The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in the mental practice.

NG BELOV, a psychiatrist, a physician of the highest category, Pushkino
Renowned psychotherapist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross offers to provide human health in the form of a circle consisting of four quadrants: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of personality. If we accept this point of view, the task of the doctor - to balance the health of these quadrants.
Using biologically active supplements (BAS), which produces the company ARTLIFE (Tomsk) - one of the ways to achieve such desired for each purpose. Experience of using dietary supplements can say with confidence that they have taken a worthy place in the complex treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.
A significant proportion of patients present with psychosomatic disorders. At one extreme is a somatic pathology, on the other - mental illness. By psychosomatic diseases in the traditionally narrow sense include coronary heart disease, essential hypertension, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, atopic dermatitis, etc. In some circumstances, promote the development of psychosomatic disorders, as the most important are psihoformiruyuschie event. Considerable role in the formation of psychosomatic diseases belongs personality. For example, the highlighted "coronary personality". People of this type characterized by restlessness, anxiety, aggressiveness, ambition, the accelerated rhythm of life. Traits such as pedantry, triviality, the desire for order are considered in the aspect of "ulcer personality", etc.
Consistent with the existing pathology, neuropsychiatrist, as a rule, except for psychotropic drugs prescribe and physical illness. Unfortunately, no medications that would not have side effects that negatively affect the immune system, causing pathological changes in liver, kidneys and other organs. The possibility of using dietary supplements can significantly reduce the undesirable effects of psychotropic drugs and, in addition, promotes recovery of the whole organism.
Well established following Supplements ART LIFE:
NEYROSTRONG, NEYROSTABIL Memorie RICE, LECITHIN, ATSIDOBAK, BIFIDOBAK. These biologically active additives have intended effect on the brain. It is recalled that in the NEYROSTRONGA and MEMORY RISE is ginkgo biloba. Products containing this plant have been attributed to a group of nootropics. Common mechanism of action and NEYROSTRONGA MEMORIA RICE is to improve memory, thinking, increase mental alertness. These supplements also contribute to the acceleration of blood flow, increase the formation of ATP (a substance which provides cells with energy). This improves the elasticity of platelets and is pronounced vasodilating effect. High concentrations of Ginkgo biloba in MEMORY RISE limits the use of the drug: it is not desirable to recommend to the full dose of elderly persons and suffering from severe hypertensive crisis. MEMORY RISE well helps patients with asthenic symptoms, which are usually low pressure, complaints of fatigue, lethargy, headaches, resentment, crying. NEYROSTRONG contains ginkgo biloba in combination with lecithin, amino acids and B vitamins, which improves the condition of patients after traumatic brain injury, neuroinfections suffering convulsive paroxysms. NEYROSTRONG has a calming effect, so combining it with drug Good Night eliminates the use of tranquilizers, which is especially important in childhood and adolescence, because the tranquilizers are addictive. When used regularly, Good Night helps to improve sleep, even in cases of multitype insomnia, improves the general condition, increases efficiency throughout the day. 
Our life is very stressful. Prolonged stay in psychotraumatic situation leads to a neurotic personality, aggravation of existing chronic diseases. Good assistant in solving such problems is NEYROSTABIL. Its combination with lecithin can significantly increase the chances of recovery. Unfortunately, in the article it is impossible to reflect the diversity of recommendations for the use of dietary supplements, since for the same illness recovery, as treatment should be individualized.
I will cite a few examples:
Patient V. - 20 years. Complained of a feeling of inner tension, trembling in his hands when excited, mood swings. In history - traumatic brain injury. Along with the low dose of antidepressant was recommended taking dietary supplements NEYROSTRONG (1 tablet 2 times a day) and NEYROSTABIL (1 tablet 2 times a day) for 2 months. Condition improved, began to study at the institute.
Patient S. - 78 years, PhD. On the background of cerebral crisis appeared weak, disturbed sleep, unstable mood, unstable focus. To appoint a neurologist a course nootropil, Cavinton, nicotinic acid, vitamin B intramuscularly. Positive dynamics in the state is negligible. Came to the foreground memory impairment depriving the opportunity to continue their professional activities. Psychoneurology was appointed NEYROSTRONG 1 tablet 2 times a day. After the first month of reception improvement was not significant, but it definitely has more to read. It was decided to continue taking this medication. After some time, unable to return to work. After adding to treatment ESSENTSIAL OIL (1 capsule 3 times a day) being significantly improved. Performs the necessary volume of work, intellectual activity is restored
Patient Yu - 17 years. Mentally ill about 1 year. With an acute psychotic state was treated permanently. Psychotropic therapy endured bad: there were kollaptoidnyh states side effects of neuroleptic syndrome. At the next address to the neuropsychiatrist at the background out of receiving neuroleptics revealed hallucinatory-delusional symptomatology. Somatically astenizirovana: pale, dark circles under the eyes, low blood pressure (BP), loss of appetite. The patient was assigned to combination therapy with: in addition to low doses of psychotropic drugs, the recommended techniques DISCOVERY POWER: 1 tablet 2 times a day, Green Star, 1 capsule in the morning. Morbid disorder was cut short after 2 weeks (the previous inpatient treatment took 2 months). In the process of stabilization, the patient was added HEPAR FORMULA 1 tablet 2 times a day. Currently, feels good.
Patient K. - 48 years, candidate of technical sciences. Considers himself ill about 1 year. On the background psychotraumatic situation and physical overload any pain in the heart, which was the starting point for the development of depressive-hypochondriac disorders, decreased mood with a sense of foreboding as possible "heart disaster," disturbed sleep, decreased appetite. Was forced to sharply restrict their activities. All free time spent on examinations by various specialists, "looking for disease." Deteriorated markedly productivity at work. By neuropsychiatrist turned on the advice of friends. On medication immediately refused. Receiving NEYROSTRONGA in conjunction with Formula MEN ESSENTSIAL OIL DISCOVERY POWER and after 2 weeks gave a definite positive effect. Recommended products took 3 months, after which he returned to continue an active lifestyle.
The above examples - only a small fraction of practical experience with BAA ART LIFE . I think that BAA should take its rightful place in the rehabilitation of the population.