Gonadotropin preparations

Active principle these medications is a 2-and most important of gonadotropic pituitary hormone that are necessary for normal ovarian female robots. Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) promotes the growth and development of follicles in the ovary, and lyuteinizuvalny hormone (LH) is needed to achieve full oocyte maturation and ovulation in the middle of the cycle (ovulation and output in the abdominal cavity of a mature egg)

There are 2 types of medicines and gonadotropin-releasing hormone: Hmg products containing 2-a hormone - drugs and FSH, FSH preparations, which contain only the FSH hormone. In medical practice it is often just used this drug Hmg as Menopur (Feringa, Germany), and from all parts of the FSH preparations used: Gonal-F (firm Serono, Italy), Puregon 100 (Organon, Holland). These drugs have a different composition, and each has its own production technology.

Drugs Menopur Gonal-F 100 Puregon

The drug is manufactured from the urine of Menopur women whose menopause with specials. powerful filtering technology. While preparations Gonal-F and Puregon 100 created by genetic engineering, their composition is only a certain portion of the molecule of FSH, which directly contributes to the growth of the follicle.

All drugs are safe in terms of the risk of reaction resistance "foreign" hormone.

These drugs have side effects: mood swings, bloating, abdominal discomfort, increased anxiety or fatigue, which in turn vsoyu often weaken or even disappear after follicle puncture.

Possible complications of treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone: development of ovarian hyperstimulation, multiple follicular growth.

Product: dry matter (dust) and the solvent (in capsules), which is attached, and administered intramuscularly one-in once a day. Since the contents of one ampoule of solvent diluted 4.2 ampoules of dry matter.

Often, patients do injections themselves, and sometimes - they do their relatives or friends who are able to inject intramuscularly.

Or, if no one knows how to do injection, it is possible to appeal to the clinic and the nurse will inject. In addition, it is recommended that the first injection was made nurse to the patient or the one who will make her an injection, learned the rules of administration.

These drugs are administered is important in a designated doctor dose, at the same time of day is best - in the second half of the day.