Consequences of the Atkins diet. Atkins diet damages, results, reviews.


Protein diet Dr. Atkins - pluses and minuses

The Atkins diet (Atkinson false name) is named in honor of the man who invented and installed it - Dr. Robert Atkins, which up to 40 years was quite successful cardiologist, and then switched to Diet. The reason provided the huge success of the book, which is modestly called "Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution." Essence revolyutsonnyh views Robert Atkins in refusing to consider fatty foods harmful and promotes obesity. Conversely, the root of all evil "- carbohydrates: sweet (preserves, jams, candies and other tasty things), flour and cereal products, vegetables, rich in starch and, of course, fruit - the source of the most easily digestible carbohydrates such as fructose and glucose. If you limit the intake of carbohydrates, the body will be forced to obtain energy, splitting proteins and fats. Fats and proteins can take in unlimited quantities.

The Atkins diet helps to lose weight without experiencing hunger, a constant companion so many diets. And one reason for the incredible popularity of the diet is just the absence of the syndrome of "person, unsatisfied stomach, characteristic of many other satellite power systems.

In addition, there is merit in the fact that people consume unnecessarily large amounts of refined sugars, because in nature there is no carbohydrate. Excessive carbohydrate intake alters metabolism, ruthlessly exploiting the pancreas, because it is forced to produce insulin in response to the release into the blood monosaccharides formed in the digestion of sweet and starchy foods.

According to the laws of the digestive breakdown of carbohydrates begins in the mouth and is the least energy-consuming process. Carbohydrates were also the first absorbed in the digestive tract. Insulin is involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, converting excess glucose in the blood in reserve carbohydrate body - glycogen. But if the blood sugar too much, more than is required for normal cell life, it is deposited in the surplus as fat. The more sugar enters the bloodstream, the more compelled to produce insulin, the pancreas and the body loses sensitivity to this hormone, resulting in formation of glycogen instead of a shift in the formation of fats from carbohydrates. A vicious circle, leading to obesity. And the purpose of the Atkins diet in this case looks nobly - normalization of metabolism by reducing the level of carbohydrate in the blood.

However, we should not forget that the primates (a branch of the evolutionary tree which is human) - no predators, for which carnivore - a way of feeding. Primates are omnivorous and their diet of plant foods is a big part. The digestive system of man is not so much radically different from that of the higher primates. The question arises - and naturally there is violence on her in the form of excess protein and fat and lack of carbohydrates?

In addition, the Japanese way of feeding involves a large number of fruits, vegetables and rice, what is, precisely those most notorious carbohydrates. But the Japanese - a nation of long-livers, which can be proud of besides her good health.

Dr. Atkins was aware that the decline in the proportion of dietary fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins, is not good for health. That is why almost immediately after the book and the growing popularity of the diet was organized by the company «Atkins Nutritional», produces a special set of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements to offset the needs of the organism. So, this diet needs artificial support, and ? The Atkins diet is absolutely contraindicated in people with kidney and liver. In addition, a rare genetic disorder of protein metabolism occurring with a frequency of 1 case per 45,000 people, taking place entirely asymptomatic, it can cause serious illness. This happens as a result of poisoning organism NH4 +, which is released during metabolic decay of proteins. Poisoning can lead to death. In any case, if you are still firmly targeting of the Atkins diet, which lures the slogan "Lose Weight, not limiting itself to the food", the first step you should do - consult with your doctor, and everything else can be done only in the absence of protivovopokazany .

Diet increases the risk of diseases associated with the circulatory system, and promotes the formation of various kinds of tumors, increases the amount of cholesterol to dangerous levels and weakens the protective properties of the organism. After some time, this diet is too monotonous, and she's like "forever". Can you have a cake or sweets all his life in a dream?

Prepare to what you will from his mouth will smell like acetone. This is the result of zaupuskaemogo with the Atkins diet ketosis - the process of making ketones as a metabolic product of splitting fats. Ketosis is not harmful for some time, but if this condition persists for too long, for example, in a few months, this could lead to some serious complications. First, when ketosis increased urea level in blood, which may lead to urolithiasis in people who have this predisposition. Secondly, when the number reaches a certain level of ketones, the body begins to get rid of them, getting rid of both potassium and sodium. The loss of these important minerals can lead to dehydration, or cardiac arrhythmia.

