There are state of the organism, which can not be combined with the normal professional activities, they knock out of the normal rhythm of life. If time does not take counter-measures, such states are capable of provoking a serious disease. Sometimes in order to bring the situation under control, have to wait for assistance. "Symptom-gel" - aid that does not need to wait long.

Heartburn. Seemingly banal condition, and how much trouble can deliver! It's not only accompanies diseases of the stomach when enhanced production of hydrochloric acid. This condition can be tested and does not suffer from gastritis student who raid a bite to eat fatty Tat and drank his soda. Moreover, it happens that heartburn is inevitable. For example, she holds a particular mode, power (the reasons can be anything), but once going to my mother for breakfast, could not abandon the freshly baked muffins, and even has washed down with a cup of coffee! If as a result of this state a person can not collect my thoughts, can be quite serious consequences.

Large numbers of people experience heartburn after eating, and applies for its relief antacids. This group accounts for a significant segment among the persons suffering from functional heartburn is not associated with hyper acid cells of the stomach. The effectiveness of antacids is unmistakable. BUT! Pharmaceuticals remain pharma: they always have a number of contraindications and side effects.

For relief of functional heartburn Artlife offers gel "acido-neutral» («Acid-neutrale»). His acid-neutralizing activity is determined by incoming components and amounts, if used correctly, at least 25ml odnonormalnoy hydrochloric acid hydrochloric acid 15g gel (single dose).

Gel "acido-neutral» («Acid-neutrale») can be attributed to products with high acid-neutralizing activity comparable to that of drugs: the degree of acid reflux, expressed in points, 2 hours after taking the gel was the same in a group of volunteers who took the gel and in the control group, which adopted antacid (1).


simptom geli

Figure 1. Relief of heartburn gel "acido-neutral» («Acid-neutrale») and the means of traditional therapy.

In its composition gel "acido-neutral» («Acid-neutrale») contains not only the antacid, but anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-microbial ingredients that heals the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, have a tonic effect

The gel "acido-neutral» («Acid-neutrale»)


Name of components


Magnesium oxide


Magnesium carbonate

Calcium carbonate 

Zinc oxide

Chagi extract

Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic

Chamomile extract

Licorice extract

Flax seed extract liquid (mucus)

Enveloping, soothing, sorption

Starch (mucus)


 The advantages of "acido-neutral" is that it contains small amounts of calcium, so do not cause acid hypersecretion secondary mucosa of the stomach and belching. In addition, it is not addictive, has no side effects, which appear at the unsupervised use of drugs.

Effectiveness of the product is clinically proved. In its testing involved 28 patients of acid diseases of the esophagus and stomach in acute phase (8 people), as well as functional heartburn (20 patients). Most patients - 21 (75%) evaluated the sensory properties of the drug as excellent and good, the other 7 (25%) - satisfactory. Nearly half of patients - 13 - were familiar before with other antacids, and noted a more pleasant and "natural" taste BAA "acido-neutral" compared to the classical representatives of this group.

Natural composition and absence of side allowed to use gels long course under the supervision of a physician. The results of a significant reduction in heartburn condition of unchanged dietary habits showed good preventive effect in the gel "acido-neutral."


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  Application of gel "acido-neutral» («Acid-neutrale») is recommended to relieve heartburn caused by an error in the nutritional misallocation of physical activity after a meal, eating too much carbohydrate food.


The second nuisance, which can irreparably damage is not something that day, many believe the diarrhea. Indeed, the state of awful! And all the more inexplicable when it is not infectious prerequisite to a violation of the digestive system (no contact with the source of microbial infection).

There is diarrhea, for which the trigger is stress. For example, a woman on the day of the reporting concert of his daughter may suffer not so much with all my heart, and downright all over. Diarrhea can alternate with non-infectious origin with the state, when the urge to defecate there, but the act does not occur. Stress is thus compounded. This vicious circle will lead anyone to distraction and despair.

For treatment and the treatment of diarrhea like backgrounds little to restore the balance of electrolytes in the intestine, although it is certainly an effective way to relieve the problem and it is enough to for a while to feel confident.

With irritable bowel syndrome is a great place regulatory effect on the CNS. It is the combination of regulation of water balance and mild sedative effect on the CNS is characteristic of the gel "Alvinus-neutral» («Alvinus-neutrale»): it is based on the normalization process of digestion and the regulation of the amount of water entering the colon. In addition, it contains ingredients that have a mild sedative action of central nervous system, which is important when diarrhea is the cause of stress.

