Vascular diseases of the brain and Supplements ART LIFE.

SA SHETEKAURI, State Medical Academy, Institute of Regenerative Medicine, was Krasnoyarsk.
Vascular diseases of the brain are important not only medical but also social problem in all industrialized countries. In the new millennium, despite significant advances in diagnosis and treatment, cardiovascular disease (called cerebrovascular disease (TSVB) came in second place among the leading causes of death (myocardial infarction) and on top of disability - the percentage of disability and even self-service people stroke is 80%. Prospects for growth in the number of these diseases in the future is clear - this is an increase in the number of older people in the general population and increase the negative influences of environmental factors and stress on human health. In our country TSVB problem is particularly acute. This is due to the economic factors, low culture of the population towards their health, malnutrition, lack of government programs to control hypertension (HT) and atherosclerosis (A) as the major risk factors TSVB.
Modern classification of disease of the brain rather diverse and includes several types of pathology. TSVB - it is always a complication of general pathology. The main reason for TSVB are atherosclerosis and hypertension, as well as combinations thereof. Less important are other diseases such as diabetes, vegetodistonii, rheumatism, cervical osteochondrosis, traumatic brain injury. According to the classification, the first stage TSVB are so-called initial manifestations of insufficient blood supply to the brain (NPNKM) due to changes in the walls of cerebral blood vessels. They begin to accumulate low-density lipoprotein, betalipoproteidy, cholesterol, which form the "arterioskleroticheskie plaque, reducing the lumen of blood vessels and helping to reduce blood flow to the brain and blood clots.
Clinical manifestations NPNKM may appear in middle age (after 35 years). They are nonspecific and can be expressed in the following symptoms: loss of memory and performance (at the household level), poor sleep, irritability, headaches, dizziness. These symptoms appear or worse after emotional or physical stress, while in a stuffy room (lack of oxygen) and reduced or completely disappear after rest, particularly in the fresh air.
On clinical examination pronounced changes can not detect all of the tests may be normal. However, the process has already begun its devastating effects. After a few months or years, he will manifest itself in the next stage - a TIA - transient ischemic attack. This is a more serious violation of the circulation in the brain, all symptoms of which are within one day. If symptoms persist for longer periods of time, such a violation is called a stroke. Symptoms of TIA - a transient state of numbness, tingling or weakness in the hand, foot, half of the face, decrease in vision, speech disorder, choking while eating, unsteadiness when walking, dizziness, amnesia (forgetting). These symptoms appear and disappear within minutes or hours. TIA is a manifestation of a hypertensive crisis and a sharp rise in blood pressure, headache, dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, etc.
NPNKM and TIA are reversible stages TSVB. It is at these stages, the possibility of prevention and treatment are most effective. In these cases the medicines and biologically active additives (BAA), improve cerebral blood flow. For the purpose of treatment and especially prevention is preferable to prolonged use of biologically active agents of plant and natural origin, which operate more smoothly, have no side effects, but no less effective. In addition, they are - a good support for comprehensive treatment, because often enhance the therapeutic effect of pharmacological drugs, reduce their dosage.

High-quality nutritional phytocomplex Tomsk company ARTLIFE tested and recommended for use in neurological practice, children and adults. In the initial stages TSVB long reception IVLAKSIN (vegetal analog of aspirin) makes it possible to reduce blood viscosity and thrombotic occlusion of blood vessels. At stages NPNKM and TIA, the following natural products company ARTLIFE :
NEYROSTRONG - vitamin-herbal complex with lecithin for the cardiovascular system, which improves blood circulation, reduces blood viscosity and risk of thrombotic events. Included in the complex of ginkgo biloba and gotu kola improves microcirculation and the venous outflow, strengthen and widen blood vessels, removing their spasm. The drug, 1 tablet per day is a means of prevention, and 2-3 tablets - used treatment for vascular disorders of the above, while improving memory and mental abilities, quickly recovered speech and visual impairment, movement and coordination.
MEMORIA RICE - nourishing complex for optimal brain, corresponds to the neuroprotective drugs that activate the higher nervous activity due to the increase in oxygen consumption (in this connection is not recommended during the acute phase of stroke and high blood pressure). Besides the already above mentioned plants gingko biloba and gotu kola Memorie RICE contains a set of amino acids, including glutamic ("brain" acid), as well as minerals and Korean ginseng. This phytocomplex improves metabolism of the brain, eliminating the consequences of hypoxia in atherosclerosis and restores the damaged functions of the brain (due to improvement of nerve impulses), such as mash, attention, thinking, etc. Admission: 1 tablet 2 times a day for 1 month.
