Articles about health, healthy lifestyles, nutrition and sports

1 Balanced diet

Meals can be rational only if it meets the demand of the human body in a plastic (construction) materials, fills it with no excess energy costs.

2 The Myth of Aging

One of the oldest and most famous puzzles - it\'s Riddle of the Sphinx

3 Basis of a separate food

One of the main provisions of a separate power supply is a balance of food consumed by chemical reaction

4 The value of protein in human life

Properties of the protein depend on its composition and the location of amino acids in the molecule. 

5 Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism - a common name power supply systems, excluding or restricting the consumption of animal products, mainly related to the murder of these animals.

6 Physical exercises

The most important factor of survival after oxygen, water, salt and food - it\'s Physical exercises.


Fruits, vegetables and herbs the body must receive daily. This is an ideal source of natural vitamins and minerals necessary for us

8 Health and Sex

Tangled up this question - Does sex influance on health?

9 Gymnastics

I mean by it, of course, not missiles, but only voluntary movements, however, if there is, where to hang a horizontal bar, it\'s not bad at all

10 Fitness and Health

Perhaps the first point of the program Training requires clarification: large or small loads.

11 The system voltage and Health

This system, as an accelerator in a car: how much you press, so much power will give the motor.

12 Breath

Breathing exercises can significantly improve health. 


Let us turn to the subject of health. It is ridiculous to ask: What is health?

14 Taoist healing techniques

What is your greatest asset?

15 Yin and Yang

These words have long been well known in the West, but whether we understand them?


Essential oils and aromatherapy in Russia is gradually gaining popularity

17 Contraindications for use of essential oils

Despite the fact that many nonfiction books about essential oils and aromatherapy essential oils recommended for use by pregnant, this is not worth it.


In the application of essential oils and their compositions are necessary to observe some precautions.


An interesting feature of aromatic oils is that their effectiveness is increased when mixed: different essential oils as it stimulates the action of each other.

20 Strengthening the body

The greatest impact on human health has its way of life and outlook on himself and the world around us.

21 Hardening

Hardening - a system of hygienic measures aimed at improving the body\'s resistance to adverse effects of various meteorological factors (cold, heat, solar radiation, low atmospheric pressure).

22 Air baths

Air - one of the key elements necessary to sustain life.

23 Sunbathing

Sun - the source of life on the planet. The sun radiates a wide range of frequencies.

24 Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot - important to strengthen and revitalizing treatment

25 Water Treatments

Water - the elixir of life. The human body or any other creatures on ¾ of the water.

26 Sea bathing

Sea bathing useful for neuroses, sexual disorders, weakened immunity

27 Sand bath

Main healing properties of the sand - its hygroscopicity, ie the ability to quickly absorb moisture.

28 Wiping and pouring

If the body is weakened, there are chronic diseases, the hardening is better to start with rubdowns and douches.

29 Bath

Good hygienic procedure is the bath.

30 Baths

Baths at home are recommended if a person is sick or weakened.

31 Cleansing the body

The human body is closely connected with the environment.

32 Water

In this section, it is important to reiterate the significant role of water for the human body.

33 Cleansing the internal organs

Catharsis is necessary to learn to play in case of poisoning or overeating.

34 Liver cleansing

Liver cleansing can be performed after bowel cleansing

35 Getting rid of parasites

Virtually everyone who uses lethal food (meat, fish), a carrier assembly of parasites.

36 Fasting days

Fasting days (FD), including sanitary and starvation, can be carried out if the body is pure enough, or that there is an urgent need, such as illness.

37 Healthy starvation

Fasting days on the water or sanitary starvation

38 Strengthening the organs and tissues

The process of cleansing the body of various toxins to reconcile with the strengthening of bodies at the expense of tissue healing with plants and products of natural origin

39 Joe Kridio.Do not want to go bald!

The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs daily. These are the hair that we find on a pillow and a hairbrush. So it should be, do not worry. Conversely, if the hair does not fall out every day, it could be a sign of ill health.

40 Sugar damage

Sugar damage manifests itself in its excessive use. Nadmernoe consumption of sugar in any case lead to obesity.

41 Scope of massage chairs

Massage chairs - a source of longevity and health, and in addition it is also a modern, fashionable decoration, which indicates the high status of its owner.

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