Correction of patients with disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular systems using dietary supplements ART LIFE.

LE Petrova, NV Chukov, Regional Tuberculosis Hospital, Tomsk
1. The purpose and objectives of the study
1.1 Purpose: assessment of the effectiveness of biologically active food additives (BAA) NEYROSTABIL (production company ART LIFE ) in the correction of patients with functional disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
1.2 Objectives: to study the effect of supplements on the functional state of central and peripheral nervous systems, psycho-emotional status, the regulation of vascular tone.
2. Materials and methods
2.1. Conduct dynamic monitoring of the health of ten women aged 40 to 51 years during the month. Before the appointment of biologically active food supplement general state of women was quite satisfactory. Three of them were observed labile blood pressure (BP) for six months at the level of 130-150 mm Hg / st., Unstable mood in relation to starting menopause. Two women were pronounced hot flushes to the head, dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, irritability, a sense of whining. Two women were violations of the carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the form of excess body weight (86-94 kg). Two women were family problems, manifested in the form of psychoneurotic syndrome, which affects the overall well-being and performance. One patient had been violations of endocrine nature, associated with increased secretion of the thyroid gland, and the prevalence of vascular disorders.
2.2. In general blood tests before the application of dietary supplements was noted:
- Hemoglobin decreased to 98-104 mg / l in two cases;
- ESR in the range of 15-20 mm / h;
- 9.0 leukocytosis in one case;
- Lymphopenia to 17% in one case.
2.3. Urine tests for all within normal limits.
2.4. In biochemical analysis of blood: the amount of cholesterol 230-250 mg /% in 3 cases, thymol turbidity test, 2 .0-5,3 units. in 5 cases.
2.5. ECG: diffuse changes of ventricular myocardium in one case.
3. Results of the study
3.1. Data analysis testing showed that the adverse reactions of SBC ART LIFE  was not observed. 
3.2. The recommended dosage of dietary supplements NEYROSTABIL 1 tablet 2 times a day (morning and afternoon), regardless of the meal.
3.3. In one case there was a decrease of weight due to improved functioning of the intestines and improve overall body tone.
3.4. Marked stabilization of blood pressure, the removal of unpleasant hot flashes and other vascular manifestations in women with climacteric syndrome and hyperthyroidism.
3.5. In general blood tests all returned to normal rates.
3.6. In the blood biochemical analysis: normalization of cholesterol in one case, the reduction of cholesterol to 220 mg /% in two cases.
3.7. During the flu epidemic is not been no cases of the disease.
During the application of biologically active food supplement NEYROSTABIL noted its good tolerability. Side effects were observed. Marked by a pronounced calming effect, improved mood, relief of sleep disturbances (improved process of falling asleep and sleep quality). After application of dietary supplements have witnessed an increase of physical and mental activity, a sense of ease and cheerfulness, improve efficiency. We have the normalization of vascular tone in vegetative disorders.
This drug should be recommended as a sufficiently effective restorative and preventive medicine at the following pathological conditions: insomnia, functional disorders of the nervous system (neurosis, stress, hysteria, increased nervous irritability, depressive and hypochondriac syndromes); neuroses; migraine; vasoneurosis in hypertensive type; premenstrual syndrome, menopause.