The Atkins diet includes 4 stages:
initial, catalytic diet
permanent weight loss
maintenance diet

Duration of the first stage of 2 weeks. At this point you have to radically change the metabolism. This is the result of very limited carbohydrate intake (not more than 20 grams per day). When the body perceives a lack of easily digestible energy source, it will switch the metabolism to burn fat. Such a change in metabolism (ketosis) leads to the separation of ketones as intermediate products of metabolism, which further fueled the intensity of the involvement of accumulated fat reserves in the processes of decay. Ketosis should be monitored - with the help of tests and observation of the doctor must!

The diet consists of pure proteins (a few of which you will use in-kind) of pure fat (which means that permitted butter and olive oil and mayonnaise) and a combination of protein and fat (the bulwark of your diet). This is the meat, any fish, almost all types of poultry, shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans. One can eat squid and octopus. Products containing proteins and carbohydrates or fats and carbohydrates are excluded from the diet, because carbohydrates are excluded from it. You are allowed to nuts, seeds, olives, cheese, cheese, cream and sour cream, lemon juice and low-carbohydrate diet products. If you're hungry, eat as much as necessary to pochuvstvot a well-fed, but not pereevshim. If you are not hungry, do not eat anything or eat some light protein snack with taking vitamins. Vegetables should contain no more than 10% carbohydrate: sorrel, pepper, onion, celery, parsley, cucumber, radishes, olives, fennel, dill, basil, rosemary, thyme, asparagus, rhubarb, bean sprouts, bean or wax beans, leeks , brussels sprouts, spinach, peas, peppers, cabbage, zucchini, sauerkraut, beet tops, zucchini, kale, eggplant, squash, dandelion greens, kale, celery root kohlrabi, broccoli, tomatoes, onions. Drinks: water, spring water, mineral water, sparkling water, coffee or tea without caffeine, herbal tea (no barley, dates, figs, sugar), diet soda (red label), iced tea with artificial sweeteners, cream (fat or low-fat), cereal beverages (coffee substitutes are not allowed), lemon or lime juice (keep in mind that in 100 g of each contains about 10 grams of carbohydrates). Caffeine is not allowed. Allow all vegetable oils. The best of them - olive oil, canola, walnut, soybean, sesame, sunflower. Butter is allowed, margarine - no. Mayonnaise is permitted. In the 14-day diet, no fruit, bread, cereals, starchy vegetables, dairy products, except cheese, sour cream and butter.

After the first catalytic stage, the Atkins diet, the level of allowed "healthy" carbohydrates can be increased to a level which enables you to maintain a desired weight, a stage of trial and error. When you learn to control your weight, go to the maintenance diet. Your carbohydrate levels to save weight - the maximum amount of carbohydrates that you want to consume, not from gaining weight. This number is located in a wide range from 0 to 90 grams of carbohydrates a day. Do not forget to read about the pros and cons of carbohydrates.

Good luck! But remember - the night you will pursue alluring image of pasta, but the desire to eat chocolate or candy will be just manic. And do not forget about dietary supplements - vitamins, minerals and fiber.

