Parasites - the silent killer

This material, of course, many shocking. Nevertheless, the shock seems to be not the worst of what you have to experience. Undoubtedly, one thing: this article should not be read while eating. But, should carefully study this material, because it there are things that are essential to any man. These are parasites living in the depths of the human body, and how destructive they affect our health and well being. This theme, which was and remains a taboo subject, will disgust many of you. I hope that, the following statement will help get rid of this terrible taboo once and for all. 

You may say, "we do not live in what is a third world country and not have to worry about such things."

But you are wrong. According to statistics, you have the opportunity 8.9 out of 10 infected with parasites.

And what is a parasite? Parasite - an organism that lives at the expense of its owner. He lives inside of our body parallel to life, feeding on our energy, our cells or the food we eat. Authors of recent medical studies have established that the organisms in 85% -95% of adults who live at least, from one to five species of parasites.

In the human body can inhabit more than 300 species of parasites - from microscopic to the worms of a few meters. Contrary to popular belief, parasites that live only in our colon - but they can be found in any part of our body: the lungs, muscles, joints, liver, esophagus, brain, blood, skin and even eyes!

How do you get!

Cases of parasitic diseases associated with contaminated water and food, excessive use of chemicals and antibiotics.

High concentration of parasites found in commercial pork products: bacon, sausage, sausages, pork chops. Beef, chicken, mutton and even fish are often contaminated by them.

Of course, these facts are deplorable for any society, consuming a lot of meat, meat and fish products. In one of the most popular books about parasites - "Guess what came to dinner" - said: "Pork worm people are infected by consuming contaminated underdone pork, smoked ham or sausage ... larvae develop in the muscles, are distributed through the central nervous system in other tissues and bodies and, finally, attach themselves to the upper small intestine. Pork worm causes great harm to a human host, where the immature larvae invade the muscle tissue of the heart, eyes or brain.

When you see images of different, often extremely long, parasites, you ask yourself how such a monster could live in our bodies, and we even being aware? The answer to this question is simple. The purpose of the parasite - to hide its existence.

Sly parasite lives unnoticed because, if it is seen, then, of course, which will be taken - the measures to eliminate it. If you think parasites are stupid, you are wrong. This is a very intelligent creatures, of course, their minds - not the order that the human mind. But they are clever in their ability to survive and reproduce, which of course is the main purpose of any organism ...

So how can a parasite exist in your body, and you did not even suspect?

In general, people believe that they are normal, despite frequent illness, pain, rash, frequent colds, constipation, fatigue, and such people are unable to feel the presence of parasites in his body.

Usually, the presence of parasites was determined by analysis of feces. To date, this method is not reliable. In the analysis of stool parasites can be detected only if the assistant noticed the eggs of the parasite under a microscope. But if the parasite eggs are not put at a time when audited, it will not be noticed. Even if you pass your analysis three times in different periods, as recommended by many doctors, the result will not be. Helminthic invasion remain unnoticed.

We should also note the incredible number of eggs laid by parasites.

For example, females may postpone one time 10-25 thousand eggs, and ascaris can grow to a length of 45 cm and postpone 200 000 eggs per day. The longest parasite can be contracted consumption of fish (fish worm). Adult fish worm can grow up to 9 meters in length and delay of 1 time up to 1,000,000 eggs.

Summarizing all mentioned above, we can say that the signs of the presence of parasites in our bodies manifest symptoms of the most widespread diseases. And on this, people suffering from common diseases should always do clean parasites from two or three times a year.

The most common symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body.

Constipation: Some worms, because of its shape and large size, they block some of the bodies. Abundant helminth infection can block the common bile and intestinal path that leads to a rare and difficult bowel movement.

Diarrhea: A number of parasites, especially protozoan produce prostagladin (hormone-like substances that are contained in various human tissues), leading to loss of sodium and chloride, which, in turn, leads to frequent watery feces. Thus, diarrhea in a parasitic infection, is a function of parasites, rather than attempt to get rid of the organism present in its infection.

GASES AND Swelling: Some parasites live in the upper small intestine, where they cause inflammation leads to bloating and gas. The problem could worsen with the consumption of hard to digest foods such as beans or raw fruits and vegetables. Constant swelling of the abdominal organs is often a sign of the presence of secret parasites. These gastrointestinal symptoms may occur with a variable power during the long months and even years, if not to expel parasites from the body.

Pain in joints and muscles. It is known that parasites can migrate to encapsulate in joint fluid and muscle. When this happens, a person experiences pain that is often seen as the result of arthritis. Pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles are also the result of tissue injury caused by certain parasites, or the immune response to their presence.

Allergy. Parasites can irritate and sometimes pierce the shell intestines, which increases the risk of infiltration of large molecules are not digested. This may enhance the immune response of the organism in the form of production of high doses eosinofilov - one of the types of protective cells. Eosinofily may contribute to inflammation of body tissues, causing an allergic reaction. Just as allergies, parasites cause increased production of the body of immunoglobulin E.

BAD SKIN. Intestinal parasites can cause hives, rashes, eczema and other skin reactions of allergic nature. Skin ulcers, tumors and sores, dermatitis can beat a result of the presence of simple organisms.

Anemia. Some types of intestinal worms attach themselves to the mucous membrane of the intestines and suck the nutrients from the host. Being in the body in large quantities, they can cause quite a large loss of blood, which leads to iron deficiency or pernicious anemia.

