Planet Artlife journal

1 Avirol: season without viruses!

Experts are increasingly talking about a sharp rise in the number of outbreaks. Just think: in less than 40 years since 1970, registered in the world 39 new infectious diseases! In other words, every year, revealed an average of one new infection. These data provided the authors report, "Secure the Future", prepared by WHO.

2 Proper nutrition - a pledge speedy recovery

Use in clinical practice of functional food products company Artlife doctors Children's Hospital 8 of Volgograd.

3 Forward to Olympic medals!

Western Kazakhstan. December 6, 2008 in Aktau was fifth championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on bodybuilding, fitness and body fitness with the strongest athletes of the country, one of the general service sponsored by the Center "Artlife-Asia" (headed by Yashaev).

4 The energy of an active day

Have you ever been over the meaning of the proverb: breakfast eat yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give the enemy? For sure! But, going to work that morning, many of us do not have enough time even for a cup of coffee, but not what to cook a hearty breakfast. To change this situation, the experts suggested that the Company Artlife fruit and nut mix.

5 Continuing the tradition

Oat-rice kissel enriched with vitamins and prebiotics.

6 Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste N-Zim Prebio

Multilevel protection of the oral cavity!

7 Artlife - efficiency, prosperity and success.

On an international medical conference held in the Festival Success - 2009.

8 Infertility treatment with dietary supplements company Artlife

The possibility of using complexes Artlife correction inflammatory diseases of female genitalia and infertility.

9 The ideal diet for new products Artlife.

Diet - a great way to lose weight, it seems like most of us. However, not all that easy, many diets do not give results, others are working, but after the first rapid improvement comes the return of previous weight or - even worse - it increases. How to find an efficient strategy to combat obesity and, more importantly, to achieve long-term preservation of the results?

10 Symptom-gels: tested in practice

Expert opinion on the symptom-gels.

11 The system of training and activities Artlife

That Artlife was at the forefront of the market development of biologically active complexes in Russia. Today, recognition and prestige of the Company grew to world-class!

12 Abitel - Health from nature

Natural concentrated bioactive beverage on the basis of fir and hips Abitel.

13 We are not oranges

Everything you wanted to know about cellulite and how to force it.