Essential oils

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy in Russia is gradually gaining popularity. It remains the case for "small" - official recognition of this method and other methods of complementary (complementary) medicine. Has achieved its place in the domestic medicine homeopathy (after almost 200 years since its inception), is recognized gerudoterapiya, but only in conjunction with herbal medicine. In a short time, and method of using essential oils for prevention and treatment of many diseases would not only be described as "the use of natural origin, but also to get known throughout the world title - aromatherapy. 

For a person on Earth has everything you need! Nature - it is a wise mother
always using the best means to achieve their goals.
Max Hendel

Universal harmony sounded

Call for unity with nature.

Once we understand that the world is one,

How are inseparable in our soul and body,

So we thereby create the world's

Great value in his work.

AV Martynov

The fact that in ancient times many people lived 100 years or more, which is considerably longer than our contemporaries, show the legend and the Old Testament. Modern science has determined that the human organism genetically programmed to at least 115 years of life. Everything is in our own hands. It depends on us how life will contribute to the health and longevity.

Wise laws of nature provided a presence in all corners of the world of herbs, shrubs, trees needed to maintain health and continue living. Medicinal properties of plants valued in all ages - this is possible to trace the remarkable intuition of mankind. Even the Greek god of medicine Aesculapius name means in translation "tree", "hope of salvation"; on the interpretation of Porphyry, doctor - "restoring the integrity of the damaged tissue that transmits power of the sun to revitalize the body."

In VI century AD. er. unknown poet wrote:

Dnes you pray, all powerful herbs.

Your greatness I pray that

The land that gave birth to you, all of you as a gift to give:

She breathed in you a medicine to health

With greatness together so you always

All people were using more useful.


How many people on the ground, the same time there is a problem of preservation of health, prolong life, youth, longevity, and gained a comfortable state of mind and body. Who among us has not dreamed of in the manifestation of any disease of the faster medications, palatable, that is almost a miracle? We do not like injections, which are not only painful, but sometimes carry the risk of infection is much more terrible disease. As it would be nice to be able to safely prevent and cure diseases that are so hampered enjoy life - because she have one. This method of prevention and treatment exist. The use of essential oils - an ancient art that has received a scientific basis and has become the method of alternative and complementary medicine, based on centuries-old experience of mankind.

Initially, the natural "aromaprofilaktika" and "aromatherapy" - a person smell the flowers, grasses and trees that surround it, compare and memorize them. Then the sense of smell has played a huge role in finding food, maintaining order. Then, aromatic plants - grasses, seeds and roots - were consumed to improve the taste. Again, the memory of the results transmitted from mouth to mouth. American archaeologists found that people of the Paleolithic, helpless before the terrible forces of nature, tried to find a means of plants against many diseases. Archeological excavations in different parts of the globe reveal more and more data on the use of the most ancient peoples of various plants for medicinal purposes. Particular among these are aromatic essential-oil-bearing plants. Pagan priests, warlocks, shamans, prophets were the first custodians of the secrets of healing - primary sources of medical science.

Aromatic plants used for incense, handling an epidemic, embalming, a medicinal and cosmetic products. Develop ways to get from plant aromatic substances - essential oils - has opened a new era of healing plants. Pressure gerbalistika (the science of magic herbs) and the pharmacology of those times had their thesis: "Properly prepared and applied by the plant, its root and bush should bring relief to the suffering and can be used to gain spiritual, mental, moral and physical strength." "In light of current knowledge - Manly Hall writes, - hard to imagine that, through the smells, few sips of incense could cause any vision and behavior, and yet this art owned by the priests of the pagan world."

Let's try to unveil the mysteries of aromatherapy.

The term "aromatherapy" implies the use of therapeutic and prophylactic uses of essential oils derived from plants. For the first time this term used a French pharmacist R. Gatefosse.