Granuloma. Granulomas - it opuholeobraznye mass overlying the destroyed eggs of parasites. Most often they are formed on the walls of the colon and rectum, but can also be formed in the lungs, liver, abdomen and uterus.

Nervousness. Waste metabolism and toxic substances, parasites can irritate the central nervous system. Anxiety and nervousness is often the result of systematic infestation. Many people argue that the end of the process of purification plant means their grumbling wives or relatives have become much more pleasant and bearable.

Sleep disorders. Frequent waking at night, especially between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning, may also be the result of attempts to rid the body of toxic substances through the liver. Says traditional Chinese medicine, these hours of the night are controlled by the liver. Sleep disorders can be triggered as night out some parasites through the anus, which leads to strong pain and itching.

SKREZHENIE teeth. Bruxism - teeth grinding, abnormal teeth, compression and friction of the teeth frequently accompanies parasitic infection. These symptoms are especially noticeable at the sleeping children. Bruxism may be the response of the nervous system to the foreign stimulus. It is interesting to undo that in the traditional medical literature, a cause of bruxism - remains unsolved.

Chronic fatigue. Symptoms of chronic fatigue include weakness, complaints of flu-like symptoms, apathy, depression, loss of concentration and poor memory. These physical, mental and emotional symptoms can be caused by parasites, which pose a lack of nutrients in the body due to poor absorption of proteins, hydrocarbons, fats, and especially vitamins A and B12,

The immune disorders. The parasites weaken the immune system, lowering, the selection of immunoglobulin A. Their presence continuously stimulates the response of the system and, over time, can weaken this vital immune mechanism, opening the way of penetration into the organism of bacterial and viral infections.

Some of the brightest signs of the presence of parasites in the body can also include the following violations: weight gain, bad taste in the mouth and bad breath, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, acne, migraines and even the most frequent causes of death: heart disease and cancer.

Most experts refer to this subject with caution and recognize only an indirect connection between parasites and diseases listed above. Certainly, it makes us wonder why all the doctors of the world, according to them, trying to find a cure for cancer and heart disease, if a solution so simple? In response, let us remember the tens of thousands of dollars worth each of a heart surgery or chemotherapy, and compare it with natural herbal alternative treatments. What is the point for physicians and hospitals in the popularization of such an inexpensive way of treatment? As for them financially more profitable? If tomorrow we find the treatment of one of the most frequently occurring diseases, a large sector of our economy will be gone, and millions of workers in the health of people lose their job. There is something to think about, is not it?

The fastest way to penetration of the larvae of parasites in our bodies - is contaminated food, poorly washed fruits and vegetables, underexposed or dovarennoe meat. There is another way of parasitic infection - from our pets. In the body of most animals are several species of parasites and their eggs often fall into the environment through the feces of the animal. From faeces they move to the wool of the animal, and man can get when he pats, hugs and kisses his beloved, or even through the air. This is especially dangerous for small children, who love their animals much more faithfully than their parents, as well as for pregnant women or patients whose immune system is weakened.


   Most parasites are in the colon. 95% of illness and disease directly or indirectly linked to contaminated colon. Determined 36 species of poisonous substances, which are formed in the colon. These toxins enter the blood stream and destructive effect on the body. In the colon, a man older than 40 years and piling from 2 up to 15 kg. fecal matter. These residues fecal matter, not reach out, thrived parasites of all sizes, which are slowly but surely poison the entire organism.

In addition, the parasites are the best food. They gratefully consume all the food from the menu most of his master, leaving him only the crumbs. So many people, leading a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins, no significant improvements in health status. Healthy food without prior purification of the body of parasites gives a much smaller effect. Parasites are the main cause of obesity since they deprive the body of essential nutrients, leaving him only empty calories. The body begins to demand more food, because it lacks the vitamins and minerals.

Inside dirt - even worse than the dirt outside. Therefore, those who cleared only from the outside is dirty inside. People do not understand how they litter themselves. In using the wrong food, and how much due to this accumulation of toxic substances in their organism, which must be brought by natural means. Dr. Paul Bragg, author of numerous bestsellers on the need for cleaning the body, and the creator of the idea of health food shops in America, his life has proved the effectiveness of detoxification and healthy food. When he tragically died in 96 years, the autopsy doctors were amazed that his body inside was like a 18-year-old boys.

Thus, we must clean out juxtaposition fecal matter from the colon to avoid self-poisoning. Not taking the necessary steps to cleanse the colon of the accretions and parasites that live in them, we thus poisoning their bodies a lot of toxins. And instead of a healthy organism fortified food through the colon absorbs nutrients, poisoned fecal deposits. The toxins also block enzymes, and without them none of the cell body can not function properly. Now we begin to understand why 90% of all diseases begin in the colon. Toxins, plus the lack of balanced nutrition on a cellular level and is the cause of many diseases.

                INTERNAL CLEANING Is Necessary. 

While the toxins remain in the body, you can not feel good, but as the body is purified, derived from the poisons and parasites, your health improves.

Thus, the secret of health can be stated in three words: "Clean your body!"

The most thorough and time-consuming purification of the body (from parasites, slags, toxins) can be achieved with natural herbal preparations. There are other methods such as enemas, but we should not forget that this is a mechanical, unnatural method of cleansing the body, which has effect only on specific areas of the body, rather than the whole organism and not designed for deep cleaning of the body especially from the parasites.


               Please consider the fact that you have read. I already went through all this and I know whereof I speak. I truly believe that I can help people realize that "thorough cleaning" can only improve their lives.