Tools support the immune system from the company ArtLife

Human immune system is one of the most important and serves a regulatory role, along with the nervous and endocrine systems. Immune system regulates the constancy of internal environment through the identification and removal of alien substances of biological origin from the body. First of all, it is the pathogens of various diseases. These include bacteria, fungi, other pathogens.

The immune system has a complex structure and a strict hierarchy. Reactions confrontation alien agents to cells (cellular immunity) and special protein molecules - antibodies (humoral immunity).

Some immune cells are able to destroy a foreign agent without prior stimulation, without "learning" what it is for someone else's body. This neutrophils and macrophages. These blood cells first encounter the pathogen in the body and resist him. Moreover, if neutrophil function beyond the simple destruction of the pathogen, a macrophage, came into contact with "outsiders" and destroying it, puts on its membrane "fragments" of cell membranes of the enemy, which serve as stimulants to the action of other important immune system cells - lymphocytes.

There are two main types of lymphocytes, which provide any form of immune defense: T (Thymus-Dependent) and B (bursozavisimye) lymphocytes.

T-lymphocytes destroy alien tumor cells resist bacteria and viruses. These cells have a memory - just a single contact with pathogenic to man's whole life to provide it with resistance.

B-lymphocytes are responsible for the production of antibodies, they form the so-called humoral immune system. Antibodies, or immunoglobulins - are special proteins of the organism, which, being in the bloodstream "gum" disease-causing microorganisms and remove them from the internal space. The process of humoral protection of the body, runs directly into the blood in the form of a chemical reaction. Antibodies, which were formed as a result of this immune stimulation can be maintained all his life, making people resistant to repeated contact, such as varicella, rubella, or a certain type of influenza. On this basis, works the entire program of vaccination of the population.

T-lymphocytes, as the principal components of immunity, protect the body from two directions: on the one hand, help B-lymphocytes to identify the alien factor (antigen) and encourage them to develop immunoglobulins, and on the other hand, T-lymphocytes after antigen activation, are capable of themselves to destroy alien cells directly - this killer cells, strong advocates of the health of our body. Such an active T-lymphocytes destroys the alien cells in direct contact, for which he was named the cells "murderer".

Of particular note is the small population of cells called natural killer cells. Their role is to destroy tumor cells.

Additional protective factors include body interferon - antiviral protein produced by infected cells. Spreading through the intercellular fluid and settling on the membranes of healthy cells, interferon protects healthy cells from penetrating into the viral particles.

Thus, the immune system - is a complex multi-tiered protection sitemi constant internal environment (homeostasis). It is known that immunity may be lowered due to the impact of negative factors. With burns, hypothermia, blood loss, starvation, trauma, suffer the integrity of the skin, the amount of circulating antibodies, the mechanisms of elimination of toxins and other neutralizing factors. In this case, the body becomes more susceptible to infection, the mechanisms of regeneration are violated, slow the process of healing. The situation is particularly acute immunological failure in the season increased activity of bacterial and viral infections - for example, during the seasonal activity of influenza virus.

How to answer the question of whether there should be additional immunostimulation? The answer is unambiguous: "Yes!". Under unfavorable environmental conditions, inadequate nutrition, neglect of active forms of recreation immunity of most people in our country is in a depressed state. The company offers the following Artlife bioactive complexes, both to create favorable for the immune system of the internal environment of the organism, and to improve the functional activity of the different levels of immune system.

Bioactive complex Supershild "- is a multilateral, multi-tiered system of active stimulation of the immune system, especially its cellular link. The complex "Supershild" includes substances specifically stimulating the activity of the immune response by macrophages. These cells - the main link in the complex chain of response of the organism to external pathogenic factors. However, macrophages produce molecules that form the healing process. Form part of the complex of vitamins A, C and E have a powerful Protective Effect on the vascular wall - they reduce capillary fragility, increase their flexibility, improve the properties of blood. Plant extracts, included in this complex, not only possess the property of immunomodulators (rose, Echinacea, Pau Arc crust), but distinct membrane-stabilizing effect (thistle). This set includes the powerful adaptogens - rhodiola rosea and lemongrass, in a tone that support many sitemi regulatory body, including immune. By L-carnitine and L-Glutathione optimizes energy transfer. Due to the presence of lactobacilli is supporting the natural state of intestinal microflora, whose representatives affect the process of antibody production in lymphocytes. Thus, the body, weakened by prolonged low-grade infection, surgical trauma or prolonged stress-complex "Supershild" will return to health with maximum efficiency.

If the body is not exposed to extreme factors, but need loving support the immune system, then the best choice would be bioactive complex "Cat's Claw". Its member Peruvian liana Uncaria Tomentosa prolongs the life of the cells of the immune system, activates T-lymphocytes, and osbenno those that directly destroy the alien microorganisms. With the help of bioactive complex "Cat's Claw" immune system will always be on our toes, to be resistant to pathogenic factors.

Many may complain about the tedious frequent infectious inflammatory diseases. But they may be the result of insufficient activity of immune system. Biologically active complex "Rudvitol" is intended to increase the activity of all its parts, to strengthen the body's resistance to various infectious agents: viruses, to bacteria and fungi.

"Rudvitol" has shielding, anti-inflammatory effects through the active components of licorice root extract. The complex of active substances in the extract of echinacea increases the functional activity of immune system cells and stimulates the production of interferon. Form part of the complex of vitamin C and rutin reduces vascular permeability and increase the body's resistance to viral and bacterial infections. In addition, "Rudvitol" is made by unique technology ArtLife - technology layered coating formulation components. This approach allows to combine in one spansuly competing ingredients and adjust their absorption along the gastrointestinal tract. The result is maximum absorption of mineral components and optimal immune system support in terms of infectious disease or its aggravation.

Thus, depending on the requirements you can choose a suitable immunomodulator. This is especially true in the autumn-winter period, when the immune system weakened by increased activity of pathogenic microorganisms and low temperature.