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Healing properties of Siberian fir
Siberian fir - pine family pine evergreen tree, up to 30 meters, it is rightly called a forest doctor. It has a smooth dark Sir nerastreskivayuschuyusya measles and narrow-pyramidal crown, with branches extending from the bottom. Fir - very cold-resistant tree. It makes a good severe weather in Siberia and little affected by low winter temperatures. But this tree is demanding
to humidity. And so, in particularly dry areas of Eastern Siberia is found only where the air is sufficiently saturated with moisture, in the most humid gorges, river valleys, high mountains.
On the vast territory of Siberia grows unusual conifer - Siberian fir.
In folk medicine, Siberia, Transbaikalia and Far East, this tree was given a special place: a decoction of spruce used in scurvy, beriberi, toothache and other diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties used for upper respiratory tract, digestive, genital and urinary systems, as well as skin. Fir provides optimal nutrition of tissues, which contributes to better health, faster recovery from illness. In the cortex, and Siberian fir needles contain vitamins, flavonoids, carotenoids, chlorophyll, minerals, herbal polyphenols and volatile. Of particular interest are volatile (from the Greek word "Fitton" - plant and the Latin "Tsedere" - to kill). These volatile substances are a factor in the natural immunity of plants and a powerful natural antibiotic. They inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, microscopic fungi and protozoa, reducing capillary permeability. In particular, volatile fir killed pertussis bacillus, the causative agent of dysentery and typhoid. In addition, volatile fir a positive effect on brain circulation, stimulate the nervous, immune, cardiovascular and other body systems, especially during exercise. Optimization of loads and their greater tolerance also contributes to the fact that in the fir includes substances with a pronounced blood-forming properties. Therefore, fir extract - a natural remedy to prevent anemia and increase overall resistance. Russian scientists have found that preparations of fir have the ability to regulate antioxidant processes in the liver and inhibit the development of autoimmune reactions in the blood. The results can be used for the practical application of the extract of Siberian fir in order to improve
resistance of the organism in an environmentally disadvantaged areas with elevated background radiation. In addition, experimental studies have shown that an extract of fir has a strong stimulating effect on gastric secretion. It can be effectively used in treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Artlife ompany's specialists developed a natural concentrated bioactive beverage on the basis of fir and hips Abitel. For its production fir legs were collected only in spring, when they are the highest concentration of biologically active substances, only in ecologically clean regions of Western Siberia and worked on special-sparing technology. Abitel has adaptogenic action, improves the immune system, has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, radioprotective and regenerating properties, sanitizes the respiratory tract. The use of concentrated beverage Abitel in the winter - it is an effective prevention of respiratory diseases - influenza and colds. Get the best of nature to your health - eating Abitel!
Anna Shushpanov