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1 Using experience of colloidal silver and tea tree in patients with acute and chronic ENT-pathology

Using experience of colloidal silver and tea tree in patients with acute and chronic ENT-pathology

LY Sviridenko, otolaryngologist, 
  Head of Cabinet laser therapy and ultrasound diagnosis, Kharkov

2 Hepatoprotectors from the company ArtLife

Introduction, review of systems, indications and contraindications

3 Art of being healthy

A few words about the biologically active additives (BAA)

4 On the comprehensive prevention of iodine deficiency

The article reveals the theme of comprehensive prevention of iodine deficiency.

5 Calcium in dentistry

Calcium in dentistry

EA SYSOEVA, chief doctor LLC \"Dent\", Krasnoyarsk

6 Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology

Experience with dietary supplements Companies ArtLife in pediatric orthopedics and traumatology.

7 Mens Health - the problem of men and not only

The wisdom of grandparents sitting in my head: we are born to enjoy work, fight, love, we are born for this
and nothing else.
Isaac Babel.

8 Human immunity and all you need to know about it

What does the immune system and what it is, the factors that affect the immunity ...

9 Tools support the immune system from the company ArtLife

Overview of our products and systems to support your immune system.

10 Parasites - the silent killer

The things you will never hear from your doctor.

11 Basic program with the company ArtLife

Company ArtLife represents the base program from the cycle of integrated rehabilitation.

12 Jewels for your skin

Company ArtLife presents a new line of cosmetics for mature skin ProBiocosmetics.

13 ArtLife for children

Why child nutrition become key to the concept of healthy, functional foods ArtLife.

14 Surgical treatment and biocomplexes ArtLife

Supplements of company ArtLife help the patient prepare for surgery.

15 Supplements for the prevention and correction dysbacterioses

Supplements for the prevention and correction dysbacterioses of Artlife company/

16 Secret of the women s mood

At each of the women there were cases sudden surge of boat drowsiness or, conversely, irritability ...

17 Cosmetics ArtLife - successful start to build a business!

Possibilities offered by the distributor cosmetic line.

18 Hair Care in the sunny summer time

Summer, at this time of year, our skin and hair need special care ...

19 Chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis.

Recommendations Nutrition and wellness with chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis

20 Our organism - everything you need to know

The validity and richness of life depends entirely on human health. Enormous role in maintaining health is food

21 That everyone should know - all about parasites!

The parasite is an organism that lives at the expense of its owner. He lives inside of our body parallel to life, feeding on our energy, our cells, or the food we eat. Authors of recent medical studies have established that the organisms in 85% -95% of adults who live at least, from one to five species of parasites.

22 Drink water and lose weight

Found that the shortage of liquid body begins to experience stress and sends signals to the brain, similar to the signals of hunger.

23 Meal after 18 hours is health-harmful

Those who are trying to lose extra pounds, stick to a sacred right - after six o\'clock is impossible. But few know that this rule should be respected absolutely all, without exception, people. These are the characteristics of the organism

24 Laminarin

It would seem, and all of these modest and limited to the facts of our knowledge about the oldest medicinal plants - Laminaria!

25 Aromatherapy - treatment without drugs

Aromatherapy - is the use of natural ether oils for medicinal purposes. They contain the life force of plants in a concentrated form. For more than six thousand years, people know and use the harmonizing effect of aromas.

26 How to reduce appetite

Why all this happen? You do not have a lot of eating. Instead, you eat only when hungry

27 Consequences of the Atkins diet. Atkins diet damages, results, reviews.

Diet doctor Atkins, first saw the light in 1972 and reprinted last summer, sales went around the super stories about boy wizard Harry Potter.

28 Separate nutrition

Separate nutrition ... Perhaps none of the theories of healthy food does not cause so much debate among nutritionists. It is useful to separate food or harmful? What outweighs - the dignity of a separate power supply or its shortcomings? There is no single answer to these questions are still there.

29 Cleaning receptacles

It is known that the poor condition of the receptacles is the cause of many diseases, including cardiovascular.

30 Medical Center Aniko

The first private institution of a new model, the Medical Center \"Aniko\", opened in Rivne.

31 Tips for keeping the body in a purified state

1.To teach on an empty stomach and intestines to work it would be good before going to sleep, to keep the chair. 
2.Keep a rule to drink a day not less than 0.5 liters of carrot juice and beet 50-100 g (mixture)

32 Table dosages

ArtLife company supplements dosages table

33 History of Massage

Massage as a therapeutic agent emerged along with other kinds of traditional medicine in ancient times. One may even say that even before the origin of man, because some of the animals (licking, etc.). Can be reasonably attributed to the original massage.

34 Cleansing of vessels from cholesterol

Perhaps the most common vascular disease in atherosclerosis is present. Atherosclerosis is the deposition of cholesterol on vascular walls.

35 European education

More information about the European education company.