. Repeat 8 times. 
Take a straight leg back, hold for 5 seconds, then return to starting position. To accomplish the same with the other leg. Repeat 8 times. 
Stand between two chairs, feet together. Relying on straight arms, sit up on his toes, then lower. Repeat 5 times. 
Stand sideways to a chair, lean on it with one hand. Take one leg to the side and lift, then slowly lower. Perform the same exercise the other leg. Repeat 8 times. 
Turn toward the back of a chair, lean on it with both hands. Alternately perform Mahi ago. Repeat 8 times. 
Alternately lifting his legs, bent at the knee. Repeat 10 times. 
Stand straight, legs bent at the knee and lift that foot remained on the weight. Perform a circular motion foot, then do the same exercise the other leg. Repeat 6 times. 
Starting position: lying on his back. 
Feet together, hands to put your sides. Lift knees bent legs and alternately straighten and bend them, simulating cycling. Continue for 1 minute. 
Leg stretch, dilute to 20 inches apart. Pull a sock over his right leg, then return to starting position. To accomplish the same with his left foot. Repeat 5 times. 
Alternately bend and straighten your fingers on the right and left leg. Repeat 5 times. 
Slightly raise straight legs and cross them alternately, mimicking the scissors. Repeat 6 times. 
Pinch little foot ball or any other subject. Raise the legs up, keeping them in that position for 10 seconds, then lower. Repeat 5 times. 
Put a big pillow under your legs and lift them up one by one, leaving one side on the floor, then back on the pillow. Doing the exercise at a slow pace. Repeat 5 times. 
Raise the straight leg up at right angles to the torso. Perform a circular motion with both feet together, first in one direction and then in another. Repeat 5 times. 
Alternately bend and straighten your knees. Repeat 5 times each leg. 
In the presence of venous ulcers are excluded active movement in the nearby (usually ankle) joint. 
Bend and straighten the foot, right foot, then make the same left foot. Repeat 5 times each leg. 
Starting position: sitting on a chair. 
Legs put together. Break off the heel from the floor, toes and there should rest against the floor. Then press the foot to the floor. Shift the focus on his heels, raised his socks. Repeat 5 times. 
Right leg extended forward, perform a circular movement of the foot clockwise and then in the opposite direction. To do the same exercise with the left foot. Repeat 5 times. 
Legs extended forward, lift the toes without lifting the heels off the floor, then lower, and pressed hard soles of his feet to the floor. Repeat 5 times. 
Raise your left leg and knee clasping her hands pressed to his chest, then omitted. Do the exercise the other leg. Repeat 5 times. 
Alternately raise up straight legs and lowered. Repeat 5 times. 
Alternately raise up knees bent legs. Repeat 5 times. 
The last meal should be done for 2-2,5 hours before bedtime. It is necessary for good digestion and assimilation of food. Otherwise, the body will accumulate harmful substances that cause many disorders and diseases. 
Sit on the edge of a chair, legs extended forward and, without lifting the heels off the floor, perform a circular rotation of the foot on both feet simultaneously clockwise, then counterclockwise. Repeat 5 times. 
Starting position: lying on its right side (then the whole series is repeated in the original prone position on the left side). 
Bend the right leg and pull his hand to his stomach. Repeat 8 times. 
Take left hand side with the rotation of the trunk. Repeat 5 times. 
Left hand to take the edge surface. Run 8 primaries movements with his left foot back and forth. 
Right hand to put under her cheek, the left - on the thigh, legs slightly bent at the knees. Take the left arm and leg to the side vertically. Repeat 5 times. 
Perform circular motions with his left foot raised in the clockwise and counterclockwise. Repeat 3 times in each direction. 
Bend and straighten the foot 10 times. 
Starting position: standing face to the gym wall, holding the rail on the chest (instead of the gym wall, you can use any other furniture that is suitable for height). 
Make pereminanie from foot to foot with the transfer of weight on the toe first left, then right leg (brisk walking on the spot). Repeat 5 times for 10 steps. 
Rise to the socks, roll over on his heels and get back on their toes. Repeat 5 times. 
Left to stand sideways to the gym wall, the left hand take up the rail below the belt. Run 10 primaries movements with his left foot back and forth. Repeat the same with his right foot, standing sideways to the right wall. 
Stand at a distance of a large step away from gym wall, hands behind their backs. Come with the right foot by 4-th rail and press knee to the wall, then do the same with his left foot. Repeat 5 times. 
Hands along the lower torso and legs - shoulder width apart. Dilute hand in hand and take a deep breath, then lower and exhale. Repeat 5 times. 
Stand facing the wall of the gym, keeping both hands on the rail at shoulder level. Do 5 sit-ups on your toes, spreading her knees. 
Standing right side towards the gym wall, completing 5 of circular motions with his left foot clockwise and counter clockwise. Then it is easy to shake the leg. Turn to the wall of the other side and repeat the movement with the other leg.