53-year-old American, Jody Gorran, considering himself a victim of prescription weight loss, filed a lawsuit against his heirs. He asked for the shaky health of a modest recovery in 28 thousand dollars. Only during the past year, the heirs of the doctor making money by selling books and licensing agreements for more than 6 million dollars.
Any fatty foods in unlimited quantities!
Diet doctor Atkins, first saw the light in 1972 and reprinted last summer, sales went around the super stories about boy wizard Harry Potter. The growth of interest in the book contributed to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and reprinted many publications, which gave a dubious reason to believe that diet is helpful. Many bought the book after it had read that people who participated in the study for three months lost an average of about 9.5 kilograms.
Power Mode, described in the book, allows to eat all kinds of meat and saturated fats. One can eat any fatty foods in unlimited quantities and rapidly lose weight. However, one should almost completely excluded from a diet of vegetables and fruits. According to Atkins, in the absence of carbohydrates is a dramatic reduction in fat by reducing the amount of glycogen in the liver and muscles, and absence or lack of glucose, which is normally formed from carbohydrates, leads to a decrease in the number of ketone bodies and reduces fat.
But Dr. Atkins himself became a victim of his diet!
The enthusiasm of the fans of the miracle diet several pougas once appeared the first negative feedback from physicians. Nutritionists talk about the fact that such a diet is, in fact, to death. Its effects, which initially expressed only in weight loss, a few years may lead to complete disruption of the kidneys and liver, to provoke cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of cancer. The diet is dangerous not only for people suffering from any kind of chronic diseases, but also for those who are absolutely healthy.
Voices sounded louder nutritionists after the death of Dr. Atkins, who died a year ago at age 72. By this time the circulation of his books have reached 15 million copies. The immediate cause of death, the doctor is considered brain hemorrhage that occurred after the injury. However, the results of the autopsy showed that it was a complication of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system directly related to obesity. Before he died, Atkins weighed about 116 pounds during the growth of 180 centimeters. The widow of the doctor claims that his obesity was caused by edema, and a few months before his death, Atkins weighed no more than 90 kilograms. However, such a weight hardly made a favorable impression on people trying to lose weight with his diet.
Obstructed arteries by 99 percent!
Those who are still willing to try to lose weight on Atkins, this week tried to persuade 53-year-old American, Jody Gorran. Enlisting the support of the Committee of Physicians for Responsible Medicine, he sued the heirs of the Atkins and the company Atkins Nutritionals, which deals with advertising promotion it had developed a diet.
Gorran told The New York Times, that he began to follow a diet, read in a revolutionary new diet book, Dr. Atkins, in 2001. During the two carried on a diet of the month his cholesterol in the blood increased from normal levels of 146 mg / dL to a dangerous mark of 230. Do not give up his diet in the book convinced by the statement that the level of cholesterol increases in one of three men sitting on a diet. In addition, some dietchiki may feel weakness and nausea, which is normal because the body needs time to adjust to the new diet. These men were instructed to have only unsaturated protein, chicken breast, fish, cottage cheese, lean meat, but it does not increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed more than 5 grams.
Those who, according to the eating low-fat version of the diet, feeling hungry, it was suggested not to worry needlessly and return to normal the Atkins diet, which is described as more pleasant. What did Gorran. However, in October 2003 he developed pain in his chest. The survey showed: his vessels obstructed so that he had to make a serious operation on the main artery, at the time of surgical intervention zabivsheysya 99 per cent. According to him, he was tested before the go on a diet, and his arteries were clean. After Gorran refused to diet for two months, his cholesterol went back to normal, returning to the mark of 146.
6 million dollars by selling the book!
A well-known critic of the diet, Frank Sacks, professor of medicine dealing with the problem of cardiovascular diseases at the Harvard School of Public Health, in seeing an analysis Gorrana, said that he was not surprised by the jump in cholesterol levels. From the man sitting on this diet, it could happen, and for a shorter period - for two weeks.
The damage from this power confirmed the data of the American Heart Association. She though it refused to support the claim, but issued a statement stating that eating large amounts of oily food for a long time increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers.
Gorran requires compensation, estimated them at 28 thousand dollars.
The amount is almost symbolic for a wealthy businessman, he is. Gorran hoped that the noise surrounding the case, which he managed to raise, will help draw public attention to the harm caused by health Atkins diet. Gorran is trying to force the heirs of the Atkins and Atkins Nutritionals, earned the last year alone, nearly $ 6 million on sales of books, websites and license fees, to warn people about the negative health consequences.
Case of Dr. Atkins - not the first of the attempts to sue on this issue. In 1989, a lawsuit was filed against the publisher of the book Diet - the last chance, written by osteopaths, Robert Lynn. The reason for the trial served as the death of one of the followers of the diet. But the claim was rejected.