Cleansing of vessels from cholesterol

Cleansing of vessels from cholesterol

Perhaps the most common vascular disease in atherosclerosis is present. Atherosclerosis is the deposition of cholesterol on vascular walls.

When cholesterol becomes a lot in a specific location on the vessel, forming atherosclerotic plaque that can cause narrowing of the lumen. With a large atherosclerotic plaque in blood vessels, a person runs the risk of stroke or a myocardial infarction. To avoid this, you must regularly cleansing of vessels from cholesterol.

First of all, the food should sharply limit consumption of animal fats, and, conversely, to increase consumption of plant foods and fish. A person can be healthy only if properly nourished.

There is also a simple recipe that will help you carry out regular cleansing of vessels from cholesterol and keep blood vessels healthy. To prepare the mixture of cleaning you need the seeds of fennel, valerian root and honey. Seeds of fennel and valerian root, you must first crush on a grater and a coffee grinder. In a two-liter flask, place two tablespoons of honey, a cup dill seed, two tablespoons of valerian root. Pour the mixture with boiling water and infuse for a day. To perform a good cleaning vessels from cholesterol, it is necessary to use the mixture for half an hour before a meal on

Author: Govarova OA