Experience of using a dietary supplement company ART LIFE MEMORY RISE

IA KOYKOVA, MA SMIRNOV, NN Petrovsky, TN Grevtsova. Boundary Drug Dispensary, Krasnodar
On the basis of the Krasnodar Regional Drug Dependency Clinic, conducted testing of biologically active food additives (BAA ART LIFE ) MEMORY RISE containing extract of Ginkgo biloba. As a control study was conducted more than 20 patients. For the purpose of diagnosis and assigning an appropriate treatment, they were computer testing by a psychologist, a second survey was prescribed 20 days after treatment. 
When pathopsychological survey includes the study of the emotional-volitional, personality, motivational and consumerism, as well as intellectual-mental sphere of the individual patient, using a method of search technique of numbers from tables Schulte.
Patients who discovered the violation during the initial survey of mental health, reflected in a narrowing of active attention, reduce speed of sensorimotor reactions and orienting-exploratory eye movements, instability of attention, were invited to undergo a course of therapy with MEMORY RISE within 20 days, 1 tablet 2 times a day (with other drugs not administered). The average total time on the table, taken by patients with a diagnosis of chronic alcoholism on the job before the application of the drug, was 338 seconds with the normal rate of up to 250 seconds. 
At the secondary inspection after the appointment of BAA MEMORY RISE within 20 days of elapsed time decreased to 220 seconds, which completely fits into the standard distribution. Average execution time table Schulte after adjustment of therapy MEMORY RISE was 44 seconds, and to use - within 50-95 seconds. At a rate of up to 50 seconds, best time was 39 seconds, which undoubtedly indicates the strengthening of the dynamics of sensorimotor reactions, increased voluntary attention and mental performance in general. The coefficient of stability-instability of the functions of active attention to a greater extent be traced in terms of standard deviations from the mean reaction time. In patients with unstable concentrating on primary survey, the figure is an average of 5-9,2 seconds after the 20-day administration of the drug - an average of 5.8 seconds, and in some cases, the standard deviation reached 3.5 seconds. 
Therefore, based on the results of the study, one could argue: a product containing Ginkgo biloba, in a rather pronounced influence on the level and stability of any attention, to enhance the speed of sensorimotor reactions and orienting-exploratory eye movements, improves the efficiency characteristics of nerve cells of the cerebral cortex . It should be noted that the measure of attention and exhaustion of the nervous processes the drug has no effect. After a course of treatment with factor fatigability did not change. Consequently, patients are discovering, along with other violations of intellectual exhaustion of the nervous processes, one must also prescribe drugs such as piracetam, pikamilon, glycine.
MEMORY RISE was also used in the treatment of neurological patients who, as a rule, was a rough vascular pathology of the brain of different localization. 
Given the pronounced vasodilating effect, and the presence bioadditive other components, the drug was administered with a small dose, not to exceed 1 tablet per day, as may be pronounced hypotensive effect and an allergic reaction (one of the patients had hypotonic crises, one - allergic dermatitis) . Pressure returned to normal after reducing the dose, and atopic dermatitis was arrested (after the abolition of supplements). Total treatment of dietary supplements containing the extract of Ginkgo biloba (MEMORY RISE), received 22 patients with ischemic stroke, 3 patients with acute severe traumatic brain injury, 3 patients with distant consequences of traumatic brain injury in conjunction with the manifestations of chronic alcoholism, 5 patients with initial manifestations of cerebrovascular insufficiency. 
In the application of dietary supplements by patients with cerebrovascular diseases effect usually appears within 7-10 days of onset of use in a regression of neurological symptoms: patients with sensorimotor aphasia are beginning to understand the request to his speech to pronounce certain words, there is a sensitive in the affected half of the body appear movement in paralyzed limbs, improving mental health, less likely to become violent bouts of crying, reduced manifestations of vestibular disorders, headaches, tinnitus, improve mood, memory.
The condition of patients significantly improved after one month of reception MEMORY Rise. As a rule, restored the sensitivity of the affected half of the body 90% of patients, 85% is nearly recovered strength and range of movements of paralyzed limbs. Patients regressing pathological symptoms are reduced cognitive brain function, in 2 / 3 of treated patients lowers blood pressure, improves overall health; disappear depression, headaches, tinnitus, in violation of the vertebrobasilar basin disappear vestibular disorders. 
Virtually all patients have a positive neurological dynamics.
It should be noted that due to some of suspicion and distrust of biologically active additives on the part of patients and their relatives to appoint this BAA had after a long and often unsuccessful use of traditional medicines.
Our clinical experience has shown that the appointment of dietary supplements containing the extract of Ginkgo biloba (MEMORY RISE) is justified and appropriate to patients suffering from brain lesions of vascular, traumatic and toxic genesis.