ArtLife for children

Why child nutrition become key to the concept of healthy, functional foods ArtLife? Because, unfortunately, most diseases are beginning to emerge in this age. This is a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, such as chronic gastroduodenitis, holetsistoholangity and even ulcer. But every so want to see his child grow strong and healthy.

Modern man, let alone a child, influenced by many negative factors. Stubborn lady-statistics reads as follows: the world has become more prone to stress; Russians hold in the affairs and concerns are much longer than 20 years ago, more than half the population prefers to eat mostly semi-manufactures, most of which are of the highest quality deteriorated dramatically ecology, less than 30% newborn may be considered healthy, preschool children were more irritable, school children - soon tired; seriously increased load on the child's psyche. Together these indicators suggest that over the past 20 years, the nation's health has deteriorated significantly. This means the health of children today requires more attention. Hence, special attention should be given food because it is this is the foundation of health. As noted all the same statistics: nutritional status of children has become much worse. And, even more frightening, it continues to deteriorate in direct proportion to the development of modern technologies.

First, many of today's children are unaware of what the regime. Secondly, mothers today are so busy that they are not up to the diversity of children's table, "if only had enough to eat." Others simply do not like to cook. Others do not see anything wrong in the use of fast food. Someone has to feed the baby "cheap". But children are affluent parents who can afford the normal from their point of view of diet are not immune from negative consequences. The result of one - the child receives a completely unbalanced, monotonous food, devoid of the required number of useful substances, flavored production substitutes: substitutes taste, flavors, dyes. He eats all this reluctantly, without much pleasure, sitting at a table for hours, as a reward for an empty plate, often receives a packet of crisps harmful. So parents make the first step in the destruction of children's health. As a consequence of a weak immune system, endless prosizhivaniya on sick leave, moods, bad moods, low levels of social adjustment, low interest in playing and developing classes. Joining the ranks of the whimsical, in no way interested in, it seems, are not familiar with the feeling of happiness, children. But happiness - it is emotion, which is mainly forms a strong personality, with a healthy psyche and a high level of self-esteem.

In general, to give peace a genius or simply a good person, that person should be allowed to start construction material. Unfortunately, modern products are mostly deprived of the necessary supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Dairy products from packages sometimes a week does not turn sour on the table. Vegetables grown on modern "rapid" technologies do not have time to go through a full life cycle and to accumulate the necessary number of useful components. Juices almost do not contain a natural product. Chocolate, ice cream and other goodies made entirely of "substitutes". It turns out that even under the condition that his mother will stand heroically at the stove and stuff a child of tasty, varied dishes - baby still does not receive the full range of body needs for growth and development of the material.

The solution to this problem 10 years ago, the company with ArtLife, which is known to be considered a priority concern for human health. As a result, numerous research, development, and search company has created a whole range of valuable functional food products, including a unique product - enriched jelly. This is a delicious drink made from natural fruit, which is prepared for a few seconds. It need only be diluted with warm boiled water and stir. The unique technology allows us to extract from fresh, fit mother's most useful, process and convert into a concentrated powder, enrich it with vitamins, minerals and other biologically valuable nutrients necessary for growth and development of the child. Moreover, all nutrients are in this drink in a condition that is easily and completely absorbed by the body. The company's products ArtLife known throughout Russia, as well as residents near and far abroad. Kissels well-liked and children, and adults. Special attention to this product showed the heads of children's institutions, whose responsibilities include the management of power charges. For example, many schools and kindergartens Almaty they are introduced into the diet of children's lunches on a mandatory basis. As a result, a complete and timely fortification has reduced the incidence of acute respiratory disease in EPIDEMIC SEASON 2-4 times. Kazakhstan is the most popular example of the use kissels ArtLife - 180 childcare facilities in various cities of the country have successfully implemented it in their diet. Similar programs are being implemented in many schools and, especially, kindergartens Russia: Lipetsk, Tomsk, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, and the list goes on and on. And how could it be otherwise, because ArtLife jelly is an excellent combination of high efficiency and a more than reasonable price. A wide range every day will offer a child a new drink and eliminate the notorious monotony. Kissels extremely tasty, but because children are happy to drink them while they do not need to explain that it is useful and necessary.

So: Let us examine in detail all the vitamin-mineral complex contained in the jelly ArtLife.


  Iron: an indispensable part of hemoglobin in the blood. A sure sign of its deficiency are chronic fatigue, reduced mental ability, distractibility, and zero interest than either. Simply put, children consume iron in the right quantity inquisitive, active and happy.

Iodine: a source of energy that the body expends to provide exchange of substances, the flow of processes of biosynthesis, growth and development of the organism, and updated fabric. Required amount of iodine in the body ensures normal physical, and most importantly - the mental development of children.

Immunomodulating ingredients increase the body's defenses and relieve the endless colds and viral infections.

Complex carbohydrates - polysaccharides, organic acids: have a high healing effect, a beneficial effect on the state of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and restore the natural state of intestinal microflora.

And, finally, vitamins. Has long been known that vitamins from food is easier and much more efficiently absorbed by the body. Glass jelly ArtLife contains half the daily requirement of essential vitamins and a man has fully met the average daily requirement for vitamin C. A group of vitamins, as we know, these are the catalysts that make the body and place all the necessary vital chemical reactions. Without them, are not assimilated useful substances and do not split harmful. In general, an organism devoid of vitamins, it becomes unviable.

Getting all the necessary materials in the right quantity, the body of the child begins to work the way it is intended by nature, and thus its physical, mental, intellectual development is correct. The child lives in a state of normal children's happiness and joy of his parents' curiosity, ringing an infectious laugh, an ability to surprise the world, a furious energy with which he learns. Is not this the normal joy of parenthood! That gives the company its ArtLife hundreds of thousands of families! Provides and receives reciprocal gifts. Health and happiness are moving the kids to be creative, sincere, bright and sunny, as it happens in the happiest years of life. Children give us ArtLife his drawings, which represent all that love. For children - the most sincere feelings of the people they can trust. They dedicate Company ArtLife their drawings with the unfeigned love and warmth!