LECITHIN HIGH QUALITY is a mixture of phospholipids necessary for the assimilation of fat-soluble antioxidant vitamins (A, E, D, K) and members of the acetylcholine (he carries out the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain and back). LECITHIN must be taken to maintain normal cholesterol levels and the ratio of HDL and low density. This prevents the development of atherosclerosis and its complications (stroke, heart attack). 1 tablespoon lecithin in the day provides the daily needs of the organism in the phospholipids.
ESSENTSIAL OIL - indispensable (essential) fatty acids, deficiency of which is one of the important causes of the violation of cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis. The organism can not synthesize them, but must receive daily with food. Compensate for their lack of technique may 01/03 preparation of gels per day. The composition includes an extract of fish oil Greenland salmon, stabilized against oxidation by vitamin E.
NEYROSTABIL - anti-stress medication, which includes well-known herbs: motherwort, peony root, hops, marjoram, and a multivitamin. This combination enables the use of NEYROSTABILA for the regulation of functions of the nervous system in hypertension, neurosis, encephalopathy, vegetodistonii in menopause. It is recommended to take 1 tablet 2 times daily after meals.
The most serious complication TSVB a stroke - an acute stroke, leading to gross defects in brain functions (movement, speech, consciousness, memory, coordination). The severity of stroke is different, and 30% ends in death. Value of ischemic stroke (cerebral infarction) and hemorrhagic (bleeding in brain) is 4:1, respectively. The cause of ischemia is atherosclerosis, and hemorrhage - hypertensive disease.
Strokes can be in the nature of repeated, they become fatal encephalopathy, various disorders of brain function (memory disorders, mental disorders, intelligence, thinking, coordination). Encephalopathy is formed and no stroke. It is the final stage TSVB and gradually increasing, passes through three stages - the initial changes and expressed manifestations.
In the first stage of the complaints of patients resemble NPNKM. But except for subjective complaints are objective symptoms of the nervous system, as well as changes in blood chemistry (increased cholesterol, beta lipoproteins, glucose) in the fundus, reoentsefalogramme etc.
The second and third stages are characterized by more gross violations of mental health problems - broken criticism to his condition, reduced intelligence and memory on current events, amplified irritability, resentment, tearfulness, appear pugnaciousness, low background mood or behavioral disinhibition, and sometimes aggressiveness. These symptoms are rapidly progressing, often comes dementia. At the stage of acute stroke applied potent drugs, which are administered intravenously, are often needed resuscitation. At the stage of withdrawal from an acute condition (3 weeks), as well as in the initial stages of encephalopathy (to reduce the progression of mental disorders) should receive a consistent course (1-2 months) of dietary supplements, as NEYROSTRONG and MEMORIA Rice, as well as Lecithin and ESSENTSIAL OIL
At the stage NPNKM and TIA to prevent stroke should be prescribed long-term use ESSENTSIAL OIL and lecithin. These funds are the main companies ARTLIFE in prevention and treatment of vascular diseases of the brain.
By a fortunate combination include MEMORIA RICE and lecithin, and NEYROSTRONG COMPLEX WITH VITAMIN "C".
As an auxiliary means for TSVB recommend taking a multivitamin complex CHARM OR DISCOVERY DISCOVERY POWER and COMPLEX WITH VITAMIN C, TOKSFAYTER or FITOSORBOVIT, which remove excess cholesterol, Green Star with a set of essential amino acids, BP Formula for mild reduction in blood pressure.
Need to separately focus on neurological disorders, which often occur at all stages TSVB. Patients concerned about increased irritability, tearfulness, resentment, bad dream. To eliminate these symptoms is recommended daily reception NEYROSTABIL and Good Night at night. This formula is designed to improve the process of falling asleep and sleep quality, as namely sleep is a protective mechanism of the brain and its disorders cause functional disorders and diseases of the nervous system. Good Night contains soothing herbs (passionflower, valerian, chamomile, peppermint, etc.), which remove the emotional stress, improve overall health and immune system, help the body resist stress and fatigue. 
In conclusion, it should be remembered that one of the most effective methods of prevention of vascular disease is a balanced diet. With diet, you can keep a normal cholesterol level (5.2 mg / dL), triglycerides (2.0 mmol / l), glucose (5 mg / l), normalize blood pressure (no higher than 130/90). These major risk factors for disease tserebrovaskulyarioy preferable korregirovat using dietary supplements - high-quality natural products, designed to promote health and prevent disease development.