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MEDICAL CENTER Aniko Open in Rivne

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Address:. Knyahynytskoho 5th, Rivne, Rivne region, Ukraine



The first private institution of a new model, the Medical Center "Aniko", opened in Rivne. Now, equations, and residents of the region will be able to get quality medical care in the medical establishment that meets the requirements of modern clinical practice and based on clear criteria - a maximum equal to all skilled in one place and for the whole family. Carefully selected team of professionals to introduce modern approaches in the provision of health services and shape a new culture of relations between doctor and patient.
I love my patients,
For each gaining great experience
... Olga Voloschuk knows his pediatrician for five years, ever since he was born her first child. Second, it also led to Olga Hulinskoyi because, she said, no doctor child health clinics do not devote much attention to her children, as this good and experienced likarka from the medical center "Aniko" (see pp. 3).
Private practice Olga Hulinska started in 2002. And in 2003 received the first license. Take the doctor made the decision then unstable financial situation in the family. The family supported her. Together with a friend, also a doctor in the neighborhood "North" opened a private office. "The first six patients there was almost no - tells the doctor Olga Hulinska - so had to communicate with each other, then the flow of patients was the same as my admission in pediatric clinic on the street. Hrushevsky. State practice has left only a half years ago, when invited to work in private clinics "Dyvosyl.
She worked there long - the lack of clinical laboratories, which promised to organize the founding institutions, unfortunately created many problems for doctors to provide timely medical care. So the proposal from the medical center "Aniko" adopted at once - a comfortable environment for the creative approach to each case and highly qualified doctors, the love of his profession and ready to constantly enhance their knowledge. And I really liked it.
Today Olga Hulinskoyi examined not only the young patients from Rivne, but with Orzheva, Horbakova, Shpanova, Kostopol, March, Volodimirtse, Kuznetsovska, Lutsk. Even residents', residents of the former level at the first opportunity seek to Olga, a doctor, which are used and trusted.
More than 19 Olga Hulinska worked in pediatric clinic at the reception. So know that this work - not honey. "I had to change more than 50 visitors each required attention and professional advice - says the doctor. - For example, in the clinic comes baby in a diagnosed gastroduodenitis. To see it, experts need at least half an hour. But this is impossible, because in the corridor turn kvapyt. I say, come later, when fewer patients. But at least they will never happen. Home came tired. No talk with children, or do something at home. Now do not vtomlyuyusya. But output was higher. For each patient on time of admission, an opportunity to explore in detail each child and, importantly, communicate with parents. I love my patients, because each gaining great professional experience and constant participation in scientific conferences helps me to raise the professional level.
There are patients - effective diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention
Opening the Medical Center "Aniko", its founders set out to ensure quality medical care to all patients, regardless of social status, income and introduce high culture of medical care. Actually, so when taking into account the work of professional and moral qualities of each candidate.
Today the institution has 32 experienced doctors with a higher level of proficiency, including 2 Professors and 2 MD, PhD, who support the policy of the new medical institutions, aimed at the effective diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.
Medical care clinic "Aniko" includes the main directions of medical diagnostic process: pediatrics, children - gynecology, cardiology, neurology, traumatology, ophthalmology, allergology, immunology, endocrinology, dermatovenereology, ultrasound diagnostics, psychology and psychotherapy, vertebrology, manual therapy, massage, physiotherapy treatment, which provides a modern complex that includes 500 programs in physical therapy and medical equipment for treatment of osteoarthritis, gynecological, urological and other problems.
The center is also the clinical pharmacologist.
Doctor-ophthalmologist superior Natalia Merzhiyevska with his assistant - nurse Natalia Popach involved child Orthoptic treatment aimed at improving visual acuity in children with congenital and acquired disabilities. Specialist uses methods of treatment applied in many leading hospitals in Ukraine. In particular, laser and fotostymulyatsiya, magnetic, optic vacuum massage, stimulation of retina.
Modern methods of investigation are used in ophthalmic study aimed at that time to detect diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, which are characteristic of older age. If necessary, surgical treatment of the patient's best experts forwarded to the city or the regional medical institution.
Due to the method of ozone, which introduced the medical center "Aniko", patients can receive effective preventive treatment. The essence of the method consists in withdrawing nedookyslenyh products from the body, causing various diseases.
In the medical center "Aniko" focused and psychological help, which, according to the founders of the project is of great importance for the integrated treatment of patients. At present, a significant number of people have psychological problems directly, which often have organic disease. So, maybe seek help vorozhok and questionable psychic if you can find in a professional psychologist or psychotherapist?
By the way, Irina Granovsky, a medical psychologist with experience, possess modern techniques are successfully used specialists throughout the world. She - of Rivne Oblast Clinical Medical Diagnostic Center-University. V. Polishchuk and provides private reception at the Medical Center, Aniko.
One promising program that has already begun to be realized in the center, a comprehensive program "Healthy Child", which includes birth families preferred and healthy children. Starting from premarital counseling and examination of a young couple on their health, but if you want - even more details of its monitoring - and even to use the latest perinatal technology consulting narrow specialists after birth - that is the range of future parents can obtain health center "Aniko". To prevent disease, the program "Healthy child" will be organized preventive screening children, consult a psychologist or psychotherapist. In the long term plan to develop such a direction as Reproduction. Today many people want to get advice how to be healthy. Because the software that introduces medical center Aniko, preventive direction.

Patient - maximum attention
The founders of the clinic are designed to sell land on the territory of interesting pilot project, which solves the complex issues of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, while giving people the opportunity to receive alternative medical services.
In today complain that patients are treated in public health facilities? On inadequate culture of service, the need to pay for medical care, which is constitutionally declared as free.
Unfortunately, with those loads, many financial planning issues and problems that are now available in state institutions, often forget the main thing - attitude to the patient.
Another thing - a private practice where everything is done for the patient. He pays for his services, and therefore requires attention and highly professional treatment. By the way, here is a modern laboratory, where a few hours can be difficult to obtain results of laboratory studies. If the patients medical center "Aniko" needs more testing and other specialized research clinic administrator promptly resolve the issue with other hospitals. At least the regional medical-diagnostic center has reached the appropriate arrangements.

Clinic Aniko "cooperate with insurance companies
For payment. There are generally prices are now formed a medical market. It should be noted that the medical center are not higher than in state hospitals. However, the cost of consulting a doctor has a gradation - sophistication, the availability status of scientific specialization. Motivation for the doctor to work in a private institution - decent pay, raising the prestige of the profession, respect for patients who are willing to pay for qualified advice, time, attention and service culture.
Private medicine in Ukraine is growing. And soon, say experts, it will be the state competition. The question of issuing sick leave certificates and health leaders will be up private clinics for a doctor who graduated from higher educational institution and a medical degree, could do it. To avoid various abuses, we need a clear system of control. Addressing this issue - the competence of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
Clinic Aniko ", which is located on the street. Knyahynytskoho 5-A, in the future intends to cooperate with insurance companies, which are usually chosen by the responsible partners, regardless of ownership of medical institutions. Therefore, professional team will improve further range of medical services for qualitative diagnosis of early, timely planned treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.
Tatiana Poljanskaya