Mens Health - the problem of men and not only

The problem, to which we turn in this article refers to the category of delicate: it concerns such a personal thing as a men's health. However, according to an eminent scientist of Russia sexologist IS Kohn, men's health - a global problem, which is not limited solely to sexual dysfunction. In particular, scientists associated with an unfavorable environment marked in many industrialized countries, the deterioration of sperm quality, an increase in male infertility and an increase in diseases such as testicular cancer. Over the past 25 years doubled the risk of this terrible disease in men from 15 to 45 years. In Russia, men's health problems are particularly acute: in our country, life expectancy of women exceeds men's by 13 years.
Important role in the male way of life belongs to sexual activity. In the public mind, and especially in the consciousness of men themselves, virility and sexuality - is almost synonymous. Any disorder of sexual function, even outside the context of reproduction and receiving pleasure and sharply reduce a man's self-esteem and cause many psychological difficulties, especially what to say about this man for the most part shy. 
Canadian psychologists Bogart and Fisher in 1995, compared the level of sexual activity of 215 young men (average age 19.9 years), including their number of sexual partners, with the results of psychological testing and the number found in their saliva testosterone. The most important psychological trait of young men, leading an intense sexual life and having the large number of women who love novelty and risk, physical attractiveness, emotional and looseness in the saliva they had found elevated levels of testosterone. 
What does it mean for men testosterone? According to some authors, it is - an advance of eternal youth, issued by the nature of men to compensate for the possible decline in their fight for a place under the sun. 
However, the modern man begins to get old, get overweight, lose muscle and interest to women, it hardly will be over 35-40. Why is this happening? Modern science claims that more than three favorite things (sofa, car and beer - another rank them ourselves) to blame the hormone testosterone. More precisely, the lack of it - the only deficit that should excite the true man. 


Symptoms of testosterone deficiency can cause the following states: 
· General deterioration of the illness, reducing efficiency. 
· Nervousness, irritability, impairment of memory. 
· Insomnia. 
· Night sweats, hot flushes (sudden sensation of heat throughout the body). 
· Reducing the speed of mental reactions. 
· Appearance of abdominal fat deposition in the breast, thighs, buttocks. 
· Decrease in muscle mass. 
· Fractures, brittle bones.


Testosterone - the main male sex hormone (androgen) produced in the testes. It defines the secondary sexual characteristics, regulates the function of male genitalia, and is responsible for maintaining muscle mass and burning fat. Testosterone increases with the onset of puberty and reaches its peak in 25-30 years. Later in healthy men testosterone production is reduced by 1-2% per year to 80 years reaching 40% of the 25-year-old. When high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and with continuous use of different drugs is a vicious circle. These factors reduce testosterone levels more rapidly, and its reduction contributes to the disease. Too early or too rapid decline in testosterone levels cause premature aging men. 
Thus, timely attention to the level of testosterone - is not only a bright and fulfilling sexual life, but the activity, success in all activities of men. 
However, even men with a normal content of the most important male hormone in the blood are not immune from the second major cause of reducing men's health. 
Prostatitis, especially chronic, is considered one of the most common inflammatory processes of urogenital organs: they suffer about 73% of men, regardless of the level of material well-being or other factors. 
The spectrum of complaints a patient with chronic prostatitis is unusually wide: from violations of sexual function to the neuro-psychological disorders. Quite often, such patients for years haunted the rapids clinics, torturing practitioners endless complaints of "back pain", "fatigue", "pain in the heart", etc. The result of such pilgrimages are usually diagnosed sciatica, vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuroses, while the real cause of suffering the patient is not only not fixed, but even the question does not go about the inspection of the prostate gland. When properly constructed conversation with the patient, usually identified some, sometimes very slight disturbances in the sexual sphere. 
No man can consider itself immune from the rise of chronic prostatitis, regardless of sexual orientation and lifestyle. Opinion about the disease as an inheritance people are promiscuous, and often suffering from diseases caused by infections, sexually transmitted diseases, it is absolutely wrong, although the risk of contracting them is many times higher. The most important predisposing factor in the occurrence of this disease is the stagnation in the prostate gland, can be due to a sedentary lifestyle, incomplete ejaculation with "traditional" intercourse (devoid of emotional coloring), infrequency of sexual activity (under the usual regularity refers to the rhythm of it for this person) sexual excesses. Recognized the link of chronic prostatitis with the presence of bad habits and chronic intoxication (abuse of nicotine, alcohol, drug use). Allowed the opportunity to develop chronic prostatitis due to perineal trauma (shock, vibration) of the motorcyclists and motorists. Often chronic prostatitis may lead to tumor degeneration of the prostate gland. It should be noted that one of the most modern theories of origin of such tumors - hormonal, age-related changes. 
Is it possible to prevent problems with the men's health? If time to pay attention to them - certainly, yes. Toward that end, the company specialists ArtLife was developed bioactive complex MEN’S FORMULA. The composition of this complex has a positive effect on the synthesis and balance of male sex hormones, and effectively prevents the development of stagnation in the urogenital system.


Included bioactive complex MEN’S FORMULA extracts palm Sereno and pidzheuma have a pronounced antiestrogenic effect and may reduce prostatic hyperplasia. Proved that is particularly effective active substances of these extracts have the initial stage of the disease. Pumpkin seeds enhance diuresis, helps release the body of chloride salts have a positive effect on the function of the urogenital system. Parsley has a diuretic effect, has a favorable effect on cardiac function. Active support of a man's body has a zinc oxide, which is a source of zinc - trace element required for the synthesis and maintenance of normal levels of male sex hormones at any age. Application of bioactive complex MEN’S FORMULA provides the active prevention of violations of the sexual sphere of men, maintaining a healthy urinary and sexual function, prevents the development of neuroses on the basis of true disorders of male functions, contributes to the maintenance of interest to women, to success and fulfilling life. 

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