Reflexotherapy is based on the idea that the human body - is a holistic system, and if you disturb the balance in any of the parts, it is immediately displayed on the rest. Perhaps there is a historical link between acupuncture and acupressure reflexology, and records from ancient Egypt and Rome that have survived are likely to describe the point that they heal, which correspond to the reflex zones. Methods of foot massage that is now used in acupuncture, have been known Incas and other inhabitants of America. There is an assumption that these methods are interested in Dr. Fitzgerald, who created the foundation of modern reflexology. Fitzgerald - American ENT, who practiced in the early 20th century in various hospitals in the United States and Britain. Similarly, it is not clear exactly how Dr. Fitzgerald came to their conclusions, but he managed to find that pressure on specific areas of the body during a massage helps to improve the function of organs or helps to reduce pain. 
Reflexotherapy on the foot looks like the map of the whole body. By clicking on specific points on the foot, manual therapist can affect internal organs. 

Reflexotherapy is used to treat several simple ailments: headache, premenstrual syndrome, back pain, digestive problems, stress and tension. With these methods can be treated and more serious diseases, for example heart disease and multiple sclerosis. It may be that the reflexologist may from time to time to determine potential disease, and if possible to hold it profilaktku, or give advice to the patient to a specialist that he should go. With a regular (monthly) therapy can preserve their own health and in advance to recognize the symptoms of disease. Reflexotherapy strongly affects the body and, therefore, it is contraindicated for pregnant women and those people who suffer from the disease in the cardiovascular system, low back pain, arthritis or malfunctions of the thyroid gland. Permanent home massage can be used as a mild method of relaxation. Try massage for yourself, and if you are not just, then the same effect you get by massaging certain points on the hands.