How to reduce appetite

How to reduce appetite

Some people have such a smart metabolism, that they literally nothing on earth can make fat. These lucky few can consume enormous quantities of potato chips, bridou their decent portions of butter cream, and while not a single gram of excess fat accumulates not at their dry and fit bodies.
This remarkable feature has approximately 0,01% of the population. And all the rest have ... .... now and then upset, revealing extra centimeters and kilograms.

Why all this happen? You do not have a lot of eating. Instead, you eat only when hungry. And even very hungry. Strictly speaking, you are more likely to be hungry than satiated, and still weight is not only not declining, but it seems that even ... in general, your lies, those scales clearly and discord. This simply can not be - where even a kilogram?

If you feel hungry almost immediately after it rose from the dinner table, it does not mean that during lunch you do not gain due to you calories. On the contrary, it may well be that you have with those calories even overzealous. And that feeling of hunger in this case, the responsibility lies with the surplus in your food saharopovyshayuschih carbohydrates.

What kind of animal such "rasing shugar" carbohydrates"? 

As you know, all you can eat, is divided into three broad categories: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Protein - is the basic building blocks of your body. Fat - this is mainly strategic reserves for a rainy day. When you need energy, and accumulations of fat splits and provides your body with fuel for future life. Carbohydrates - a "fast" energy, which is immediately spent body and helps you hold merry and cheerful before dinner. This happens due to the fact that in the process of digestion carbohydrates are transformed into glucose. Spillage of glucose in the blood and there is a burst of energy. Excess glucose is delayed liver and muscle in the form of glycogen, which can either be spent by the body with a deficiency of energy, or quietly turn into fat in store.

When the level of glucose in your blood rises, the case enters the pancreas, which begins in a matter of urgency to produce the hormone insulin. From the perspective of the pancreas excess glucose (sugar) in blood is very dangerous and it starts in emergency mode with the help of insulin, glucose catch. The more was the "protection of insulin, the quicker your blood glucose will remain. And therefore, and energy. And the sooner and stronger than you want to immediately something to eat. Although you just ate tightly.

How can we rectify the situation with constant hunger and the desire to eat? You can, of course, was to quote here a long, very long table of glycemic index in food. However, these tables yield very little practical use. Therefore easier to give some basic will, on which you can identify products with a high glycemic index.

What is sweeter than the taste of the product, the more glucose in it. And this applies not only solid food, but liquids - tea, lemonade, cola. Moreover, artificial sweeteners do not contain sugar, it is still able to trigger insulin release - the sweetness of the language itself is the starting signal to your pancreas.

The longer need to eat this vegetable, fruit or bread, the less there is the glycemic index. In the hard products (such as cabbage, broccoli, black bread, sweet peppers, celery sour, I block) glucose less than in the tender and soft (eg, peaches).

Well prepared
The less naturaly looks like this product, the higher its index. Boiled potatoes, for example, contains less glucose than mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes - less than fried, and fried - less than chips. 

Not fresh
In any canned food is always more glucose than in its fresh form.
Do not forget that the easily digestible, and thus improves the level of sugar include: sugar, honey, confectionery, juices, fruits, sweet lemonade. Slowly digestible carbohydrates, not dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood: bread, pasta, potatoes, cereals, porridge. Do not have saharopovyshayuschim action: vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, bacon, butter, sour cream.

Now let's see how you can fool all the same hunger.
• If I'm hungry so that tolerate no more strength, try to eat a sandwich from a small piece of black bread with a very ripe banana. Fiber. The information contained in the black bread, gives the classes to your stomach, but supersladky banana increase the level of glucose in the blood. Immediately become easier.
• Do not eat for the company, if the physiological level, you are well fed, it is better to spend a time for a walk. Which would optimize the process of burning fat in your body.
• Eat soups, especially cooked in vegetable broth or lean meat. You shall be filled faster and larger than if the dinner without soup.
• As a snack very good to use a boiled egg or a piece of low-fat cheese with green tea and natural, without sweet additives yogurt (kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt). They will give the feeling of satiety for a long, long time and you forget about food.
• Drink a glass, and better, and two of clean water for 20 minutes before each meal. Most hunger is hidden under the mask of thirst. Check the water after you eat much less food and require much less for saturation, as the stomach is already filled.