We are not oranges


The existence of cellulite today know everything. For many women, this cosmetic defect is a source of experience and self-doubt. And how I want to wear short skirts and shorts, sunbathing in the open bathing suit, not covering the hips pareos. So can I get rid of cellulite? But before I answer, let's see ...

What is cellulite?

Military wisdom says to choose the right tactics against the enemy, you need to find out all about the enemy and know his weaknesses. So, first we need to understand what is necessary to fight, eliminate cellulite. First of all, note that from a medical point of view, the problem of cellulite does not exist, ie Cellulite is not a disease that is curable with medication.

Cellulite - is a metabolic disorder in the subcutaneous fat, and sooner or later it may appear in each of the fair sex. Adipose tissue consists of cells, adipocytes (fat cells), which are surrounded by dense connective tissue fibers attached to the skin surface. With the accumulation of fat adipocytes (fat cells) increase in volume, putting pressure on the skin from within. At the same time fibers that connect fat cells and the skin surface, sealed, pulling the skin inward. Together, these protruding bumps and holes and give the skin an orange peel appearance. The larger size of adipocytes, the greater the tension of connective tissue septa - and the more pronounced is the effect of "orange peel".

So, cellulite is a skin texture changes, reflected the appearance of "orange peel" due to the accumulation of fat cells in subcutaneous fat, fat, water, unoxidized products due to a decrease in metabolic rate. Why is this phenomenon can be observed only in women? The reason lies in the different anatomical structure of the connective tissue. Men of connective tissue fibers that support the adipose tissue, crossed in a grid, forming a tight frame, and fat cells - adipocytes - are smaller. In women, the fibers are more loosely in parallel rows, and fat cells are large. In addition, nature has given a good stretch female tissue needed during pregnancy, and fat cells - the ability to store more high-energy reserves - fat to supply the fetus and subsequent breast-feeding. When there is cellulite? As a child, no cellulite, skin smooth, soft and smooth equally in all parts of the body. In his youth, good skin tone and cellulite is most often not observed or expressed very weakly. But it is young girls especially concerned about cellulite! Many ladies are concerned about cellulite, even in its absence: do the traditional "pockets" on the thigh - the skin, of course, is going into the folds of the rough - and they already seem to have found himself in a terrible defect to be cured. And in this struggle thrown all forces and means. Typically, cellulite occurs after puberty. Approximately 12 percent of cellulite occurs during puberty, 20 per cent during and after pregnancy, and 25 percent of the cases during menopause. Thus, we can say that cellulite is most likely to occur during "hormonal surges". So, cellulite can occur in women and in 16, and 60 years, full and lean, athletic and non-sporting.

How to deal with cellulite?
Get rid of cellulite and prevent its development is impossible. This is the age process, and it is irreversible. But to suspend him and to smooth out cellulite increased roughness of the skin can be.

The main purpose of cellulite - the prevention of stagnation in the tissues, providing the optimum level of fluid circulation, improving blood circulation in the subcutaneous fat, metabolic activation, strengthening the muscles and connective tissue. Of course, each woman chooses her path to finding a good shape. In the fight against cellulite, we recommend a comprehensive approach to the problem, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, use of functional cosmetics line from Artlife, smoking cessation, lifestyle change in general. The first thing I must say - this is about nutrition. The main task of a balanced diet cellulite - normalize metabolism and improve the condition of the connective tissue. The amount of food and frequency of power supply should be sufficient so that the body has increased metabolism, which means that there is a need to frequently and slowly. Drastically reduce caloric intake should not be, because cellulite affects not only women who are overweight, but also having a deficit, and weight. Diet is based on restricting the use of products that contribute to the growth of adipose tissue. Experts recommend excluded from the diet bread, pastry and hot spices and dishes which may cause a delay in removing fluid from the body. Observe the water schedule during the diet is very important, discipline yourself to drink at least two liters of water a day (best if it is non-carbonated mineral water or green tea). Regulars at your table should be foods that contain fiber and fiber (cereals and wholemeal bread), as well as fruits and vegetables.

The second important step - exercise, because they contribute to the normalization of metabolism, reduce the amount of fat (when working with specific groups of muscles), promote the development of the muscles of special substances - endomorfinov that improve blood circulation in tissues. The most "profitable" (in light of our anti-cellulite) exercise - it's running, swimming, skiing, tennis, callanetics and light load at the gym.

The third stage - a comprehensive anti-cellulite program with the help of specialized tools line of functional cosmetics Artlife. It should be carried out 2-3 times a week for two months to achieve optimal results. It is important to remember that none of the anti-cellulite will not give an instant effect. It will take some time before they become noticeable results. In addition, much depends on the stage of cellulite: an early stage to deal with it much easier, and if things started, the time it would take longer.