Medical articles about drugs and diseases

1 Semax

Use of the drug Semax 0,1% in the early rehabilitation period of ischemic stroke

2 Principles of treatment of critical states

Most importance in daily medical practice are questions of treatment of critical states such as respiratory failure, critical circulatory failure and cardiac arrest, a state of shock.

3 Acute heart failure, cardiac arrest.

In terminal states, ie predagonii, agony and death experiences, only the immediate resuscitation, aimed primarily at restoring breathing and circulation, may return to the patient\'s life.

4 Traumatic shock

Traumatic shock caused by trauma is called a serious condition, accompanied by severe disturbances of functions of vital organs, especially the circulatory and respiratory system.

5 Sepsis (septicemia, blood poisoning)

Sepsis (blood poisoning) - an acute or chronic disease characterized by progressive proliferation in the organism of bacterial, viral and fungal flora. Sepsis can result from bacterial infection of the body of a famous chamber inflammation (abscesses), but often enough atrium remains unclear.

6 Reflexotherapy

Reflexotherapy is based on the idea that the human body - is a holistic system, and if you disturb the balance in any of the parts, it is immediately displayed on the rest of the parts.

7 The later the longer the paternity of a child's life

Medical News: the latest paternity of the longer life of the child.

8 Gonadotropin preparations

Active principle these medications is a 2-and most important of gonadotropic pituitary hormone that are necessary for normal ovarian female robots.

9 Botox and contouring plastic

In the world of cosmetics, there are many words - peeling, biorevitalization, Botox, contouring plastics, hyaluronic acid, laser, etc., which are related to the rejuvenation of the skin.