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Poland, Slovakia

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Poland, Slovakia

Get world-class education is not so difficult, and most importantly - it is available for every Ukrainian. More than that, in some EU countries to learn less than in Ukraine!

The world around us is changing rapidly. The processes of globalization, internationalization, information society are accelerating, and therefore new opportunities for personal development of each of us.

Today, due to strengthening ties between countries and increasing the transparency of borders, each person can get the desired education abroad.

The "European education" invites you to study in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic, graduates from secondary schools (receiving an undergraduate, bachelor), professionals with a bachelor's degree, specialist (obtaining the educational level of Master), professionals wishing to obtain a second degree education.

The main characteristics of the educational process:
Universities of Warsaw, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Bialystok, Kielce, Lodz, Nowy Sacz, Poznan, Schechin, Wroclaw, Nitra;
forms of training: stationary and correspondence;
educational levels: Bachelor (6-8 semesters), MSc (3-4 semesters), second degree (3-4 semesters);
Start date - October 1, 2009;
Tuition from 7800.00 USD. for one year of training, depending on the chosen specialty, a form of education and universities.

At the end of - a diploma that does not require confirmation in the European Union