The composition of dietary supplements "Alvinus-neutral» («Al vinus-neutrale»):


Name component


Bilberry fruit extract


Knotweed herb extract

Tannin from chestnut, walnut

Hypericum perforatum herb extract

Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic

Raspberry leaf extract

Rosemary leaf extract

Anesthetic, antiinflammatory, antiseptic

Marsh cinquefoil and grass roots extract


Sorption, prebiotic


  Gel works gently, without displacing the physiological balance, as the dramatic action (such as medication) to the complex neural and humoral mechanisms of regulation of the digestive process can be dangerous and cause unwanted effects, occurrence of side effects and, in some cases addictive. In patients with the initial number of acts of defecation or desires to him, what amounted to 24, the first day taking the gel reduced the number of acts of defecation, decreased nocturnal urge to defecate, there was consolidation of the chair, fell spastic pain.

In three volunteers who took part in the study had Crohn's disease (severe chronic inflammatory bowel disease), possibly due to this and the severity of the effect was less pronounced. However, it is in these three patients decreased the level of seromukoidov and C-reactive protein (molecules, indicating the intensity of inflammation)

C-reactive protein: 1C + + + + + 2-3 days

Seromukoidy 1s 0.312, 0.285 2-3 days (normal to 200)

The presence of anti-inflammatory effect was the basis for long-term treatment gel "Alvinus-neutral» («Alvinus-neutrale») in some patients. By 20 days of receiving the gel antidiarrhoeal effect reached a maximum (Fig. 2).


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Figure 2. Dynamics of changes in a chair depending on the timing of treatment of diarrhea.

Gel Alvinus-neutral »(« Alvinus-neutrale) may be recommended to combat the appearances of irritable bowel syndrome, as well as with any diarrheal infectious nature. The product has a pleasant organoleptic quality and easy to use. 

As simple and easy to use water-soluble gel "Alco-neutral» («Alco-neutrale»), designed to solve a problem familiar to 25% of Russians drink alcohol more than once a week. Of course, hangovers can hardly be called unexpected condition, but it is urgent assistance as the symptom of a sudden, a man who was in such a situation. 

Did you know that the toxicity of the dose of alcohol affects not only the weight and age, people, quality and quantity of food they adopted, but his physical condition and the presence of mood disorders? Alcohol intoxication is most dangerous for people with heart disease, cerebral vascular and cardiac muscle, disorders of neuro-humoral regulation of vascular tone, since the background of these diseases toxic breakdown products of ethanol can cause severe and irreversible changes in organs and tissues, and in some cases - death.

Therefore, persons who use alcohol, upon the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms, even a mild degree of support is needed by the body of biologically active substances that positively affect the function of vital organs. Such substances are contained in the gel "Alco-neutral» («Alco-neutrale»), vodoratsvorimom gel alleviates the manifestation of alcohol intoxication.

The gel Alco-neutrale:


Name component



Nutritious, restorative


regulation and maintaining the balance of electrolytes, 
acid-base balance 
in biological fluids


Malic acid

Citric acid

Succinic acid


Antisressornoe, normalizing the function of the CNS

Yarrow grass (extracts)

Analgesic, antispasmodic

Rosehips fruit (extract)

Restorative, choleretic, detoxification

Willow bark (extract)

Painkiller dezinftsiruyuschee, antipyretic

Motherwort herb (extract)

Soothing, relaxing

Licorice root (extract)

Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying

Lingonberry list (extract)

Diuretic, antitoxic

Calcium pantothenate (B5)

Exchange regulates


Tests carried out the gel in a clinical setting involving 25 patients with mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal syndrome (which was preceded by alcohol consumption from 8 to 24 days!) During his relief, or otherwise - out of the binge - showed detoxication activity of the product. It should be noted that more than half (16 people) of the patients expressed a desire to make a solution of gel instead of the usual liquids, said it taste good.

  Patients had taken place a good effect: for 1, and especially on day 3, all patients receiving the gel indicated that significantly reduced headache, fatigue and irritability, which at the time of withdrawal from binge can last up to 7-8 days.


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Figure 2. Dynamics of clinical symptoms, expressed in scores of patients against the use of dietary supplements, "Alco-neutral» («Alco-neutrale»)

Testing the "serial account" has clearly shown improvement in mental performance and concentration of note: 3 day admission gels decreased the time (a) that subjects spend on taking a test and the number of errors (b) allowed them.


simptom geli




simptom geli

  During the test, "the kinetic test" reveals the state of the motor brain function and motor coordination. Patients who received during the detox gel "Alco-neutral» («Alco-neutrale»), on the day of reception gel significantly reduced the time spent on this test:


simptom geli

  Gel Alco-neutrale promotes alcohol detoxification of the body, normalizes the central nervous system, improves concentration. It can be applied in the case of mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Possible use in mild hangover without concomitant detoxication therapy. 

Thus, a new line of products from Artlife - "Symptom-gels" can support you, to maintain health and self-control in the day, which can be extremely important for you and your family. Stay yourself, make decisions, do not change plans, but with small troubles can help you cope, "Symptom-gels!