Jewels for your skin


Company ArtLife presents a new line of cosmetics for mature skin ProBiocosmetics. Unique combination of two components - an orchid extract and probiotic cultures - give ProBiocosmetics special moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. Since this complex can be easily transformed into a beauty after the first application. Would you like to be young, not only in the shower?

Three age skin: 

1. already 25 years in the skin appear first visible signs of aging: with each passing day it looks less smooth, less shining, becomes noticeable wrinkles. This impacts the natural slowing of vital functions of skin cells.

2. 40 years after the skin becomes more sensitive to external factors (pollution, tobacco, UV radiation), which aggravate the natural aging of the skin. Hardly noticeable wrinkles become deeper wrinkles. The complexion becomes less flat. The oval face is not so clear. Why? Diminishes the formation and deteriorating quality of basic supportive tissue of the skin - collagen and elastin fibers. Slows down cell renewal. Refines the epidermis.

3. closer to 50 years under the influence of hormonal changes that weaken the function of the dermis, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes more dehydrated. The result is a constant feeling of tightness. Sharp decrease in the production of collagen and elastin leads to loss of elasticity and the elasticity of the skin. Worsens complexion.

Fortunately, if you apply the necessary measures, you can turn the clock back and to resist age-related changes. 

The main thing - to believe in the result and act!


Lesson 1: purification and protection against signs of aging 

The reason for the appearance of wrinkles is not only a biological 

Age. The skin loses its elasticity under pressure

aggressive environmental factors --

radionuclides, heavy metal salts, sharp changes in temperature ...

is why proper cleansing is

one of the main components of the procedure

maintaining young skin.

For intensive cleaning of the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of environmental factors specialists have created a company ArtLife Fluid purifying ProBiocosmetics, whose action is similar to the "lotus effect". It is known that the lotus flower is perfectly clear in any environment. It can not impose a particle of dust and even rainwater bounces off without leaving any trace on the petals. Why? Raindrop has no contact with the surface of the sheet, thanks to a special protective coating.

This effect has been studied and imitated specialists Company ArtLife. surface of the fluid cleansing ProBiocosmetics identical to the surface of the flower, thereby preventing contamination of the skin for a long time. Included composition of the fluid organic acids improve the complexion, skin texture and help smoothing the wrinkles from superficial peeling. Start a program of integrated care for mature skin with a cleansing procedure, fluid - and traces of fatigue disappear from your face!

LESSON 2: rehabilitation of facial muscle tone and skin elasticity.

Your skin has lost elasticity, visible wrinkles, and an oval face lost its sharpness? Do not hesitate! Come to the aid of mask-lifting ProBiocosmetics from ArtLife. 

With pull-up and simulate the properties of acacia gum mask provides an instant lifting effect, smooths out facial wrinkles, smooths skin relief and provides intensive rejuvenating effect.

Complex of active ingredients stimulate microcirculation and metabolism in tissues, restores facial skin fresh and radiant look. The specific texture Masks-lifting ProBiocosmetics instantly tightens the skin. And within a month of use (and tests prove it), your face regains its shape and contour of their youth, the skin becomes elastic.

LESSON 3: intense, but gentle care.

It's time to Face cream ProBiocosmetics from ArtLife - the pearl of all creams. This is the highest achievement of cosmetics based on the latest innovative technologies. The tool meets all the requirements of women entering a delicate period of their lives.

Active ingredients of the cream for the face ProBiocosmetics designed to restore the vital functions within the skin cells, disrupted the age and hormonal changes: active orchid extract moisturizes and enhances the synthesis of dermal collagen and elastin; lysates bifidobacteria restores microflora and immunity of the skin; Skin Tightener ST intensively corrects wrinkles, seaweed extract and high-protein wheat stimulate cell renewal, increase the density and elasticity of the skin. Included the cream light-reflecting pigments provide the optical effect of smoothing out wrinkles and inner radiance of the skin. UV filter effectively prevents photoageing. As a result of cream daily and directed smooths skin relief.

Evidence? Please - startling results of tests conducted on the basis of a study of consumer perception, showed: 95.2% of women confirmed a great sense of comfort throughout the day, of which 90,5% had nutritional function of the cream, 92.8% paid attention to the smoothness of the skin, wrinkles smoothed by 85,7%, improved complexion - 87,5%.

LESSON 4: restoration of beauty from the inside

Fight is necessary not only to external signs of aging. It has long been proven that the skin's immune system is directly dependent on the internal state of the organism. "Without the restoration of the organism as a whole does not make sense to engage in appearance" - sure, experts on aging. Company specialists ArtLife developed the first drinking cosmetics - the new probiotic complex Probinorm taken among in order to effectively care for cosmetic problems and slowing aging. This is the only beauty of a double action anti-aging, nourishes and regenerates the skin from the inside.

Probinorm - an innovation in the production of probiotic complexes. The capsule contains active ingredients that contribute to rapid prizhivaniyu the probiotic micro-organisms in the intestine, maintaining their optimal concentration and enhance the process of growth of bacterial colonies. The priority of free-radical theory of aging of the organism as a whole and the skin in particular. Given this, we can confidently say that Probinorm, providing a systemic impact on the body, prevents aging of the skin, stimulates the formation of collagen and acts as a cellular regent. It increases the efficiency of ProBiocosmetics